October 06, 2018

Top 10: Germany will be predominantly Islamic and African in two generations

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. MALCOLM: Asylum seeker not eligible to vote receives voter registration card

An asylum seeker who has only been in Canada for 18 months was sent a voter registration card from Elections Canada, the Sun has learned.

The letter, dated Sept. 12, 2018 and addressed to Jacqueline, a woman who arrived in Canada in the spring of 2017, informs her that she is “not currently registered to vote in federal elections.”

The letter urges her to register by Oct. 23, 2018, stating that, “registering in advance will ensure you’re on the voters list and will save you time at the polls.”

It is not clear how Jacqueline ended up on an Elections Canada list. The Sun has chosen not to identify Jacqueline’s last name as her refugee case is pending and public identification can put the outcome of such cases at risk. Her and her husband are asylum seekers from Mexico, and have not yet received permanent immigration status in Canada.

2. Perpetual arrest warrants issued for former US envoy Hussain Haqqani

Perpetual arrest warrants were issued on Friday for former envoy to the United States Hussain Haqqani, to bring him back to the country, based on the findings of a Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) report, DawnNewsTV reported.

The FIA had registered a case against Haqqani in March for committing “criminal breach of trust, misuse of authority and embezzlement of funds.”

The former US envoy is the principal accused in the Memogate scandal.

A hearing in the matter was held on Friday which was presided by special judge central, Irum Niazi.

3. University of Michigan Student: I Was Forced to Attend “Antisemitic Lecture” Comparing Netanyahu to Hitler

An undergraduate at the University of Michigan said she “was forced to sit through an overtly antisemitic lecture” on Thursday, which compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler.

Alexa Smith, a senior, said the presentation was part of the Penny Stamps Speaker Series, which arts and design students are required to attend.

The image — shared by lecturer Emory Douglas, a graphic designer who served as minister of culture for the Black Panther Party — branded both Netanyahu and Hitler with the caption, “Guilty of Genocide.”

“In what world is it ok for a mandatory course to host a speaker who compares Adolf Hitler to the Prime Minister of Israel?” Smith asked in a Facebook post shared on Friday.

4. Mayor of Riace Domenico Lucano arrested on immigration charge

The mayor of Riace, Domenico Lucano, is under house arrest for charges related to immigration and fraudulent dealings in the assignment of refuse collection contracts

Mimmo Lucano, the mayor of Riace, a town with a reputation for welcoming refugees, has been placed under house arrest following an order from the state prosecutor’s office in Locri. The man that the magazine Fortune had included among the 50 most influential figures in the world in 2016, has been charged with aiding and abetting illegal immigration and fraudulently assigning contracts for refuse collection. Tax police from the Guardia di Finanza in Locri have also banned Lucano’s partner Tesfahun Lemlem from residing in Riace. The investigation, codenamed “Xenia”, has reportedly found a series of offences regarding the management of loans granted by the interior ministry and the prefect’s office of Reggio Calabria to Riace town council, in order to provide accommodation for refugees and asylum seekers.

5. Official who analyzed UN’s “Pact for Migration” concludes Germany will be predominantly Islamic and African in two generations

Original source German language article.

6. Malaysia arrests 8 suspected militants, 7 of them foreigners

Malaysian police said Saturday that eight suspected militants, including seven foreigners, have been arrested for allegedly spreading religious extremism that could threaten national security and fan terrorism in the region.

National police chief Mohamad Fuzi Harun said the suspects are connected with an Islamic religious school in Yemen that promotes the Salafi Jihadi teachings, which permit the killings of non-Muslims as well as Muslims who don't follow their ways and denounce democracy as un-Islamic.

He said the foreigners, aged between 24 and 38, include five people from a country in Europe, one from the Americas and one from the Middle East.

7. Moroccan Government Blames Pro-Open Borders NGOs for “Encouraging” Illegal Migration

Moroccan director of immigration and border surveillance at the Ministry of the Interior Khalid Zerouali has slammed pro-migration “rescue” NGOs, saying they encourage illegal migration to Europe.

Mr Zerouali blamed an increase in the number of illegal migrants attempting to reach Europe from Morocco on the “fleet of NGOs active in the Mediterranean area that encourages and guides migrants”, Moroccan magazine Telquel reports.

According to Zerouali, the Moroccan government has become “overwhelmed” by the surge in illegal migrants travelling through the country to reach Europe, and has called on European Union member-states to become more involved in helping secure the border, noting that his government has already spent 200 million euros deploying 13,000 officials to the maritime border.

