October 02, 2017

TOP 10: ISIS called for attack on Las Vegas strip in May; officials deny ISIS connection

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Bulgarian Man badly injured, Serb killed in attack in Vienna

A Serbian was murdered, and a Bulgarian seriously injured in a fight with Afghans and Chechens in Vienna last night, the Austrian national news agency APA reported.

The fight was last night near the entrance to a metro station in Ottakring district in the capital of Austria.

At 02:00 this night, the two groups, a 21-year-old Serb and Bulgarian, on the one hand, and four men from Afghanistan and Chechnya, on the other, entered a confrontation for unknown reasons, a police spokesman said.

According to data of the law enforcement agencies, a 22-year-old man used a knife and attacked the Serb and the Bulgarian. They both received very severe injuries.

2. “White girls are filthy”: Wives of Muslim rapists blame the victims

I am meeting the wives of three men convicted of a terrible crime – of grooming and raping dozens of white girls. Nila, the 18-year-old daughter of one of them, will be there as well.

It was Nila who had approached me in Leeds when I gave a talk earlier this year. Small for her age, softly spoken, she had beautiful, green-brown eyes, Kashmiri, like her mother’s.

She was upset. ‘My dad is in prison because he was with others raping small white girls,’ she told me. ‘I hate him. He made my mum pregnant eight times even when she didn’t want to do it. I heard her crying. Six babies died. He did that to her for so long. But never went to prison.’

3. Stunning eye witness account of jihad attack in Marseilles, France

4. Brave Muslim lawyer who condemns misogyny in his community banned from keynote speech

A British Asian lawyer has been banned by fellow lawyers for speaking out in The Mail on Sunday about grooming scandals involving predominantly Asian men and white girls.

Nazir Afzal, who was widely praised for his role in tackling the Rochdale grooming scandal, has been barred from making the keynote speech at the Society of Asian Lawyers annual awards and ball in London on October 28. […] …he had written an article in the MoS on August 12 in which he said that the growing problem of South Asian grooming gangs operating in British towns and cities had to be confronted.

‘We can’t flinch from difficult conversations,’ he wrote. ‘The Asian community cannot go back to victimhood. We need to challenge a misogynistic culture that’s getting out of control and need to talk about the predators in our community.’

5. Edmonton terror attacks: 30-year-old Edmonton man is suspect

Thirty-year-old Abdulahi Sharif of Edmonton is the man being held in connection with Saturday night’s vehicle attacks in Alberta’s capital, multiple sources told Global News.

Sources said Sharif is expected to be charged with five counts of attempted murder as well as terrorism-related charges after an Edmonton police officer was hit by a car and stabbed outside Commonwealth Stadium and several people were hit by a U-Haul van in downtown Edmonton.

Video of attack:

6. Pope urges Europeans to embrace unity, reject nationalism

Pope Francis is urging Europeans not to fear unity and to put aside nationalistic and other self-interests.

Francis didn't mention the police violence during Catalonia's independence referendum Sunday on his visit to Bologna. But in a speech to university students, Francis recalled that the European Union was borne out of the ashes of war to guarantee peace.

He warned that conflicts and other interests were now threatening those founding ideals.

7. Marseille suspect released from custody day before attack

A man who fatally stabbed two women outside Marseille's main train station had been detained for shoplifting and released the day before the attack, and used seven fake identities in previous encounters with police, officials said Monday.

French authorities are studying the suspect's cellphone and working to determine his true identity and whether he had direct links to the Islamic State group, which claimed responsibility for Sunday's stabbing. The assailant was killed by soldiers immediately after the attack, the latest of several targeting France.

The suspect was identified by his fingerprints, which matched those taken during seven previous incidents registered by police since 2005, Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins told reporters.

8. SAS on mission to assassinate Bin Laden's son

At least 40 SAS soldiers have been flown to Syria to hunt down Hamza Bin Laden and other al-Qaeda operatives.

The SAS in a joint operation with the US are using spy planes, drones and voice recognition systems to find Hamaza and take him dead or alive.

A senior source told the Daily Star: “Technology is at the forefront in tracking people such as Hamza, but a source on the ground who has identified him and gained additional intelligence is worth his weight in gold.

9. Officials deny Vegas shooter linked to terror groups after ISIS claims responsibility

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the mass shooting in Las Vegas where 50 [sic] people were killed and more than 406 wounded, and said the attacker had converted to Islam a few months ago.

Stephen Craig Paddock, 64, a resident of nearby Mesquite, Nevada, opened fire on a country music festival taking place at Las Vegas Village from a room across the street in the Mandalay Bay Hotel just after 10pm on Sunday evening.

The claim was swiftly shot down by US officials, who said there is no evidence he was linked to ISIS. Paddock's family had earlier said he had no religious or political affiliations. […] 'The Las Vegas attack was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State and he carried it out in response to calls to target states of the coalition,' the group's news agency Amaq said in reference to the U.S.-led coalition fighting the group in the Middle East.

