September 26, 2018

Top 10: Katie Hopkins at OSCE: “I say to the Left, ‘You are Frankenstein. I am your monster’”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Katie Hopkins at OSCE: “There is hope. This resurgent populist movement we see springing up is because we are silenced.”

Katie Hopkins speaks at a side event at the OSCE conference last week describing the current Orwellian state of Britain but pointing out signs of hope.

NB: Katie testified at the OSCE on the subject of the war on our freedom of speech that’s happening across the continent.

2. Ottawa pharmacist stages robbery at his own store

Video and audio captures Ottawa pharmacist Waseem Shaheen faking a robbery at his own store to cover up his drug dealing.

3. Bernier on libertarian politics and Rebel Media | The Weekly

Maxime Bernier talks to Wendy Mesley about his libertarian politics, his connections and Rebel Media

Related: Maxime Bernier is furious after being interviewed by the CBC — and he may have a point

Following an interview with Wendy Mesley, Bernier took to Twitter accusing her of a “smear job” and trying to link him to U.S. billionaires, the Koch brothers

After a CBC interview aired Sunday, Maxime Bernier’s Twitter account launched into an angry rant, accusing host Wendy Mesley of a “smear job.”

The tweets linked to the video, arguing that Mesley fabricated a story “about a libertarian conspiracy funded by US billionaires, and implies with her repeated questions about it that I violate Canadian electoral laws.”

Mesley pushed back on the same platform, saying she never made that claim. Bernier said she implied it via repeated questions.

4. Belfast councillor Jolene Bunting suspended from duties “for criticising Islam”

A Belfast city councillor has been suspended from council duties for four months while investigations are carried out into complaints about public statements she made about Islam.

Independent councillor Jolene Bunting, who formerly represented the TUV, revealed on social media that she had been suspended from her duties “for criticising Islam.”

“This is a dark day for democracy and freedom of speech,” the Greater Shankill representative, who has been linked with the far-right Britain First group, posted on her Facebook page.

A statement issued by the Northern Ireland Local Government Commissioner for Standards said the Acting Commissioner had decided to suspend Councillor Bunting for four months while an investigation into complaints against her are ongoing.

5. Retired CIA Station Chief, Brad Johnson discusses the worldwide silencing of conservatives, the “lone wolf” myth, and deceptive politicians

6. Italy migrant crisis: Government passes tough bill

The Italian government has passed a decree which will make it easier to deport migrants and strip them of Italian citizenship.

Migrants could now be expelled if they are found guilty of serious crimes such as rape and assault.

Previously, this was only possible at the end of a lengthy appeals process.

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini described the measure as “a step forward to make Italy safer.” The measure needs the backing of lawmakers.

The decree also envisages that asylum seekers accused of drug dealing will have their applications denied, Mr Salvini said.

He has been a prominent figure in a public immigration crackdown in Italy since his government, a coalition between the right-wing League party and the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, came to power in June.

7. George Soros foundation sues Hungary on laws targeting NGOs

An international philanthropic organization founded by billionaire George Soros said Monday it has filed applications before the European Court of Human Rights and Hungary's Constitutional Court to challenge recent laws in Hungary targeting civic groups working with refugees and asylum-seekers.

James Goldston, director of the Open Society Foundations' legal team, told The Associated Press that the legal action is aimed at countering laws "designed to intimidate and silence independent voices in Hungary."

The Open Society Foundations support some of the civic groups targeted by Prime Minister Viktor Orban's unyielding anti-immigration policies.

8. Terror-Supporter Choudary to Get “Safe House” and Benefits After Prison

Infamous Islamist terror-supporter Anjem Choudary will be given his own “safe house” and be allowed to claim benefits again when he finishes his jail term for recruiting for Islamic State.

The plan, which will cost the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds, comes amid fears he will form a new pro-terror supergroup with other recently-released extremists and individuals returning from Syria and Iraq.

He and other members of his now-proscribed al-Muhajiroun (ALM) group will also be placed under surveillance, banned from the internet, and made the subject of a curfew for the protection of the public and themselves.

“There’s a lot of apprehension and concern that Choudary will re-energise the ALM network when he comes out,” a senior counterterrorism official told The Sunday Times.

Any efforts by the government to curb the benefits for terrorists and extremists would almost certainly trigger a legal challenge.

Related: Anjem Choudary is caught on hidden camera, telling followers to take government benefits and welfare as a form of “jihad seeker's allowance”


P.S. The Rebel’s Jack Buckby has launched a petition in an effort to right this wrong! Visit to sign the petition and share with families and friends.

9. UK: Police “Too Busy With Online Spats for Serious Crime”

UK Police are too busy responding to trivial social media spats to tackle serious crime, the new head of the Police Federation has said, after years of forces encouraging “hate crime” reports for offensive comments.

Officers on the street still have a “desperation to do the job and very often they can’t because their hands are tied,” according to chairman John Apter who represents 120,000 rank-and-file officers.

He argued that the focus on new types of crime, including cyber and “hate offences,” can come at the expense of traditional police work. Both need addressing, he said, but not one at the expense of the other.

