July 13, 2018

Top 10: Indonesia's Aceh continues public canings despite pledge

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Islam Party increases reach, stirs controversy ahead of Belgian elections

2. Donald Trump: Theresa May's Brexit plan will “kill” US trade deal

President Trump criticises May's Brexit approach and says Boris Johnson has “got what it takes” to be Prime Minister.

Donald Trump has warned Theresa May her Brexit blueprint will "kill" hopes of any future trade deal with the US.

In an explosive intervention, the US president told The Sun: “If they do a deal like that, we would be dealing with the European Union instead of dealing with the UK, so it will probably kill the deal.”

The comments from Mr Trump will send shockwaves through Westminster - and emerged as the prime minister hosted him at a lavish banquet at Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.

3. Italy forces new standoff, refuses to let migrants disembark

Italy's hard-line interior minister refused Thursday to let 67 migrants disembark from an Italian coast guard ship until an investigation determines whether any of them had violently threatened their rescuers to prevent being returned to Libya.

The Diciotti ship pulled into the port of Trapani after taking on board the migrants from an Italian-flagged oil rig supply tug that rescued them Sunday off the coast of Libya. The dispute over what transpired next has turned into the latest standoff since Italy's anti-migrant government took power last month.

Italy's transport minister says the tug reported that some of the migrants made “death threats” against the crew.

“As soon as our ship turned south, to be able to meet up with a Libyan coast guard ship to transfer the migrants, they started to threaten the crew,” Christopher Savoye, legal affairs official of the Vroon Offshore Service that owns the Vos Thalassa tug, told the shipping news site The Meditelegraph. “They encircled them, pushed them, making the gesture of cutting their throats.”

4. British Bangladeshi nationals “ran” Daesh drone programme

Daesh’s self-made lethal drone programme was reportedly procured by two British Bangladeshi brothers, a new Combating Terrorism Centre (CTC) report revealed yesterday.

Daesh’s access to drones was “shaped” by the brothers, who leveraged companies in the United Kingdom, Bangladesh and Spain which they established to “move funds, drones, and other dual-use components to and on behalf of the Islamic State”, the report entitled “The Islamic State and Drones: Supply, scale and future threats” revealed.

The drones were used for defensive and offensive operations, through a global and layered supply chain that involved purchases from more than 16 companies based in seven different countries.

“At least one of these brothers also played a central role in helping to create and develop Dawatul Islam Bengal, the Islamic State’s local affiliate in Bangladesh,” the report claimed.

5. Italy, Germany, to cooperate closely on migration and controlling Europe’s borders

6. EU Interior Ministers reach consensus on pushing protection of shared outer borders

7. Court orders former bin Laden aide brought back to Germany

German authorities deported a former aide to al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden to his native Tunisia on Friday, despite a court ruling blocking the move.

Sami A., whose last name wasn't given due to privacy laws, was flown to Tunis on a charter aircraft and handed over to Tunisian authorities, Germany's interior ministry spokeswoman Annegret Korff said.

An administrative court in the western city of Gelsenkirchen had ruled Thursday that the man should remain in Germany until the government receives guarantees he won't face torture in his homeland. But the fax informing authorities about the court's decision was sent on Friday morning — after the man had already landed in Tunisia.

8. Swiss court rules Eritreans who face national service can be deported

A new court ruling opens the door for the deportation of Eritreans who have failed in their bid to win asylum in Switzerland even if they if they face national service back home.

In a statement dated July 10th, Switzerland's Federal Administrative Court (FAC) stated deporting failed Eritrean asylum seekers who had not carried out compulsory military service was "both lawful and reasonable".

The new ruling is the latest setback for Eritreans who have seen their bid for asylum in Switzerland rejected.

9. Avi Yemini: The truth about why we need to DEFUND the ABC immediately

Avi Yemini speaks with Tony Robinson of the Australian Liberty Alliance about the problems with transparency and overspending at state broadcaster, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

10. Indonesia's Aceh carries out public canings despite pledge

Indonesia's deeply conservative Muslim province of Aceh on Friday publicly caned 15 people found guilty of violating Shariah law, despite pledging not to carry out the punishment in public.

Several hundred people including a group of tourists from Malaysia watched the caning after Friday prayers outside the Baiturrahim Mosque in the provincial capital, Banda Aceh.

Among those punished were a gay couple sentenced to receive 86 lashes each by three executioners. The two men had been captured by residents in Banda Aceh and were sentenced initially to 90 lashes but the number was reduced to 86 for the four months they spent in custody.

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commented 2018-07-14 06:17:47 -0400
10. Wasn’t Aceh the recipient of millions of dollars of “sympathy” money after a tsunami a few years ago? If those same donors knew about the cruel state that has developed since then on their dosh, I’ll bet that if another storm were to reach Aceh, not a single penny would pass from the West.
commented 2018-07-14 03:36:09 -0400
We could use corporal punishment here in Canada. Maybe give it to those leftist protesters that block the streets or vandalize the pipe lines.
commented 2018-07-13 21:32:23 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,666 Attacks, 231,086 Killed, 310,945 Injured that we know of
commented 2018-07-13 14:49:46 -0400
2/ Trump has changed course since he first made his comment about May’s Exit deal.. He toned everything down in his later speech, no doubt with May pleading to him.
President Trump was right the first time but I guess appearing to be together on this is more important when considering future relations, especially the military partnership between the UK and USA.

3/ ‘Well Done’ Italy.