July 22, 2018

Top 10: Iran warns Trump U.S. faces “mother of all wars”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Judge says Pakistan-born terrorist convicted of helping Al-Qaeda can KEEP his US citizenship after government tried to take it away over his plot to “cut the cables” on the Brooklyn Bridge

The government can't strip a terrorist of his U.S. citizenship, a federal judge ruled this month in a decision siding with a Pakistan-born man serving the last few years of a 20-year prison sentence for his guilty plea to plotting to destroy New York's Brooklyn Bridge.

The case involves Iyman Faris, who was sentenced in 2003 for aiding and abetting Al-Qaeda by scoping out the bridge as part of a plot to cut through cables that support it.

His case was among the first and highest-profile terrorism cases after the September 11 attacks.

2. Iran's Rouhani warns Trump about “mother of all wars”

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday cautioned U.S. President Donald Trump about pursuing hostile policies against Tehran, saying “America should know ... war with Iran is the mother of all wars,” but he did not rule out peace between the two countries, either.

Iran faces increased U.S. pressure and looming sanctions after Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from a 2015 international deal over Iran’s nuclear program.

Addressing a gathering of Iranian diplomats, Rouhani said: “Mr Trump, don’t play with the lion’s tail, this would only lead to regret,” the state new agency IRNA reported.

“America should know that peace with Iran is the mother of all peace, and war with Iran is the mother of all wars,” Rouhani said, leaving open the possibility of peace between the two countries which have been at odds since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

3. Suicide bomb kills election candidate, driver in Pakistan

A suicide bombing on Sunday in northwestern Pakistan killed a candidate running for a seat in the provincial assembly and his driver, and wounded three other people, police said.

It was the latest violence ahead of Wednesday's elections, when Pakistanis are to elect the National Assembly, or lower house of parliament, and four provincial assemblies.

According to police officer Zahoor Afridi, the candidate Ikramullah Gandapur from opposition leader Imran Khan's party, was returning home from a campaign event when the bomber struck in the city of Dera Ismail Khan, wounding him. He died a short while later in a military hospital, Afridi said. Along with his driver who was also killed, three other people, including two policemen, were wounded.

Later Sunday, the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing that killed Gandapur.

Earlier this month, a provincial assembly candidate was killed in a massive suicide bombing in Mastung district in southwestern Baluchistan province, along with 148 people. Also, in the northwestern city of Peshawar, a suicide bombing this month killed another provincial assembly candidate and 20 others.

4. Policeman injured in Middenhof battles, four arrests

Google translation of original Dutch article.

A policeman was injured during a fight on the Middenhof in Almere Haven on Saturday evening. According to a spokesperson for the police, a large number of agents came into action after a report of a possible kidnapping. A girl would be forced to step into a car against her will.

The fight started when the police arrived. Agents were forced to use pepper spray. In the end, four people were arrested. They are still stuck. The girl has been examined in an ambulance. It is not known if she has been injured. The agent had a head wound and was taken to the hospital. After research he was allowed to go home again.

VIDEO of attack HERE

5. Rapper in Muslim-majority Malaysia is accused of insulting Islam with music video featuring dancers in dog masks performing sexually suggestive moves

A Malaysian rapper is facing up to a year in prison for allegedly insulting Islam with a video that features dancers wearing dog masks.

Rapper Wee Meng Chee, known by his stage name Namewee, released a video for his song “Like A Dog”, filmed in Putrajaya, earlier this month.

Several black-clad dancers wearing masks of dogs - an animal considered unclean in Islam - gyrate and mimic sex acts around the rapper, who is sat in an office chair in a public square.

A domed building can be seen in the background, which generated accusations that it was filmed in front of a mosque.

Malaysia generally practises a moderate form of Islam but religious tensions have escalated in recent years, with concerns growing over a rise in conservative Islamic attitudes.