Mr Apter told The Sunday Telegraph: “Where we get drawn into local disagreements, the argument over the remote control, the dispute in the playground, the row on Facebook, it is frustrating.”

10. Dutch Court Gave Shorter Sentence to Migrant Who Raped Disabled Woman to Spare Him Deportation

A court in the Netherlands has admitted to giving a 38-year-old migrant who raped a disabled woman a light sentence so he would avoid deportation.

Afghan asylum seeker Zaman S., 38, was found guilty for raping an 18-year-old woman with a mental impairment but was given a prison sentence of less than two years, Telegraaf reports.

The Afghan raped the teen in 2016 in a shop where he was working. The girl came to purchase a bag and was told to wait until the shop was empty. She was then lured into a warehouse area where the Afghan forced her into oral sex and then raped her.

The prosecutor demanded the migrant receive 24 months in prison, but he received 20 months instead, with the court later admitting that the lighter sentence was handed out so that the Afghan would not risk losing his residency permit in the Netherlands. The judge said that is was “not the intention” that the punishment led to “far-reaching immigration consequences” for the rapist.

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commented 2018-09-27 01:48:54 -0400
Hey Victor Lazlo: Just wanted to thank you for providing interesting stories and standing up for the truth. I catch them when I can and spread them where I can and thanks to all Rebel staff and commenters as well. Even those who I don’t agree with. Thanks for participating in the free speech exercise.
commented 2018-09-26 21:11:00 -0400
Following an interview with Wendy Mesley, Bernier took to Twitter accusing her of a “smear job” and trying to link him to U.S. billionaires, the Koch brothers.
But Justin the Groper meets with billionaire George Soros with no questions asked and no aspersions cast. Hypocrisy they name is Mesley.
commented 2018-09-26 20:32:24 -0400
3: so according to the CBC, Rebel viewers are far right. Right. Any conservative media group is “far right” or supremacists. This, of course, coming from the far left socialist CBC that gets $1.5 billion tax dollars to tell us how to think.

It was more of an interrogation than an interview. I hope she does the same when she gets our idiot PM in front of her.

4: But what if she did the same about Christianity or Hindi? Would anyone blink? Islam is both a religion and a social system. Can she comment about the tenants of that social system, or the parts that flow over into the religious aspect? Just more censorship.

10: He did the crime, and if deportation is one of the results, so be it. The judge should be censured and put on suspension. A superior court should review and re-sentance the felon.

9: UK police? Isn’t that becoming an oxymoron?

8: The UK justice system? Isn’t that becoming an oxymoron?

7: I guess Soros knows better than the Hungarian government and the people of Hungary. He isn’t allowed back there, and for good reason.

6: PM Baby Doc Trudeau: pay attention to what Italy is doing to protect its people and traditions. Oh wait, Canada only has traditions and culture when it comes to virtue singling. Otherwise, we don’t have traditions and culture according to Rocks for Brains Trudeau.
commented 2018-09-26 11:43:03 -0400
5 – Brad Johnson is an experienced, intelligent and thoughtful man, I always pay close attention when he’s speaking.
The videographer however, ought to have rocks tied around his neck and thrown in that lake!
The harshness of that statement illustrates the frustration – and anger – I experienced trying to pay close attention to what Mr. Johnson was saying.
The problem is the whole video was a mess of distractions – I couldn’t get past about 6 minutes – stupid camera shots, constantly changing, out of context, bad lighting, the stupid cow in the background blah blah blahing, the idiot casting his shadow across the shot, the ‘editing’, the dog!?
I think at the least the useless idiot who totally destroyed the video ought to provide a transcript of what Mr. Johnson actually had to say…there ought to be some standards.
commented 2018-09-26 11:39:38 -0400
Re #3, finally a conservative politician pushing back against the mainstream media. Wouldn’t expect the same from Scheer who panders to the media.

What was he thinking? Like he explained in the interview, he wants to get his ideas out. He was savvy in how he handled the interview, not getting caught with Mesley’s attempt to box him in. He didn’t bow to her attempt to get Bernier to throw the Rebel under the bus which Scheer obligingly does with the mainstream media.
commented 2018-09-26 08:17:05 -0400
Bernier seems like a political savvy man, so why on earth did he trust the CBC to interview him in a fair and honest manner? What was he thinking?
commented 2018-09-26 07:56:55 -0400
(No. 9) – Each time the “hate crimes” categories are extended, it diminishes society’s understanding of what hatred is. If a straight, able-bodied, 30 year old white male of no particular religious affiliation suffers (for example) a physical assault, has hatred not been shown against him? Can only black, religious, disabled, or gay/transgender people experience hatred directed against them?
The law already makes ample provision for recognizing and dealing with every imaginable category of crime.
I believe that the law should be indivisible, with everyone subject to the same law. In this is the law understood to be impersonal and impartial.
The introduction of statutory categories of “hate crimes” has robbed the law of its indivisibility and of its impartiality, whilst affording certain groups greater effective protection in law than other groups -
From my Blog entry, “Hate Crimes in Scotland”, 1st June 2018; Google: rabbiedeoir+blog
commented 2018-09-26 00:23:03 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,055 Attacks, 233,641 Killed, 313,298 Injured that we know of

No updates since yesterday