October 26, 2017

Top 10: Germany declares no-go zones, Maryland builds Muslim-only housing

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Maryland: Developers "unlawfully privately marketing and selling only to Ahmadi Muslims”

A website belonging to Majlis Ansarullah USA, a Maryland-based Muslim group, previously advertised River Run as Ansar Housing Complex and stated that “This will be a community of 49 spacious brand new homes (Villas) for Ahmadi Muslims with a dedicated mosque within walking distance.” The website later replaced that language with an update advertising an audio feed from the mosque to the community for daily prayers. That language was also removed.”

2. ISIS fighters are coming back to Canada. Are they a threat? It’s complicated: report.

It is estimated that 180 people with a nexus to Canada, headed to other countries as foreign fighters, were stopped on the way, or remained there and kept fighting over the past few years.

The government of Canada calls these people 'extremist travellers' and are suspected of engaging in terrorism-related activities. They pose many security concerns. [...]

The report said that foreign ISIS fighters who are returning from the field have proven a more 'manageable problem than initially anticipated.'

3. German police raid places linked to suspected Islamist militant, seize guns

German police seized large quantities of guns and ammunition in raids on four locations in Berlin linked to a 40-year-old German man with suspected Islamist ties, the Berlin prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday.

The man, a German citizen with a Turkish background, had previously been convicted of weapons violations, and frequented a mosque which was under surveillance by state security, said prosecutor spokeswoman Silke Becker.

Germany was hit by several Islamist militant attacks in 2016, including one in Berlin in December in which a Tunisian man shot dead a Polish lorry driver and then killed 11 more people by driving the stolen truck into a Christmas market.

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency has warned of further attacks by radicalised Muslims, given growing numbers of foreign fighters returning from war zones in Syria and Iraq. [L2N1MU194]

4. Eric Zemour, French intellectual and author, details why Eastern Europe is rejecting the European Union, communism, and the migrant invasion

(This is an excellent clip to watch in tandem with the recent speech by the President of Hungary, Viktor Orhan on the anniversary of the overthrow of Soviet Occupation.)


5. Sexual predator banned from sitting next to women on trains for 10 years

Ramzi Hamrouni, 39, was described by a judge as 'every lone female public transport passenger’s nightmare'.

Referring to sexual assaults on public transport, the judge added: 'It is clearly a massive problem nationwide.'

Hamrouni had denied sexually assaulting two female passengers on trains and tried to claim they were lying but was found guilty by a jury.


6. Michael Stürzenberger discusses his six month jail sentence for posting a historical photo of Nazis with Islamic officials 

7. Ottawa pays $31.3M to Canadian men tortured in Syria

The Liberal government has paid a total of close to $31.3 million in settlements to three Canadian men wrongfully accused of links to terrorism and tortured in Syria— 15 years and two federal inquiries after their detentions, sources confirmed to CBC News.

Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad El Maati and Muayyed Nureddin will split $31.25 million, but it's not clear from officials how much each man received.

n March, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland issued a statement saying the government had reached a settlement with the three men and apologized.

The amount of compensation going to three men was first reported by Le Devoir.

Philip Tunley, the lawyer for Almalki, El Maati and Nureddin, refused to comment on the story.


8. Honest Reporting Canada investigates Toronto Star article on the imam who prayed: "Oh Allah, purify Al-Aqsa mosque from the filth of the Jews”

The video in question:

9. German Mainstream Media Calls Migrant Crime Area ‘No-Go Zone’

A new report claims that migrant youth gangs in the Ebertplatz area of Cologne are becoming increasingly violent, leading some to describe the area as turning into a no-go zone.

Authorities in the Eberplatz area say that in recent months young migrants from the Middle East and Africa have turned the place into a no-go zone once the sun goes down. Over just the past nine months, police have been involved in around 3,000 incidents in the area ranging from simple stop and search to the murder of a 22-year-old African migrant last Saturday evening, Die Welt reports.

10. Study: More Than Half of Asylum Seekers in Italy Are Mentally Ill 

The majority of third world-origin migrants living in Italy suffer from mental disorders which make them prone to 'aggressive behaviour' and 'psychotic episodes', according to a study by psychologists.

Research into the mental health of asylum seekers living in the Padua, northern Italy, found that 54 per cent of those sampled showed “obvious symptoms” of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), local media reports.