“We have so far assumed our responsibilities unilaterally, but we are beginning to be overwhelmed,” he said.

8. Teen Daughter of Marine Le Pen Hospitalised After Assault by Two Men

The teenage daughter of French populist leader Marine Le Pen was violently assaulted outside a bowling alley bar in Nanterre, forcing her to be taken to a local hospital in the area.

The attack on the 19-year-old took place at the exit of a bowling alley bar at Nelson Mandela Square on Thursday night while she and her 18-year-old cousin were leaving the bar. Two men aged 32 and 47 from Nanterre approached the two and physically assaulted them at around 2 am, Le Parisien reports.

After the police were called, the two suspects were arrested at the scene when officers arrived at the bar. Investigators have so far not commented on the cause of the attack but the cousin of Ms Le Pen’s daughter has filed charges with police against the two men.

The incident provoked outrage from the former French presidential candidate who called the attack a “gratuitous aggression,” and added: “there was no fight … there was an assault, a gratuitous assault on two young people aged 18 and 19.”

9. Schoolboy 15, is “given detention for voicing his support for UKIP during classroom debate”

A 15-year-old boy was given detention after voicing his support for UKIP during a classroom debate, his father has claimed.

During a phone-in on radio station LBC yesterday, a caller named Paul told host Nick Ferrari his son had been punished after declaring he would vote for the Right-wing party – but shouldn’t be called racist.

The caller said: “One boy said he’d vote for UKIP and the teacher said 'all UKIP voters are racist', so my boy came in and said, 'I’d vote for Ukip and I’m not racist.”

“He was given a detention, [with] the three boys that said it, and when he came home and told me I didn’t believe him.”

10. Gunned down man found tied to a bed on Saudi Arabia road (VIDEO)

A bizarre incident has occurred in Saudi Arabia, in which a dead body tied to a bed was discovered in the middle of a road. The victim, who turned out to be an illegal migrant, had been gunned down, according to local police.

Motorists made the chilling discovery 11 km away from the southern Saudi city of Abha late on Thursday. The dead body, wrapped in a blanket, was lying on a cast iron bed without mattress right in the middle of the road, footage from the scene shows.


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commented 2018-10-08 23:16:03 -0400
trudeau for Treason.
commented 2018-10-08 22:10:51 -0400
5: Merkel is done, along with her despicable policies. The fastest way to control mass “irregular”(illegal) migration is to cut off the welfare. They will migrate themselves to the next nation that gives the freeloaders a ticket to ride.
commented 2018-10-08 20:49:23 -0400
Diversity is demanded ONLY wherever white people live. Its ANTI WHITE!
It means finding the world’s dwindling percentage of white people and CHASING THEM DOWN until they’re ACCEPTABLY non white!
“Diversity is a strength” MEANS “White people are a weakness”!
Its White Ge NO cide!
commented 2018-10-08 19:18:26 -0400
sorry, I meant when trudeau removed the demand we provide proof of I.D.! Citizenship HAS NEVER IN MY YEARS OF VOTING (I"m 60 now) BEEN ASKED OF ME OR ANYONE ELSE I KNOW!!
commented 2018-10-08 19:16:43 -0400
#1, this IS TRUDEAUS PLAN JUST LIKE THE OPEN BORDERS AS HE NEEDS THEIR VOTES AND WE CANADIANS HAVE NO VOTE WHILE OUR MONEY PAYS ALL THE BILLS FOR HIM AND THEM!! I warned and warned when it was reported he removed the law demanding we provide PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP but as usual canadians were too busy SHOPPING to give a damn! Also, as for # 5, so too will be canada or rather ‘canukistan! What is left of we WHITES are being WIPED OFF THE PLANET- ESPECIALLY HERE IN CANADA WITH TRUDEAUS BLESSING! If you haven’t realized this, you are clearly BRAIN DAMAGED AND/OR ANOTHER PATHETIC LIBERAL/POLITICALLY CORRECT P.O.S. who doesn’t belong in this land!
commented 2018-10-08 03:50:34 -0400
Trudeau is working overtime to turn Canada into a Third World Sharia hellhole. TRUDEAU OUT IN 2019!
commented 2018-10-08 02:46:17 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,120 Attacks, 233,851 Killed, 313,506 Injured that we know of

