October 25, 2018

Top 10: Linda Sarsour— “Palestine is a non-negotiable issue for Muslims”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Activist Linda Sarsour Calls to Vote against Ted Cruz, Questions Faith of Muslims who Defend Police

Speaking during a panel titled "Unapologetically Muslim" at an event held by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), British journalist and Al-Jazeera TV host Mehdi Hasan said that complicated political issues require different strategies and that "we will need Linda [Sarsour] in the corridors of Congress, maybe being pulled out by Capitol police." Linda Sarsour said that American Muslims are complicit in the murder of Palestinian protestors and questioned the faith of Muslims who debate the issue of Palestine and try to defend or "humanize the oppressor." Speaking about police violence, Linda said: "I don't want to get into debates with Muslims about what Mike Brown did before he got shot, or what [any] young black person did before he got shot. That's not a conversation any Muslim should be having." She said that Muslims should not spend time defending police officers and questioned the faith of Muslims who "act like Donald Trump" by saying there are nice people on both sides of political issues. Sarsour added that she is motivated by anger. In addition, Sarsour urged Texan Muslims to vote against "religious, zealot, bigot" Ted Cruz in the upcoming midterm elections, and she questioned the faith of those who don't intend to vote against him.


P.S. Rebel recently ran a campaign to help expose radical Islamist Linda Sarsour and the Islamic group that invited her to Toronto to speak. To watch all the reports VISIT www.LindaSarsour.ca

2. Spain returns migrants to Morocco after storming of Melilla enclave

Spain sent 55 migrants back to Morocco on Monday a day after they forced their way into the Spanish territory of Melilla during an assault on the border in which two migrants died and 19 were injured.

A total of 208 migrants entered Melilla on Sunday after climbing over two barbed wire fences which separate the tiny territory from northern Morocco.

Madrid has "readmitted 55 people" who entered Melilla to Morocco, the Spanish central government's representative in the territory said in a statement.

Another 140 migrants have requested asylum, 10 are recovering from their injuries and three are minors, it said.

Spain has become the main entry point for migrants and asylum-seekers looking for a better life in Europe as other EU countries tighten up controls at their borders. A smuggling route through Libya to Italy has also been complicated by conflict and violence there.

VIDEO: Migrants after crossing to Melilla

3. Italy: Salvini deploys police to French border after row over migrants

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini announced on Saturday that he was sending Italian police to patrol the border with France, after French authorities allegedly returned migrants to the border town of Claviere last week.

Italy to patrol Alpine border after "hostile acts" by French officials

4. Chicago man charged with conspiring to support ISIS

Ashraf Al Safoo aided ISIS in recruiting and encouraging others to carry out terrorist attacks, according to federal prosecutors.

A federal judge ordered a Chicago man into federal custody Friday on charges he conspired to provide material support to a terrorist organization.

Ashraf Al Safoo, 34, allegedly spread ISIS propaganda on social media to recruit and encourage people to commit violent acts in support of the terrorist group. Al Safoo, a naturalized American citizen of Iraqi descent, is an active member of the Khattab Media Foundation, an organization that creates pro-ISIS videos, articles and essays to spread across the internet, according to a criminal complaint.

5. Muslim mortgage kingpin led investigators on “treasure hunt” for missing gold: Crown

Trial begins for Omar Kalair, accused of pocketing millions in “Shariah-compliant” mortgages.

A Toronto businessman accused of pocketing millions in fraudulent mortgages marketed to Muslims, emptied his accounts and led investigators on "a treasure hunt" to find nearly $2 million in gold bars, a federal prosecutor told a jury Tuesday. Six years later, where the bars have gone remains a mystery for authorities.

Crown attorney Damien Frost made his opening statement at the trial of Omar Kalair, dubbed the “Muslim Madoff” by homeowners who bought into his "Shariah-compliant" mortgages that left them thousands of dollars in the hole.

6. Iran arms shipments to Hezbollah pass through Doha

Iran has been increasing its shipments of advanced weaponry to the Lebanese “Hezbollah” party, deliveries that now include Global Positioning System (GPS) components to make previously unguided rockets into precision guided-missiles, said American and western intelligence sources according to a Fox News report.

One of the Iranian flights arrived in Lebanon three days ago, officials tell Fox News.

Iran’s Fars Air Qeshm flight number QFZ-9950 departed Tehran International Airport on Tuesday at 9:33 am local time, and flew to an unknown destination, according to flight data obtained by Fox News.

7. Violent crime in Frauenfeld: 19 yr old Fatmir T. beheads his grandmother

Original Swiss language source HERE.


8. French flee to Hungary to escape effects of mass migration

French citizens are now joining Germans and others seeking a new life in the Hungarian capital of Budapest in order to escape the negative effects of uncontrolled mass migration.

More and more French are seeking to escape to what they see as the safety of Budapest according to a new documentary called Hungary: the Promised Land that was broadcast on French television this week, France Info reports.

