March 30, 2018

Top 10: Germany unable to deport 65K failed asylum seekers who lack IDs

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Sweden to Hungary: Don't Use Us as an Example of Failed Mass Migration Policies

Swedish Education Minister Gustav Fridolin visited Hungary this week telling the Hungarian government and ruling Fidesz party to stop using Sweden as an example of failed mass migration policies.

The Education Minister, who is also a member of the Green party, travelled to Hungary to meet with leaders of Politics Can Be Different (LMP) party to discuss issues of education.

Fridolin said he was also concerned about the rhetoric used by the Fidesz party headed by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, which has pointed to the negative impacts of mass migration in Sweden ahead of April’s general election, Sveriges Radio reports.

“We have our problems and challenges the same as you probably have in Hungary. At the same time, we now see how people who have come from other countries to Sweden get more work, get involved, and contribute and make Sweden their own. It is obviously a description of reality that is also needed,” Fridolin said.


2. Terror “Teacher” Jailed for Recruiting “Mini Militia” of Kids at Mosque to Attack London

A self-styled “teacher” and Islamic State supporter has been jailed for trying to radicalise Muslim boys as young as 11 in a London mosque, encouraging them to attack landmarks including Big Ben.

Umar Haque, 25, was this week sent down for 25 years after plotting to use firearms and a car packed with explosives to strike 30 high-profile targets including Heathrow Airport, the Queen’s Guard, Shia Muslim mosques, and the headquarters of right-wing groups.

Three other men from east London connected to Mr. Haque were also put behind bars – for fundraising, failing to report what they knew, and possessing a gun.

Video news report provides background:

3. Italy: Police arrest five people known to 2016 Berlin attack suspect

Youtube description:

Italian state police detained five people accused of being in Berlin terrorist attack suspect Anis Amri’s network after they conducted raids in both Latina and Rome.

State police footage shows a raid in Latina related to the investigation, with police entering and searching an apartment.

Related Video:

4. Labour quietly reinstated six councillors who posted anti-Semitic messages

Labour quietly reinstated at least six councillors who posted anti-Semitic messages online, analysis shows, as a party insider told The Telegraph the complaints process is being manipulated by political factions.

Evidence seen by The Telegraph shows senior party members were investigated over posts made on social media, including messages about blood libel, Zionism, linking Israel to Isis and the Holocaust and other anti-Semitic tropes.

All six were reinstated quietly by the party, raising questions about whether Labour's process for rooting out racism is effective.


5. Horror on streets of Germany: State of emergency declared as 80 men brawl with MACHETES

Police were called to the Altmarkt area of the city over reports of the mass bawl. Officers used CS gas to control the brawling men.

The scores of men were also using telescopic batons in the fight in Druisburg, which is on the west of Germany.

Police said they were spat at and had objects hurled at them.

Around 50 people were arrested and onlookers captured the brutality in shocking photos.

Those arrested refused to explain what sparked the fight and 30 people were later released.

6. Man who killed wife in front of children “because she didn't want him to join Islamic State” jailed

A Melbourne man who brutally murdered and mutilated his wife in front of their three young children has been sentenced to life in prison.

Police believe the 36-year-old Broadmeadows man, who cannot be named, may have killed his wife because she didn't want him to join the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria.

The man will be eligible for parole in 30 years.

In July 2016, the three children told police they had witnessed their father “slaughtering” their 27-year-old mother with a knife in the lounge room of their house.

One of the children told detectives his mother's “body was nothing but blood”. [...]

During his committal hearing, the court heard the man believed his second wife, whom he married under Islamic law while still legally married to the woman he killed, was an ASIO spy.


7. Warning to Berlin Schoolchildren: If You Don’t Believe in Allah, You Will Burn

Original German language source:

Excerpt from English translation:

At many inner-city schools, conflicts among students are now religiously motivated. Classmates are being pressured if they don’t observe the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan. Anti-Semitic remarks are also part of everyday school life for many teachers.

“There are already many examples of religious bullying in schools today,” a Neukölln headmistress said recently.

Now yet another incident concerning anti-Semitic tendencies is being talked about. This time it’s about disturbing incidents at Paul Simmel Elementary School in the eastern Tempelhof. It’s about death threats among children.

