September 05, 2017

Top 10: Islamic State plotted to poison supermarket food

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Czech man protests photoshopping controversy, enters Lidl shop with Greek cross

Olomouc, North Moravia, Sept 4 (CTK) - A man dressed in clerical vestments and with a large Greek cross in his hands was shopping in the local Lidl supermarket on Monday in protest against the food chain having erased the cross from Orthodox churches on the Greek island of Santorini for its campaign "Greek week."

The supermarket director called in the police, but no intervention was eventually needed.

"She told the policemen that a man in vestments and with a cross was walking around the supermarket," town police spokesman Petr Cunderle told journalists.

She said with his unusual appearance the man had provoked fear, bothering the customers by addressing them and blessing the goods.

"No property was harmed and the incident ended by the man's walking out," Cunderle said.

The man said on his Facebook profile he resented the Lidl supermarket chain having deleted the cross from Orthodox churches on its marketing leaflets.

"I think this cannot be excused," he said.

The erasing of the crosses on the packaging was reported by The Rebel on September 1.


2. Canadian Islamic publication praises the medical benefits of FGM

“Male circumcision and female circumcision has immense scientific and medical value.”


3. "On 11th September I'll come with a pistol and explosive device," Moscow school attacker

From RT Youtube page:

A 15-year-old Russian schoolboy attacked his teacher with an axe, before opening fire with an air gun and throwing homemade smoke grenades, at a school in Ivanteyevka, the Moscow Region, Tuesday.

‘On 11th September I'll come with a pistol and an explosive device,’ the teenager allegedly said online in a warning to his classmates. The teacher was hospitalized in a serious condition; three children were also injured in the attack.


4. Germany: Police criticized for reaction to rape of jogger in Leipzig park

The mayor of Leipzig has condemned his police force for suggesting women run in twos after a jogger was raped in one of the city’s parks on Friday.

A woman in her 50s reported being dragged to the ground as she went running in the popular Rosental park on Friday morning. Her attacker then dragged her into a field and raped her, police report.

During the assault he kicked and punched the women so hard in her face that she had to undergo emergency surgery after she was found.

Leipzig police responded to the crime by telling a local newspaper that “it would be better if women jogged in pairs, or at the least that they make sure that there is always someone else around.”

“When they run past someone, joggers should always look back to make sure they are not about to be attacked,” the police spokesperson advised.

It was the first time that a sexual assault of such brutality had happened in Leipzig for a long time, police added.”

Another option might be not bringing in uncounted hundreds of thousands of people from a culture where raping non-Muslims is not seen as a moral or ethical problem.


5. Berlin: “Syrian Unaccompanied Minor” Arrested for Planning Terror Attack

A young Syrian is in court: he came to Germany to commit an attack: not an attack with knife or vehicle, but ‘something larger’.

The district court Halle has issued an arrest warrant in the case against a young terror suspect from Syria. The chamber substantiated this with flight risk. It stood to reason that the plaintiff, who is, according to his own statement, 16 years old, had not abandoned his attack plans, and could only put them into action by fleeing. The case was submitted to the Senate For State Security at the Supreme Court.

The case against the 16-year old was opened in Halle two weeks ago. Because of the young age of the plaintiff, the proceedings were not public. The Senate For State Security at the Higher Regional Court Berlin is in charge of terror offenses in Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt.

The youth is charged with preparing a severe subversive violent crime. The Syrian had entered Germany in autumn 2015 as unaccompanied minor refugee, and allegedly sympathizes with the Jihadi militia Islamic State (ISIS). The proceedings had begun in Halle end of August in closed session.”


6. Russian military channel: Several terrorist targets obliterated in Deir ez-Zor, East Syria, by missiles.

7. Muslim group wins suit against New York transit; opens door for Pamela Geller’s group 

AFDI has tangled with New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority on more than one occasion. They refused to run our ads, we sued multiple times, and we won multiple times. So for the first time in NYC transit history, the MTA banned political and issue related ads: the Geller ban.

But then a Muslim hate group wanted to run ads for their political film despite the ban, so they, too, sued the city, claiming that their political movie, The Muslims Are Coming, was not a political or issue related ad. They sued and they won, and all I can say is thank you.

Because of this Muslim lawsuit, we can run our ads again. And so we have. And they are brilliant.

Related: Geert Wilders' new video on Islam, some of its victims, and the war on freedom of speech.


8. Interview with German journalist Michael Mannheimer, exiled for criticizing Islam

He discuses Angela Merkel’s past, her advisor, Anetta Kahane (a former Stasi operative) and much more.


9. "UK Police Are Investigating My Group for 'Hate Crime' for Posters Warning of Grooming Gangs”

"A report, published by the Rotherham Council – a name now synonymous with child rape – originally uncovered by a British investigative journalist working for the Daily Mail, found that the authorities were aware of more than one third of the approximately 1400 children who’d been sexually exploited and abused between 1997 and 2013.

"Yet they did nothing. In fact, I’d say they facilitated it.

"I founded the British Renaissance Policy Institute (BRPI) in 2014, precisely because I wanted to see this horrific trend stopped. Not only in Rotherham, but across the country. […]

"We have been told that our putting up those signs, which merely said that we need to protect children from grooming gangs and featured a slightly Arabic-looking font, has now “resulted in the allegation that the person responsible for the sign may have committed a hate crime.” The police have literally launched a full-fledged investigation, and there are calls for the person responsible for putting up the placard to be investigated for racism offenses.”


10. Islamic State: Poison the food in supermarkets!

The Islamic State (ISIS) now sends out calls to its supporters in the West to poison the food in supermarkets with cyanide.

It is the SITE Intel Group that informs this in a message, which is referenced, among others, by the Italian news agency ANSA:

- Over the last few hours, IS's channels have posted calls for attacks on Europe, Russia and the United States, on the occasion of the Islamic "Sacrifice Feast" Eid al Adha.

In the third part of an English-language series promoting lone-wolf jihad in Western countries, potential attackers are advised to inject food for sale in markets with cyanide poison.

The terrorist organization has prepared for this and used prisoners for experiments with different chemicals and toxins, with very painful deaths as a result, The Times and Newsweek wrote in May:

The Islamic State group used prisoners as “human guinea pigs,” carrying out chemical weapons experiments in order to plan for attacks against the West, documents found in Mosul have revealed. The papers detailing the tests, which led to the agonizing deaths of prisoners, were discovered at Mosul University in January when it was recaptured by Iraqi special forces. The documents verified by United States and British forces were detailed by The Times in a report published Saturday.



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commented 2017-09-06 01:00:49 -0400
I agree FGM is good for women and only progressive women who voted for Justin and support the feminazis deserve the benefits of such.
commented 2017-09-06 00:32:59 -0400
8 the interview with the german journalist was very instructive. My God, finally the Nazis will win but this time not only eradicating the Jews, but the white race as well.
commented 2017-09-05 23:20:32 -0400
1) Put the crosses back onto the Greek yogurt packaging.

2) Reorganize the Leipzig police force by training people not affected by PC rot.

3) Watch your food.
commented 2017-09-05 22:24:26 -0400
10) Joseph Mengele “Angel of Death” was really the nice guy.
commented 2017-09-05 20:31:45 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,989 Attacks, 219,120 Killed, 300,305 Injured that we know of

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian Society”, Justin Trudeau, Debate Post, March 28, 2017