October 09, 2018

Top 10: ISIS Warns of Knife Attack “Surprises” at Concerts

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. ISIS Warns of Knife Attack “Surprises” at Concerts

Shortly after the one-year anniversary of the mass shooting that targeted an outdoor concert on the Las Vegas Strip, a pro-ISIS media group is circulating an online poster warning of knife attacks at musical events.

Previous releases from Remah Media Production included a January poster showing a jihadist standing in front of a cityscape vowing to “sink America” and another showing jihadists standing in front of a nondescript legislative building vowing that “soon you will taste agony.” The group has also released video nasheeds, or songs to inspire terrorists.

In the new poster, a jihadist wearing a suit jacket stands with a large knife behind his back while behind concert-goers whose attention is fixed on the stage.

"Wait for our surprises," warns the text, signed "Islamic State."

2. Report: Boko Haram Causing Nigerians to Abandon Islam: “People Are Boycotting the Mosques”

Brutal acts at the hands of Boko Haram jihadis are leading Muslims to abandon their faith in the capital of Nigeria’s Borno State, the birthplace of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL)-linked terrorist group, an African media outlet reported on Wednesday.

“After a decade of fighting, many in Maiduguri are all the more horrified by the indiscriminate brutality that Boko Haram has committed in the name of Islam,” the African Argument news outlet reported.

“That violence is what led me to believe they were bad for religion,” Ibrahim Suleiman, a resident of the Borno capital of Maiduguri, told the media outlet. “They preached hatred and divided people … Their jihad has failed.”

3. Robert Spencer: How the Palestinians were invented

Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer explains how and why Yasser Arafat and the KGB invented the "Palestinian" nationality and ethnicity in the 1960s.

4. Iran admits: Regime working with Soros organization

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif said Sunday that the Iranian government has worked closely with billionaire George Soros' Open Society Foundations (OSF) organization.

Zarif made the remarks in response to questions raised in the Iranian parliament. According to Zarif, the activity began before he entered his current position, and he boasted that he had succeeded in “keeping the activity organized.”

OSF has funded a number of far-left organizations in Israel which seek to change the policy of Israel's government.

According to NGO Monitor, among the top beneficiaries of OSF funding is Human Rights Watch, which has been criticized for targeting, and falsely libeling, the state of Israel. Another is J Street, which describes itself as “pro-Israel” but has been termed anti-Israel by others for, among other things, welcoming proponents of a boycott on Israel at its national conference and honoring IDF soldiers who refused orders.

5. French police raid Islamic center founded by Hezbollah supporter

Authorities seize weapons, detain three, freeze funds of Centre Zahra France, started by anti-Zionist activist

PARIS, France — French police detained three people and seized weapons during raids of a dozen homes and the headquarters of a Muslim association based outside the port city of Dunkirk during an anti-terrorism operation early Tuesday, officials said.

Authorities froze the funds of the Centre Zahra France, along with those of three other organizations and four men linked to the groups.

6. Kicked Out of Hungary, Soros’s Open Society Foundations Re-Opens in Berlin

George Soros’s Open Society Foundations (OSF) has completed its move from Budapest to Berlin, where the international grantmaking network is reportedly set to boost staff numbers from 80 to 150.

“We are pleased that our Berlin office together with London, New York and Washington will be a focus office for our foundations,” said Open Society Initiative for Europe co-director, Goran Buldioski, denouncing popular measures by Hungarian premier Viktor Orbán to limit the activities of far-left NGOs funded and coordinated by OSF.

“The repressive political climate in Hungary has made it impossible for us to work there safely and effectively,” the Macedonian told German news agency dpa, adding: “But this gives us the great opportunity to continue and expand our work from our new home in Berlin.”

Towards the end of last month, OSF announced it would take the Hungarian government to court over its “Stop Soros” legislation which features measures including a 25 percent levy on NGOs which promote open borders, and the outlawing of assisting illegal immigration.

7. Armed police lockdown quiet street to arrest suspects after Mercedes mows down officer in “DELIBERATE hit-and-run” causing “serious head injuries”

This is the dramatic moment armed police lead a man away in handcuffs following an alleged hit-and-run on an officer this morning.

Masked police swooped in on the quiet street in Leicester and surrounded a house before a man slowly walked towards them with his arms up.

He was then arrested and put in the back of a police car.

The suspect was one of up to four people taken into custody after a constable was left with serious head injuries after being “deliberately” mown down at 4.30am. [...]

Iqbal Valli, a committee member at the All-Masjid & Madrasah Al-Furqan mosque said the suspects were regular worshippers.

He was attending morning prayer as he saw police surrounding a nearby newly built detached home and watched ‘”n horror” as armed cops arrested three of his fellow worshippers.

8. USA: Violent clashes break out as antifa, right-wingers hit Rhode Island

9. CNN’s Christianne Amanpour grills Hungary's FM about keeping a “Christian” country

"Let's leave it to us to make a decision whether we think multiculturalism is more valuable than a homogenous society," Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto says.

Watch VIDEO at link HERE.

10. Washington Post writer who fiercely criticized the Saudi government “was tortured, murdered and cut into pieces inside his country's consulate in Istanbul”, Turkish police claim

A regime-critical Saudi journalist who went missing after visiting his country's consulate in Istanbul was “tortured, murdered and cut to pieces,” Turkish police claim.

Jamal Khashoggi, 59, entered the Saudi Arabian consulate in the Turkish capital to obtain official documents for his upcoming wedding, and “never came back out again.”

Turkish police believe Khashoggi was murdered inside the building, which Riyadh fiercely denies, instead claiming the journalist disappeared after leaving the consulate on Tuesday afternoon.

Khashoggi, who has been a vocal critic of Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's policies, was brutally tortured before he was murdered, a police source told Middle East Eye.

“Everything was videotaped to prove the mission had been accomplished and the tape was taken out of the country,” the source said.

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commented 2018-10-10 08:41:49 -0400
Soros and Merkel are one and the same both should be in prison .
commented 2018-10-10 06:39:43 -0400
Number Ten:-
Britain’s highest establishment figures are, of course, great chums with the Al Saud regime. In February 2015, Prince Charles had a jolly time glad-handing the Saudis on his visit to a country where Christianity is outlawed, where Christian ministers may not gain entry, where the Bible, the crucifix, sacramental wine, and consecrated communion bread are banned; Saudi Arabia, the home and paymaster behind Wahhabism and Salafism, those extremist Islamic movements that run madrasas in the West where young Muslims are radicalized; Saudi Arabia, that promoter of petro-terrorism around the world.
In March this year, HM the Queen welcomed the Saudi Crown Prince to Britain with great pomp and ceremony, and Prince Charles and Prince William later hosted a dinner for this sprig of brutalist Islamic absolutism.
The British Tory government eagerly does business (in the sale of weapons, fighter jets, etc.), with Saudi Arabia. (That’s super-capitalism for you: not so much amoral as utterly immoral).
Money talks. No matter that western intelligence agencies are well aware that Saudi Arabia is a global promoter of Islamic terrorism: Saudi Arabia is rich, and western governments want her business.
commented 2018-10-10 04:01:12 -0400
Correct me if I am wrong. The Open Society did not get booted out of Hungary. They just lost badly against Orban, so they decided to close shop.

The Hungarian foreign minister had a good interview on Al Jazeera a couple of days ago. Excellent interview, where Al Jazeera failed badly to make Hungary look bad.

We could use Orban here in Canada.
commented 2018-10-09 23:59:44 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,132 Attacks, 233,958 Killed, 313,952 Injured that we know of