April 10, 2017

Top 10: Germany — Boyfriend forced to watch as refugee rapes girlfriend

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Stockholm suspect was failed asylum-seeker; second man arrested

The Stockholm truck attack suspect was a rejected asylum-seeker from Uzbekistan who eluded authorities' attempts to deport him by giving police a wrong address, Swedish police said Sunday while announcing the arrest of a second suspect.

Jan Evensson of the Stockholm police told a news conference that the 39-year-old suspect's request for a residence permit was rejected in June 2016, but police could not find him to send him back to his native country because he was not at the address he had given. Swedish police started formally seeking him on Feb. 24.

"We know he has been sympathetic to extremist organizations," said Jonas Hysing of Sweden's national police. He declined to name the suspect, who was arrested within hours of Friday's attack on shoppers in Stockholm.

2. Turkey: Armed mob destroys Syrian refugee camp in Izmir

A mob destroyed makeshift tents used to house some Syrian 500 refugees in the western city of Izmir, Saturday evening. The Syrian residents reportedly fled the area as the group armed with knives and sticks approached.

The act was reportedly carried out in response to allegations that a Turkish child was beaten by a group of refugees.

Clashes erupted earlier on Saturday when around 300 residents in Torbali district set upon Syrian refugees with sticks and knives.

The Syrians have since left the area with around reports that 30 have been injured and one person critically wounded.

3. Swedish anti-terror police “pelted with stones” while investigating Stockholm attack

Officers were reportedly targeted as they tried to arrest two people - a woman and her 17-year-old son - living at an address linked to a 39-year-old suspect, who is already in custody.

One police officer involved in the operation, Abdallah Ahmed, said he and his colleagues were "exposed to stone throwing" as they entered the district of Tensta on Saturday evening.

Posting a message on Facebook, Muslim cop Mr Ahmed wrote: "Some people will never learn.

4. Australia: Islamic groups avoid scrutiny by the Royal Commission into institutional child sex abuse

Islamic organizations have dodged scrutiny by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, which has spent four years probing numerous religious organizations but made no inquiries into Islam.

The commission, now in its fourth year, has diligently investigated Catholics, Anglicans, Pentecostals, Jewish, Jehovah’s Witnesses and obscure cults — along with sporting groups and the entertainment industry.

But it has published no information on sexual abuses against children within Islam, the third largest religion in Australia, raising questions as to whether the commission, which has proactively investigated even small religious sects, has failed Islamic children.

This may be a good time to revisit British attorney Gavin Boby’s video on Muslim child sex slave gangs:

5. Boyfriend forced to watch as refugee rapes his girlfriend at knifepoint during camping trip in Germany

A refugee from Ghana has been arrested for dragging a young woman from her tent and raping her while she was on a camping holiday with her boyfriend.

The young couple were on a camping trip in the Siegaue Nature Reserve, north of the former German capital of Bonn, when they were approached by a machete-wielding man at about 12.30am on Sunday last week.

The boyfriend was forced to watch as the attacker violated his 23-year-old lover. […] The 31-year-old asylum seeker was arrested in Siegburg after a walker recognized him from the police wanted poster.

6. Accused Nova Scotia doctor gets go-ahead to resume practice — with a chaperone

NEW GLASGOW, N.S. — A Nova Scotia physician charged with voyeurism after medical clinic staff were surreptitiously filmed in the washroom has approval to practice again.

Dr. Rafid al-Nassar, a 41-year-old former Iraqi refugee, was arrested last fall after New Glasgow Regional Police received a complaint from staff at the Westside Medical Centre.

In a notice Thursday, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia lifted its interim suspension against al-Nassar, but said he is required "to have a chaperone present for all patient encounters, except ... in the operating room.”

7. Australia: “Men of Middle Eastern appearance allegedly ripped the crucifix off his neck, and stomped on it while swearing 'F*** Jesus'” 

He says they punched him and kicked him in his face, back and shoulders during the attack which began about 3pm, just after the train left Belmore station.

When his girlfriend tried to defend him, two Arabic-speaking women also allegedly hit and kicked her.

The crucifix, which his mother had given him, was bent, and the silver chain broken in two places.

“I was born in Australia of Greek heritage,” says Mike. “I’ve always worn my cross. For him to rip it off and step on it has to be a religious crime... It’s not on to feel unsafe in your own country.”