The 20-minute documentary examined the lives of several French citizens who now call Budapest home including a young woman named Elsa who came to the city two years ago after living in the notorious, heavily migrant-populated suburbs of Paris.

The young woman claimed that she moved after being assaulted and robbed on three separate occasions in her previous neighbourhood. “I think that when you are master of your country, fundamentally, in an era of globalization, the immigration factor comes into play,” she said.

9. OANN’s Liz Wheeler: 4 stories the liberal media REFUSES to cover

10. Greek anarchists vandalize Canadian embassy

Greek anarchists protesting the presence of a Canadian gold mining firm Sunday attacked the Canadian embassy in Athens causing material damage, police said, adding that no one was hurt.

Around a dozen protesters calling themselves the Rubicon Anarchist Collective, according to a video posted to the internet, sprayed the building in the northern suburb of Halandri with red paint and caused other material damage before fleeing, the Ana news agency reported. [...]

The anarchists said they were protesting at “the embassy's support for Canadian gold mining companies” such as Eldorado Gold, which has operations in northern Greece that some Greeks claim harm the environment.

Rubicon has carried out similar protests in the past on public buildings including embassies and banks, with police making a number of arrests.

Related: Canadian Embassy in Athens attacked with sledgehammers, paint

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commented 2018-10-25 20:39:52 -0400
1: Sarsour – if you don’t vote the way I want, you are a baaaaddd Muslim. Negotiation with Israel the you are a baaaaaddd Muslim. Yep. A real humanist, open to peace. Loved by Clinton, actual poster girl for the anti-Trump/woman’s movement.

2~8: Notice the commonality of the stories. Muslim “migrants” or “migrants” arriving and demanding to get in, whether they have the right or not. There are 4 billion people not living to our standard of living of the West. Should we take all of them in? Should we allow all of them in? So they leave their problems at home and bring them here, or simply overload our systems making the West as much a s***hole as where they came from.

9: That so many do not hear about these little things is why so many still vote Democrat. The people keep hearing how Fox and all conservative media are “far right”, “right wing”, “alt right”, or fake news, so no one really wants to listen to biased news. Yea. Right. Like even handed CNN, MSNBC, NBC, NPR, ABC, CBS, and whatever, who NEVER (sic) lie, mislead, obstruct, use personal opinion for fact, et cetera.

BTW, Creepy Porn Lawyer and his client Swetnick are being investigated by the FBI for lying to senate. Creepy Porn Lawyer’s firm was ordered to pay a lawyer who worked for him pay, et cetera, in the amount of $10 million, now a personal fine of $8 million, and the bar is looking into him. CNN has turned its back on him. Heard about this in the MSM community? Of course not…
commented 2018-10-25 19:56:12 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,218 Attacks, 234,451 Killed, 313,954 Injured that we know of
commented 2018-10-25 14:40:08 -0400
Hopefully Sarsour gets her head scarf caught in a escalator and that hateful piece of trash expires. Can’t believe we allow this bag to spew her filth!!!
commented 2018-10-25 13:40:59 -0400
none of these invaders are refugees but rather thugs, terrorists and parasites wanting to overthrow, colonize , force their barbaric religion and culture upon the west turning us and our nations into third world hell hole sewers as they have made of their own lands.
They are a plague with no cure other than to isolate and cut off from the rest of the free world.
The have no intentions of ever assimilating, co existing peacefully , working, contributing, obeying the laws or any other means of being peaceful. They are invading in order to erase us, our cultures, religions and so on .
When will the west snap out of their left/liberal/p.c. comas and fight for their freedoms, countries, peace, democracy and lives as our heroes have done over the centuries for us, our freedoms, values, cultures, nations etc. or are we so full of our own self hate, unwarranted guilt for our success and prosperity that we actually believe we are responsible for all the troubles of the entire globe and must make all the sacrifices in order to correct what we had NOTHING TO DO WITH?
commented 2018-10-25 12:01:58 -0400
4. In Canada The Groper rewards those join Isis.
commented 2018-10-25 11:28:28 -0400
Agree 100% Liza,I still can’t believe people are caving in and bending to this crap!! Isn’t funny that Canadians can come together and flaunt their patriotism when it comes to a hockey game,but when it means preserving our democracy and country and fighting-it’s nothing but crickets.Wake up people
commented 2018-10-25 10:17:42 -0400
Canadian values and Canadian law for all – is non negotiable for Canadians.
No accommodation of sharia – is non negotiable for Canadians.

We let this Sarsour beach speak in Toronto, no problem, but have to unjustly character assassinate censor, de platform, ban, un person and throw a Canadian running for mayor, under the bus, because we are too scared of being associated with her because of how the left has branded her. Boy, did people ever walk right into that left wing fascist liberal progressive, Alinski trap. You have to realize such hypocritical behaviour only makes the unjustly served more determined. It makes me sick that we are such hypocrites.