April 14, 2018

Top 10: German police shoot man dead in bakery rampage

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Interview with sons of murdered Holocaust survivor: “When I close my eyes, I see her face”

In an interview on national T.V., the sons of murdered Holocaust survivor Mireille Knoll, speak about their mother and her murder for the first time.

2. Pat Condell video: The Curse of Cultural Marxism

3. State of Palestine: At least nine more wounded in ongoing “March of Return” protest

4. German police shoot dead man in bakery rampage

BERLIN: Police in the central German city of Fulda said they shot dead a young Afghan refugee who went on a violent rampage in a bakery early Friday (Apr 13).

The 19-year-old allegedly attacked the driver of a delivery truck at the bakery at 0220 GMT (10.20am Singapore time), before smashing the shop's windows, local police and prosecutors said.

As police arrived on the scene, the young man flung stones at the officers.

Police subsequently opened fire, killing the man.

5. Muslim Accused of Strangling Daughter’s Boyfriend Arrested Over Religion Motivated Attack

French police arrested a man after he attempted to strangle his daughter’s boyfriend, apparently enraged at having found out that the young man was not a Muslim.

The attack occurred in the commune of Givors on the outskirts of Lyon on Tuesday morning and saw the Muslim man, described to be in his 50s, enter the house of the boyfriend of his daughter. The father later said to police that he had gone on the pretext that the boyfriend had been physically violent to his daughter Le Progrès, a regional newspaper in Lyon, reports.

Once he got to the home of the young man, the father barged through the door and struck his daughter’s boyfriend several times before getting an electric cable and attempting to strangle him with it.

6. Belgian party tables sharia law bill

Belgium’s People’s Party (PP) has announced it is tabling a bill before parliament to prohibit all associations demanding the application of “sharia law” in Belgium.

Statements by the leader of the Islam party in the press recently have shaken the political world in Belgium. Even though this party only has two municipal councillors, the reactions to his statements have increased. Some parties have expressed their willingness to table a law prohibiting political groupings which contravene Belgium’s fundamental values.

The PP proposal targets all associations which promote or recommend the application of “sharia law” in Belgium.

7. SHOCK AND AWE IN WINDSOR, ONTARIO: Two cases that highlight the dark side of diversity

“Wow! Are you ever nice and tight!”

It sounded like dialogue from some porn video, but the speaker was Dr. Bassam El-Tatari, a physician in Windsor, Ontario. The doctor was addressing one of his Canadian patients during a vaginal exam.

“I was shocked,” the woman told reporters. “I immediately started looking for another doctor.” So did six other patients, who say that the doctor, whose full name is Bassam Mohamed Khalil Darwish El-Tatari, kissed female patients on the lips, squeezed their breasts, played with nipples, and showed excessive interest in women’s vaginal areas.

8. Islamic Extremist Caught with USB Containing Identities of 2,626 French Intelligence Officials

A female Islamic extremist has been caught by police in possession of a USB key that contained the identities of 2,626 intelligence officials from France’s Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence (DCRI).

The woman, identified as Mina B., was already known to the country’s intelligence services and had been placed on the terror watch list known in France as the S-File, Le Point reports.

Mina B. was questioned by French authorities back in April of last year over her involvement with another radical Islamic extremist named Sana O. who she was said to have helped house and finance in 2016. Sana O. had attempted to travel to Syria and join radical Islamic extremist groups on two occasions before having his passport revoked.

Police recently opened a second investigation into Mina B. and found she had been in contact with several Islamic extremists in the area around Magnanville.

9. Lecturer faces hate speech charges for calling holy books “fiction”

A lecturer at the University of Indonesia’s School of Philosophy has been reported to the police for alleged hate speech after stating on a TV show on Tuesday that holy books are “fiction”.

The report was made to the Jakarta Police by Cyber Indonesia chairman Permadi Arya, also known as Abu Janda, on Wednesday. While appearing on the Indonesia Lawyers Club talk show on TVOne, the philosophy lecturer, Rocky Gerung, argued about the importance of fiction or literature.

He said the word fiksi (fiction), particularly in political parlance, is now considered as pejorative in Indonesia, while it is in fact an important tool for stimulating the imagination. “If I use the notion that ‘fiction’ activates the imagination, then holy books are [works of] fiction because they are not yet conclusive [...] The function of fiction is to activate the imagination, to encourage us to be more imaginative. And now that word is being slain by politicians,” he said. [...]

Rocky could be charged with hate speech as stipulated under Article 28 of the nation’s draconian Electronic Information and Transaction Law, which carries a maximum punishment of six years' imprisonment.

10. Police: Va. girl falsely reports man attacked her, removed hijab, called her “terrorist”

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. (ABC7) — A 13-year-old girl has been charged by police after she falsely reported that a man assaulted her, removed her hijab, and called her a “terrorist” during an incident last Friday in Woodbridge.

The girl is charged with knowingly giving a false report to a law enforcement officer, according to Prince William County Police.

Investigators say a school resource officer and police learned she "falsely reported" an alleged confrontation with an "unknown black man."

According to police, the girl alleged the man “cursed at her” and grabbed and tried to place her arms behind her back.

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commented 2018-04-15 19:17:58 -0400
JAMES HALL commented 18 hours ago
Let me guess , the attack in Germany had NOTHING to do with Islam

James…..“ALLAHU ACKBAR” means “motive remains unclear”….or “I am on SSRI meds” depending on the accent over the second “A”……;-)
commented 2018-04-15 02:39:29 -0400
Aren’t the Belgians at the top of the cultural genocide – suicide list ? With France , Germany and the UK on photo finish for second place …… Sweden is already lost as a nightmaric Islamic Caliphate
commented 2018-04-15 02:04:48 -0400
The Belgians? The Belgians are now going to turn the tide on Western European cultural suicide? And Brussels is going to return to a nation of artists, tapestry and damn fine “french fries”?… That’s about as likely as me winning Lotto 6/49 or thereabouts….
commented 2018-04-15 01:43:33 -0400
Let me guess , the attack in Germany had NOTHING to do with Islam
commented 2018-04-14 23:51:10 -0400
The Belgians are dreaming if they think a law will prevent sharia fro being invoked. The ONLY solution is de-islamification on a national scale.
commented 2018-04-14 20:37:57 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,125 Attacks, 227,978 Killed, 307,872 Injured that we know of.
commented 2018-04-14 14:13:02 -0400
#10. Sound familiar? Except Jihadi Justin would not allow charges. #7. Soon to
become commonplace in Canuckistan.. See comment about Jihadi Justin………….
commented 2018-04-14 12:06:08 -0400
More fake head scarf stories?