“The Las Vegas attacker converted to Islam a few months ago,” Amaq added.

ISIS called for a lone wolf attack on the Las Vegas Strip in a chilling ‘call to arms’ video released in May

10. American convicted of supporting al Qaeda, aiding bomb attack

An American citizen was found guilty by jurors in Brooklyn federal court on Friday of supporting the militant group al Qaeda and helping to prepare a 2009 car bomb attack on a U.S. military base in Afghanistan.

Muhanad Mahmoud Al Farekh, 31, was convicted of charges that included conspiring to murder Americans and use a weapon of mass destruction, and supporting a foreign terrorist organization, according to John Marzulli, a spokesman for U.S. prosecutors in Brooklyn.

He faces life in prison when he is sentenced on Jan. 11.


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commented 2017-10-03 12:48:23 -0400
ISIS soldiers usually record videos of themselves pledging allegiance to their leader before an attack; this has been a fixture in all previous attacks and these videos are always published by ISIS on their social media feeds. We have to wait and see if such video emerges. If not, ISIS claim of responsibility is probably just false and a way to give hope to their scattered and demoralized supporters (especially since US allies captured their capital last week).
commented 2017-10-02 23:38:02 -0400
More information has revealed that the shooter was quite wealthy (an owner of a significant number of properties) and was, by the accounts of others, something of a friendly introvert. Not exactly the profile of a mass-shooter.

Too old to fit the profile; too wealthy to fit the profile; too normal to fit the profile.

After all possible explanations have been rejected, only the least likely, most improbable explanation, gains credence.
commented 2017-10-02 23:37:07 -0400
  1. 10 An American , conspiring to murder American Soldiers will face life in prison. How come Omar Khadr actually killed an American Soldier only spent 10 years in jail? Then he received the big jackpot from Trudeau. I guess a bad guy has to actually kill before he is rewarded his 10 million.
commented 2017-10-02 22:47:21 -0400
Glenn Craig: Police scanner was good. They said there were two shooters (but didn’t say more).
My video, re: warning, must have been his girlfriend.
commented 2017-10-02 22:35:56 -0400
Yes Me Notyou, far more than meets the eye.
What about the Hispanic couple who were turfed for telling people everyone was going to die? Just a crazy coincidence ? Just rambling from a nutty woman?
Why was she turfed, why wasn’t she held to be questioned by the police for saying such a thing? Not any of it makes any sense.
There were Canadians there, a Kamloops couple and I believe there was a young Canadian killed. I forget from where.
commented 2017-10-02 21:25:39 -0400
At some point, it will dawn on everyone that the likely option, however improbable, is the most likely conclusion.

Why would one person go through so much planning, to acquire so many weapons and so much ammunition, go to Las Vegas, locate themselves on the 32nd floor, overlooking the location of a massive soft target, four days in advance of the event?

Calling this a random incident doesn’t work. Like it or not, it was carefully planned and executed to maximum effect. The shooter seems too rational, too interested to leave no trace of explanation for their actions.

There is far more here than everyone is willing to admit.
commented 2017-10-02 19:34:24 -0400
Stephen paddock was an Isis convert and CBC did run that story for a while until they saw that nobody else was running Steven paddock as Isis convert…
commented 2017-10-02 19:30:10 -0400
“Was Stephen Paddock really the shooter? ", James Scott, that would be my question. The whole thing started to smell from the very beginning, the same way our Mosque shooting started to smell immediately.
I heard an interview with Paddock’s brother on the radio while driving, he said his brother had a few guns but only one long gun and had no idea where his brother got automatic weapons and that he was gobsmacked his brother would do such a thing.
No mental illness etc. I wonder if we will ever see the forensic report in this case. 10 guns found in that hotel room, they all have a story to tell. Personally I do not believe there was only one shooter, and I am not sure Paddock was one of them. If he was involved, what motive did he have that he didn’t like country music? ISIS is involved in some way. As many have pointed out, Isis rarely takes credit for anything they don’t have a hand in.
There is a special place in hell for the perps of such incidents.
commented 2017-10-02 18:25:29 -0400
The point to be made here is that the globalist forces in our government, deep state and media, have had 8 years to organize a polar riff in north American society – in the US this media/political hate-mongering has produced a situation where any spark will set the culture war into a violent civil insurrection. It’s been fed and funded by interests who hope to profit from the resulting chaos – all it will take is a spark – like a false flag attack with partisan finger prints left on the event – I’m wondering if we will ever learn the true nature of civil abominations like the LV shooting – but I do know who stands to profit from such crimes.
commented 2017-10-02 18:19:19 -0400
Keith Barnes commented 2 hours ago," 6/ The Pope appears to be kissing Islamic Butt."

Certainly he is and Christians in Tennessee, which is in heart of the US bible belt, are accepting money from the government to bring is Syrian Muslim refugees instead of Christian refugees.