8. UK: Police told NOT to travel in uniform to PC Keith Palmer’s funeral for “safety reasons”

More than 5,000 police officers from every force in the UK have turned out to pay their final respects to hero PC Keith Palmer, who was killed in the line of duty during the London terror attack in March.

The largest-ever gathering of British police officers will line the route to Southwark Cathedral, where the officer's funeral service is taking place.

Changing cubicles have been provided for officers who have been advised not to travel to the city wearing their uniforms for “personal safety reasons”.

The advisory has been issued by the Metropolitan Police Federation.

9. Islamic State fires Grad rocket into Israel

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack. A statement published on the ISIS-affiliated Amaq news agency said that militants of the group fired a Grad rocket at southern Israel.

The rocket was fired at the community in the Eshkol region, moments after Israel announced that it is barring Israelis from crossing the Taba border point into Egypt, following an alert against an attack targeting Israelis. Israeli citizens will not be allowed to cross into Sinai, but will be allowed to return to Israel.

10. ISIS claims responsibility for TWO deadly church bombings in Egypt a week before Easter

The terror group said that it was behind the hideous bomb atacks which caused carnage at two seperate Coptic churches on Palm Sunday.

The suspect has been named as 39-year-old Rakhmat Akilov from Uzbekistan, a source told Express.co.uk.

ISIS has launched a fresh campaign of terror in the latest assault on a religious minority increasingly targeted by Islamist militants.

The first bombing, in Tanta, a Nile Delta city less than 100 kilometres outside Cairo, killed at least 29 and injured at least 71, Egypt's Ministry of Health said.

The footage of the carnage, death and destruction seems not to be played on news channels to the extent that the chemical weapons attack on a part of Syria has been.

However a lot of footage can be seen on Youtube.

WARNING: Some of this footage is truly GRAPHiC AND HORRIFYiNG:


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commented 2017-04-11 02:01:17 -0400
«cop Mr Ahmed wrote: "Some people will never learn.»

Sure they do. They learned that they can throw rocks at you without any consequences. I wonder what they’ll be throwing next time.
commented 2017-04-11 00:12:39 -0400
Bigotry, prejudice, hatred and stereotyping is okay just as long as it’s not directed at jewish people.
commented 2017-04-11 00:03:04 -0400
#5. How many more women need to be raped before Merkel activates her brain & closes the border.
  1. Nice going Nova Scotia. Isn’t what that doctor accused of a crime. He should have been jailed & lost his licence. Instead he gets rewarded, then again mostly liberals in that province, what can you expect?
  2. Australia is becoming another Sweden, Germany.

Nothing is improving, only getting worse, yet the leaders except for Trump are happy to keep going on their merry way like there is no problem.
commented 2017-04-10 23:42:26 -0400
Paul, let me guess. Lets see… Hmmm.. Because there are no moderate muslims?
commented 2017-04-10 21:03:21 -0400
We don’t hear much from Justin Trudeau about these Islamic massacre of Coptic and other Christians.
I wonder why?
We don’t hear much from so-called “moderate” Muslims condemning the Islamic slaughter of Christians.
I wonder why?
commented 2017-04-10 20:01:06 -0400
#8- It’s a shame that in the once great City of London, police officers are told to “not” wear their uniforms while attending a funeral for a police hero . They reason that it might be unsafe to wear them in public.I guess those brain dead inbred lunatic muslim “refugees” might strike out once again! HAVE THEY LOST THEIR MINDS???? Why don’t the Brits grow a pair and oust those brain dead politicians who created this mess.
commented 2017-04-10 19:46:01 -0400
8/ Canadian and American Police also attended this Funeral.

10/ Justin’s friends up to their old tricks again.
commented 2017-04-10 19:33:36 -0400
Look at how muslim turcs act with muslim refugees that attack one of their own!!!! Quite different than the cowards in the west.
commented 2017-04-10 19:10:30 -0400
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This is a Parliament of Canada petition to amend the Constitution Act of 1982 under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, stating that Sharia Law or separate Sharia family courts will never have a place in the Canadian Justice System.
Please forward it to others, share and post anywhere you can.


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commented 2017-04-10 18:57:56 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,121 Attacks, 213,101 Killed, 294,631 Injured that we know of.
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