Flashback to 2016: Moderate Malaysia arrests singer for “insulting Islam”


6. Canada: “Toronto Against Fascism” protest Pegida rally

7. German intelligence contradicts Merkel on Iran's Nuclear drive

A German intelligence report from the city-state of Hamburg said Iran’s regime is continuing to seek weapons of mass destruction, delivering another intelligence agency blow to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s belief that the 2015 atomic deal with the Islamic Republic curbed Tehran’s nuclear weapons ambitions.

The Jerusalem Post reviewed the 211-page document that states “some of the crisis countries... are still making an effort to obtain products for the manufacture of atomic, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction (proliferation) and the corresponding missile carrier technology (rocket technology).

8. UK: Clashes as Brits protest against construction of a mosque in Worcester


Related: Two police officers injured and three people arrested after clashes at EDL protest against plans to build mosque

9. Police Arrest Antifa Member with Cache of Bomb-Making Materials, Guns, Manifesto

Police in South Dakota arrested a self-proclaimed member of the violent leftist group Antifa who had a “concerning” cache of firearms, bomb-making materials, and an Antifa manifesto in his possession.

Police in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, originally arrested Mark Christopher Einerwold, 43, on July 17 on charges of burglary, but upon serving a warrant at his home, officers discovered “concerning” evidence that he may have been planning something bigger, KELO reported.

In his Blaine Avenue home, investigators discovered bomb-making materials along with illegal firearms and accessories. The materials included ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder, a sawed-off shotgun, and a homemade rifle silencer, police said.

10. Texas: Wife Testifies Against Jordanian Man on Trial for 2 Slayings

The Houston Chronicle reports that 40-year-old Shmou Alrawabdeh testified Wednesday as part of a plea bargain to reduce her charges in the slaying of Coty Beavers. Her husband is also accused of killing Iranian women's rights activist Gelareh Bagherzadeh, who encouraged their daughter to marry Beavers.

Alrawabdeh told the jury her husband, Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, slipped into Beavers' unlocked apartment near Houston and shot him after their daughter left for work.

She says her husband, a conservative Muslim, believed the only way to recover his honor was to kill the Christian man his daughter ran away to marry.



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2: Rouhani, the mother of all stupid. You assclowns fought Iraq for 8 years and had to accept terms. Then this happened… “The initial conflict to expel Iraqi troops from Kuwait began with an aerial and naval bombardment on 17 January 1991, continuing for five weeks. This was followed by a ground assault on 24 February. This was a decisive victory for the coalition forces, who liberated Kuwait and advanced into Iraqi territory. The coalition ceased its advance and declared a ceasefire 100 hours after the ground campaign started.”

Good luck with that.
commented 2018-07-23 13:02:09 -0400
4. In AB your a bigot if you say something about Islam, The UCP even kicks you out.
commented 2018-07-23 09:16:33 -0400
  1. Well it turns out that it isn’t only Donald Trump who gets contradicted by intelligence as well. You see our leaders can get it wrong and sometimes like Iraq our intel can get it wrong.
commented 2018-07-23 01:43:25 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,711 Attacks, 231,397 Killed, 311,205 Injured that we know of
commented 2018-07-23 01:22:16 -0400
New “species” on the hunting agenda: islamic POS! de-nut on kill -
commented 2018-07-23 01:18:42 -0400
Really?? You Bolshevik POS islamist bastards think you will threaten Western countries & survive?? Really?? Go beat your wife some more you sick POS – just remember there is a RPG targeting your loathsome heads! & get then “raping” our women – they are armed & 1000 times more dangerous than your sick death cult! – allak f**kbar!!!
commented 2018-07-23 01:12:22 -0400
& President Trump has laid down the ultimatum
“Don’t ever threaten the USA again!” – or suffer you islamic POS!
commented 2018-07-23 01:11:43 -0400
Edward Jobin, If Stupid George Bush had left Saddam alone, Canada and Europe wouldn’t have to host the 3rd World scum.
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  1. Lucky Canada, Groper Trudeau bringing in 200 more Muslims from Syria. (White Hats)
commented 2018-07-23 00:43:01 -0400
  1. What’s with these guys invoking their mothers. Saddam Hussein promised the mother of all battles and we know how that ended.