Just one attack and three death to report since yesterday. Slow day for the religion of peace.
commented 2018-10-08 01:38:56 -0400
Below is quote and unquote…
commented 2018-10-08 01:18:21 -0400
commented 2018-10-08 01:16:32 -0400
Widely regarded as the greatest composer who ever lived, Ludwig van Beethoven dominates a period of musical history as no one else before or since. Rooted in the Classical traditions of Joseph Haydn and Mozart, his art reaches out to encompass the new spirit of humanism and incipient nationalism expressed in the works of Goethe and Friedrich von Schiller, his elder contemporaries in the world of literature; the stringently redefined moral imperatives of Kant; and the ideals of the French Revolution, with its passionate concern for the freedom and dignity of the individual. He revealed more vividly than any of his predecessors the power of music to convey a philosophy of life without the aid of a spoken text; and in certain of his compositions is to be found the strongest assertion of the human will in all music, if not in all art. Though not himself a Romantic, he became the fountainhead of much that characterized the work of the Romantics who followed him, especially in his ideal of program or illustrative music, which he defined in connection with his Sixth (Pastoral) Symphony as “more an expression of emotion than painting.” In musical form he was a considerable innovator, widening the scope of sonata, symphony, concerto, and quartet, while in the Ninth Symphony he combined the worlds of vocal and instrumental music in a manner never before attempted. His personal life was marked by a heroic struggle against encroaching deafness, and some of his most important works were composed during the last 10 years of his life when he was quite unable to hear. In an age that saw the decline of court and church patronage, he not only maintained himself from the sale and publication of his works but also was the first musician to receive a salary with no duties other than to compose how and when he felt inclined.
commented 2018-10-07 22:39:39 -0400
#8..I knew of a few acquaintances in the past..that if you ever laid a hand in any unwanted..unauthorized manner or a full on assault on their girlfriend/‘s..someone else’s girlfriend or Daughter that they knew..let’s just say..It never went to Court.

trudeau for Treason..
commented 2018-10-07 22:21:27 -0400
Andy Niemers, the Lithuanian language is a cognate of both Greek and Sanskrit. Even with my limited ability in Greek it was easy to see similarities. They have been around a long time. At least since the time of Abraham.
commented 2018-10-07 19:29:12 -0400
5. Here is a Canadian commenting on a RED ICE video, re Immigration.