There’s something weird going on here!!
commented 2017-10-02 16:55:21 -0400
The leftest media are doing their level best to downplay the terrorist attack in AB by diverting everyone’;s attention to the Vegas shootings. This is typical of The Clown Prince of the Muslims’, Justin Mohammed Trudeaup’s leftest propaganda machine. The disgusting little puke.
commented 2017-10-02 16:30:14 -0400
DAVID LEVIN commented: “Paddock shot himself so not an ISIS attack with near 100% certainty.”

“The Las Vegas shooter didn’t commit suicide as the mainstream media is reporting, but was killed by a FBI hostage rescue team who also found Antifa literature in his hotel room, according to a source linked to the team. The FBI team took the suspect out after he opened fired on them, according to the source, and afterwards the team found photos taken in the Middle East of a woman linked to the suspect, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock.”

commented 2017-10-02 16:20:42 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,134 Attacks, 219,947 Killed, 301,017 Injured that we know of

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian Society”, Justin Trudeau, Debate Post, March 28, 2017
commented 2017-10-02 16:08:57 -0400
6/ The Pope appears to be kissing Islamic Butt.

8/ If the SAS cannot do it, nobody can.

9/ All the MSM world wide, can only talk about is the fact that Trump, in a very good speech, did not mention Gun Control. The bad guys will always get guns, regardless. Obama was up and ranting on about banning firearms. Of course, he wants to make it easy for his Muslim Brothers and Jihad.

Every time I read these reports about Terrorist activity, it makes me realize what a real evil person Justin Trudeau is. Welcom to Canada you sick cultist gentlemen.
commented 2017-10-02 15:22:37 -0400
Paddock shot himself so not an ISIS attack with near 100% certainty.
commented 2017-10-02 14:24:06 -0400
JAMES SCOTT commented: “What instances has ISIS claimed responsibility in which they were not responsible?”
Very valid point. I don’t recall many (or any) instances where ISIS took the claim for a terrorist activity they are not involved in. Back in August when a white person mowed down scores of antifa protesters killing one in Charlottesville, Virginia ISIS didn’t claimed the responsibility for that incident.

Moreover, the press & law enforcement agencies were too willing & quick to divulge his name whereas, whenever the perpetrator is with a muslim/black background it usually takes them couple of days to reveal the identity.
If I remember correctly just a few months ago ISIS & al-qaida has asked whites living in western countries who had converted to islam to carry out jihad, specifically naming Las Vegas among other targets, in their native countries as they’ll be difficult to detect by authorities.
commented 2017-10-02 13:58:31 -0400
There something really fishy.

Who really was the lady that law enforcement apparently interviewed? Out of country at time of shooting. What country then?
This attack was well thought out and planned.
Was Stephen Paddock really the shooter? Was he the only shooter? ISIS claims responsibilty. What instances has ISIS claimed responsibility in which they were not responsible?
Not a former military. Might rule out PTSD Brother says Stephen was never into guns.
Something is up.
commented 2017-10-02 13:33:06 -0400
Karan, I agree, there is definitely conflicting information being reported.
commented 2017-10-02 12:59:48 -0400
#9. Las Vegas Shooting:
Hard to believe what authorities are trying us to believe. In support of their claim they’re quoting his brother Eric Paddock who’s not seen or spoken to him for last several years, except a recent text he received inquiring about their mother after hurricane Irma.
Their whole claim is full of contradictions:
Police said in a press conference early Monday that that they discovered in ‘excess of 10 rifles’ in the room.
Eric Paddock said that his brother was ‘not an avid gunman’ and ‘has no military background’ and that he had no idea how he might have been able to obtain automatic weapons. ‘He had a couple of guns but they were all handgun, legal…he might have had one long gun, but he had them in a safe.’
Eric stated later in that same interview: ‘His life is an open book. It’s all in public record. Once again, there is nothing. He went to college. He had a job.’
Eric did admit that he and his brother do not speak often on account of the fact that they live on opposite coasts, but did share a recent text he received from his brother, asking how their 90-year-old mother was holding up in the wake of Hurricane Irma.
Multiple sources who knew Paddock in recent years also revealed on Monday that he spent a good deal of his time gambling, with law enforcement officials stating that in recent weeks he made a number of transactions in Las Vegas that were in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Apparently, this isn’t just a normal guy, to premeditate a mass murder like this he has to be radicalized/motivated by something that is unknown as of yet. There certainly is more to the story, possibly an islamic or antifa terrorism angle, than we’re being told.
commented 2017-10-02 12:48:40 -0400
Trudeau and the Liberals must be dancing their Islamic socks off today, thanks to the Vegas massacre taking over the “news” cycle and diverting attention from the Islamic terrorist attack in Edmonton. For the moment, I imagine the media party, and the rest of the Progs are overcome by glee with the knowledge the Vegas shooter was a whitey. Subject to change, if it turns out his conversion to Islam is true.