“What emerged from our investigation is the high level of trauma and discomfort we found among asylum seekers, and this suffering forms the basis of anti-social attitudes”, explained researcher and journalist Cristiano Draghi, reporting that the majority of migrants hailed from 'Nigeria, the Gambia, Ivory Coast and Guinea'”


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commented 2017-10-27 10:48:16 -0400
  1. they are coming back to get in on the # 7 terrorist 6/49 . There is no dammed way we should be paying anything Canada did not torture them period . This is so outrageous it makes me sad to be a Canadian .
commented 2017-10-27 02:09:59 -0400
Glad the Jews kick ass on their hate filled enemies.
commented 2017-10-26 22:07:20 -0400
#7. Another 31.5 million given to 3 mohammedan terrorists. It’s the fifth such payout, that we know of, by Canadian govt to known jihadists. First maher arar, then omar khadr and now these 3. Simply Outrageous.
turdO is emboldening terrorists & other mohammedans in general, they think Canadians are ripe for subjugation & rape economically. Conservatives (and Harper) are equally guilty of creating this mess, paying 12 million to maher arar in 2007 & bringing in 750,000 mohammedans during their 9 years of government.

#10. What a horror. African blacks & mohammedans, the two groups most favored by libtards, majority are mentally ill. The report, conservatively, says 54% however, anybody who have lived among them or has dealt with these people knows the real figures are closer to 98%.
commented 2017-10-26 22:01:04 -0400
1. Happening in Canada as well. But no one complains. For obvious reasons.

2. The answer is yes – but the report will be sanitized and it will be cleared through the islamic PMO before being made completely public. The returnees will be good until the time is right to strike.

3. Germany? Who cares? They are done – it is over and they have surrendered. Anyone with a brain will sell everything and leave. Yesterday might be too late.

4. Eastern Europe? The ones with steel in their spine. Best they leave the Eu before the EU forms the standing army they so desperately desire – otherwise they will be invaded by the remaining EU countries and the army they want to form – all to force the will of Brussels upon those who would go against them.

5. That sentence is hilarious. Far better to castrate him – remove all external genitalia and then deport him. Never happen. Too funny. The justice system is dead and a politically correct, islam supporting legal system has replaced it. Happening in Canada as well.

6. More proof of my previous comment on the Eurotrash legal system I outlined in number 5. Again – coming to Canada – soon.

7. The lieberals were in power when ll of this took place – they are simply making payment to cover up the fact they caused it in the first [place. And………how do we know there is truth to their innocence? Islam would never speak out against this.

8. All prayers in all mosques begin with calling for the defeat (death) enslavement or conversion of all non-believers. Yeah, even that nice islamic guy you call friend says this prayer at the mosque. If you do not know the meaning of taqiyya, then you had better smarten up quickly. Your friend will happily hold your ankles while his buddies cut off your head. Happens in EVERY country islam gets in to and grows to about half of the resident population. EVERY country.

9. They are only now calling it what it has been known as for a long time. Literally hundreds of them in the Eurotrash countries now. Happening in Canada as well.

10. PTSD? LOL….. Lots more reasons than that. Remember – the combined inbreeding for the past hundreds of generations had a large hand in this. Most islamics are well below the average intelligence level of the western person. All this information supplied by politically correct researchers in order to find an excuse when the truth is there as plain as day to those who would actually seek it.
commented 2017-10-26 21:59:25 -0400
10: Why is it that any Muslim that commits a crime is labelled “mentally ill”?

Perhaps the violence and “aggressive behaviour” is what the Koran teaches them when it comes to all others who are not Muslims. There is 1400 years of evidence supporting this.
commented 2017-10-26 19:24:41 -0400
Toronto and other cities in Canada have muslim only subsidized housing. Tax payers are funding muslim enclaves! Don’t tell me Sharia Law is not replacing Canadian Laws in these neighbourhoods.
commented 2017-10-26 19:19:52 -0400
Ralph Goodale should really publish the photos of the 60 or so “alleged” ISIS fighters returning to Canada. While he’s at it, maybe he can tell Canadians why these scumbags HAVE NOT been charged; arrested and denied bail. No deportation hearings can be scheduled due to Trudeau’s Bill C-6
LPC will find a way to pay these returning terrorists. Makes me sick!
commented 2017-10-26 17:15:04 -0400
commented 2017-10-26 14:32:51 -0400
2. ISIS fighters are coming back to Canada. Are they a threat: It�s complicated.
UK has just ruled that any British, ISIS fighters, in battle, have to be shot and if they are caught trying to re-enter Britain they will be
Tried for Treason. 5. Sexual predator banned from sitting next to women on trains for 10 years. What about sitting next to Little Boys? These Guys are not fussy. Any Port in a storm.

7. Ottawa pays $31.3M to Canadian men tortured in Syria.
Trudeau is very generous to his friends, especially when it is Taxpayers money

10. Study More Than Half of Asylum Seekers in Italy Are Mentally Ill.
Is it any wonder, 70% of all Muslims are inbred due to Marrying first cousins.
commented 2017-10-26 13:22:25 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,265 Attacks, 221,197 Killed, 302,181 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-10-26 13:10:03 -0400
2/ 180 Isis or foreign fighters return to Canada.
Trudeau, likely these poor fighters didn’t get 3 square meals a day. You should reward them for their sacrifices by giving them your standard of 10 million each. The Canadian Taxpayers can always earn more to give to your Muslim friends.