I lived in Vancouver for 14 years. I’m from Quebec. The immigration over there is out of control. Cost of living skyrocketed along with the crime rate. Sometimes at the local Walmart I was the only white guy. During Christmas, my house was the only one with lights and decorations in the neighbourhood, I swear to God. But the crime rate. You would have your friging broom stolen off your balcony if you left it there (it happened to me). In the last few years my stuff was stolen from me over a dozen times. There are a lot of places you couldn’t get a job if you’re white. In my kids classrooms, there were only o few whites and my kids were constantly called “racist “ just for being white. I’ve had enough this year and I looked for the most racist neighbor hood I could find(ie: mostly white). I found it in the Saguenay region in Quebec. 99% white catholic French Canadian and guess what: low crime rate, low cost of living, everybody is so nice. I don’t even lock my doors anymore I kid you not. I don’t remember feeling so relax and happy and I can’t wait for the next Christmas and see all the beautiful decorations in my neighborhood. Now if that’s being racist then fuck off I don’t care what I’m called anymore. True story unfortunately. Now excuse me but I’m going sailing again this week end and I know my stuff is still gonna be there when I’m back.
commented 2018-10-07 17:04:43 -0400
Clearly Soros and all the NGO people should be jailed ( and 90% of Western Europes politicians ) god bless the Eastern Europeans and their heroic stance in the face of such globalist filth
commented 2018-10-07 11:27:56 -0400
Once in a while I like to throw a cat amongst the pigeons.
Could it be that our fear at what seems to many an inevitable displacement of western Christian Europe by its Islamic incomers is based upon more than our familiarity with the many studies that show that even at present rates of Islamic settlement in western Europe, these incomers will, over time, inevitably out-breed the native Europeans?
Could it be that subconsciously we acknowledge to ourselves that a positive will always displace a negative – that is to say, in a post-Christian Europe, the “negative” of an almost total absence of Christian belief must surely be replaced over time by the “positive” of a vibrant, dynamic, very much alive, religious force: Islam.
It seems to me that our efforts to defend and protect what we like to call “western European civilization”, will ultimately be doomed to failure, because we have gutted that civilization of the very force that sustained it for almost 2 000 years, ie, institutional (as in vibrant, church-going) Christian belief.
commented 2018-10-07 10:29:00 -0400
5……Canada will not be to far behind Germany in it’s Islamification if our miss-leader Justin Truedough continues on his course of Canadian destruction.
commented 2018-10-07 10:18:02 -0400
10: Saudi Arabia has a very direct method for dealing with illegals. Ergo, it can still say that it hasn’t taken in so much as one “refugee” or has any illegal migrants.
commented 2018-10-07 03:51:20 -0400
If you don’t believe me about the ancestral roots of the Baltic Tribes then I would challenge you to read Marija Gimbutas “The Balts” (1968).. Now a collector’s item from the Harvard University series… Describing the the drift of the Baltic tribes out of the Indian subcontinent, over hundreds of years to occupy the Baltic Sea shore… Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years before the first Muslim pranced on the world stage… No wonder Eastern Europeans have no use for today’s socialist dipsticks in Brussels… If some cultures want to commit “cultural suicide” then so be it… Just don’t ask people who still value their ancestral heritage to also commit suicide…
commented 2018-10-07 03:35:17 -0400
Number 5:-
A number of studies have concluded that the native ethnic British people will have become a demographic minority in Britain by 2050: that’s less than a generation from now.
“Perhaps those from the New Right who view with displeasure the prospect of the white British culture being overwhelmed and, eventually, crushed, by the culture(s) of incoming immigrant groups, do so because their knowledge of History leads them to understand that when a native ethnic group becomes either a numerical, or a cultural, minority, it fast loses its ability to sustain and transfer its culture from generation to generation. Many of these members of the New Right may not in fact be either racists or “white supremacists” in the way the first term is universally understood (ie, to view another race as inferior to your own), or in the way the second term is most commonly expressed (ie, as a belief that the white race is in every way superior to all other races). They may merely wish that the culture into which they were born, and which, to them, reflects their national cultural heritage, might not one day be overwhelmed and driven into eventual extinction by immigrant numbers whose own cultures displace it.” (From my Blog entry, “Ethnicity & Culture: Why the New Right Worries about Ethnicity” 31st July 2018. rabbiedeoir.com)
commented 2018-10-07 03:33:09 -0400
  1. Eastern Europeans can clearly see this trend, hence the election results of recent months rejecting this assimilation of their ancient cultures… The fact is that Eastern European cultures prevailed in their now native lands – like the Balts and the Prussians – already 2,000 B.C.! The Muzzies are born of an ideology of 700 A.D…. Go Suck Sand!!!
commented 2018-10-07 02:06:34 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,119 Attacks, 233,848 Killed, 313,506 Injured that we know of
commented 2018-10-06 23:30:09 -0400
commented 2018-10-06 23:29:41 -0400
2. Re: Federal Investigation Agency . Gadzooks. How many police and intelligence agencies do the Yanks have? They must be tripping all over each other and claiming jurisdiction just like on the lame-o TV shows. How many more are there that we haven’t heard of yet?

7. Yes. The Soros funded “NGO’s” are propagating this fake refugee crisis and the MSM is aiding and abetting them (eg “irregular” immigrants). First they entice these people to migrate with promises of taxpayer funded freebies. Then they get them to embark on dangerous journey’s at sea. Then when the migrants sink and drown the “NGOs” wring their hands and cry that we must do something to end these tragedies.

It is fake compassion orchestrated by the Leftists who use these migrants as pawns in their global game. If they really wanted to end the orchestrated tragedies they simply have to stop orchestrating them. Either that or pay for airline tickets for them all. Of course the optics of that would be not nearly compelling enough to suck in the the CBC and MSM news drones.

And the beat goes on. As Sonny and Cher said it: “The drums keep pounding the rhythm into the brain”. Indeed. Those drums are the MSM and Globalist governments.
commented 2018-10-06 22:36:59 -0400
In the context of France, and the rest of the EU and Britain…today:
‘8. Teen Daughter of Marine Le Pen Hospitalised After Assault by Two Men’
Shameful; cowardly swine.
This is how revolutions, revolts, implosions or world wars can start!
Remember Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria for one example…
The left is making things pretty ugly and scary…again. Who gave them license?
commented 2018-10-06 22:25:59 -0400
A possible strategy,
Watch to at least six minutes.
Its all about the power of the cross.
But it has to be fed, and tended.
Momentum by 10 min.
halfway there by 15.
complete irradiation at 20.
commented 2018-10-06 22:06:27 -0400
  1. 8. You messed with the kids of the wrong lady.
    We are not going to put up with this.