The daughter of a 41-year-old man, who wants to remain anonymous, is a student in that school. “Our daughter was mobbed by Muslim students because she doesn’t believe in Allah,” says the man in conversation with the Berliner Zeitung. [...]

In an earlier incident — when the classmates didn’t yet know about the Jewish parent — his daughter had even been threatened with death. The physically superior student had said to the then-second-grader that she should be beaten and then killed because she doesn’t believe in Allah.

“We, the parents, were scolded by the classmate as stupid, because we don’t raise our daughter to believe in Allah,” says the father. Earlier, about three years ago, according to her father, something similar had happened to the girl. Anyone who doesn’t believe in Allah will be burned, as a classmate allegedly explained to the girl.


8. Afghan British army interpreter who drugged and raped 14-year-old girl months after being allowed to live in UK is jailed for more than seven years

An Afghan interpreter with the British Army has been jailed for drugging and raping a 14-year-old girl just months after he was allowed to live in the UK.

Asadullah Najibullah, 28, plied the girl and her two friends with vodka and cannabis after luring them to his flat to celebrate Bonfire Night.

Najibullah then called for a taxi to pick up her friends, leaving him alone in the flat with the 14-year-old, who smoked some more cannabis.

A court heard he then took off the girl's clothes and raped her while she lay unconscious on November 5, 2016.


9. Hamas to Swarm Israel’s Border, Sparking Fear of New “Passover War”

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas is planning a mass demonstration along Israel's border on Friday, prompting fears of a new war with the Jewish state ahead of the Passover holiday, according to regional experts and U.S. officials who say they are closely monitoring the situation.

On the heels of a recent military exercise that observers described as "unprecedented," Hamas leaders have called for some 100,000 Gaza Strip resident to engage in six weeks of mass demonstrations along the Israeli border as Jewish families gear up for the Passover holiday, which begins Friday evening.

Regional experts closely tracking the situation say the demonstrations are meant as cover for a mass military campaign to swarm Israel's border and stoke violence against the Jewish state.

The situation is being closely monitored by Trump administration officials, who outlined concerns that Hamas could use civilian protesters as human shields as cover for attacks on Israeli forces.


10. Germany unable to deport 65,000 failed asylum seekers because they don’t have any IDs


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commented 2018-04-02 09:19:10 -0400

I must a hammer get and nail shut zee door!
commented 2018-04-02 09:17:56 -0400
“Germany unable to deport 65,000 failed asylum seekers because they don’t have any IDs”

Old German folktale:
There was once a stupid farmer who left open zee chicken coop doors und windows. So zee weasels inside got and many of his hens killed. So then the stupid farmer said, "Mein Gott, Mein Gott, zee wiesels are my hühnerstall in
commented 2018-04-01 22:32:26 -0400
10: Biometric Scanning. No need for any ID.
commented 2018-04-01 16:36:17 -0400
Everyone should know that this is the Satanic Hell that Trudeau and his Globalist Cabal of a Cabinet is fixated on bringing to Canada
commented 2018-04-01 16:36:17 -0400
Everyone should know that this is the Satanic Hell that Trudeau and his Globalist Cabal of a Cabinet is fixated on bringing to Canada
commented 2018-04-01 02:27:38 -0400
Number 1-Yeah they must be shaking in their boots having someone from a country that is cucked beyond compare tell them to cease and desist.
commented 2018-03-31 23:47:31 -0400
Sweden wants to spread Stockholm syndrome!!!
commented 2018-03-31 15:22:39 -0400
Put those illegals on a boat and dump them on the shore of Libya – let them sort out their own problems.
commented 2018-03-31 02:05:02 -0400
I bet the number of fake refugees without ID will go up, when they find out it will keep them in the country.
commented 2018-03-30 19:57:00 -0400
  1. I clearly heard some of those brawlers shout “ALLAHU ACKBAR” which…as everybody knows and nobody dares question under penalty of law…means “MOTIVE IS AS YET UNKNOWN” in Arabic….:-)
commented 2018-03-30 18:10:32 -0400
1. Truth hurts
commented 2018-03-30 17:39:23 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,056 Attacks, 227,480 Killed, 307,417 Injured that we know of.
commented 2018-03-30 17:06:20 -0400
Swedish Education Minister Fridolin got at least one fact right – that about those immigrants “make Sweden their own”… Yep, the about sums up the present reality there…