February 26, 2018

Top 10: London police “struggle” to explain 20% rise in rapes in a year

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. London sees 20% rise in rape reports in a year, but police admit they “don't understand” reason

There is something going on with sexual offending in London that we don’t fully understand”

The number of alleged rapes reported to police in London has risen by almost 20 per cent in a disturbing increase police are struggling to explain.

There were 7,613 reported rapes in the year to January, compared to 6,392 over the previous 12 months, according to figures collated by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC).

Sir Craig Mackey, deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said the rise could not be accounted for simply by more victims feeling able to report abuse or better recording practices.

2. AfD delivers stinging speech about women's safety and rights in the German legislature, naming ANTIFA as a cause in the decline

Related: ANTIFA weaponizes the mentally ill

3. Justin Trudeau explains that the most common complaint he gets is that Canada is not bringing in enough immigrants

4. VIDEO: Toronto "Town Hall" meeting on Iqra Khalid's M-103

Meir Weinstein of the JDL recorded what was at times a fractious meeting as various Liberal politicians answered questions about the controversial anti-Islamophobia motion.

The findings of the committee studying M-103 can be found HERE.

5. From drug tolerance to “narco state”: Migrant gangs & hands-off policing threaten Dutch liberalism

The Netherlands’ permissive drugs policy has been hailed worldwide, but immigrant-dominated crime gangs are taking advantage to create a “parallel mafia society.” Yet they are not the only ones who created this crisis.

A report by the Dutch police union based on interviews with 400 detectives, released last week, read less like a blueprint for tackling crime, but rather a concession of defeat.

A sample of quotes from interviewees: “In 25 years, I’ve seen small dealers grow to large businessmen with respected investors [and] political connections.” “Five years ago a contract killer would cost €50,000 [US$61,000] now one can be found for €5,000. It’s supply and demand.” “The Netherlands has become a narco state in the past three decades. We do not see what remains invisible, but underground it has been growing.”

The union demands the immediate hire of 2,000 more officers, saying that officers are spending 80 percent of their time responding to crime reports, leaving barely any to investigate “gangs that use infrastructure and facilities paid for by Dutch society to carry out their activities – drug trafficking, prostitution and child abuse.”

6. Report: UK Taxpayer Hands £6 Million a Year to Islamic Charities Working to “Damage Our Society”

Around £6 million of taxpayers’ money is being handed each year to Islamic charities with extremist tendencies, “whose only goal is to damage our society” in some cases, a report has found.

The report, by The Henry Jackson Society, accuses some taxpayer-supported groups of backing “the spread of harmful non-violent extremist views that are not illegal; by providing platforms, credibility and support to a network of extremists operating in the UK”.

The document, titled Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: How Islamist Extremists Exploit the UK Charitable Sector, says that the £6 million “is likely the tip of the iceberg”.

The author studied 30 charities and highlights several cases, including one organisation, the Islamic Research Foundation International (IRFI), which is chaired by Zakir Naik, an Islamic fundamentalist hate preacher who was banned from entering Britain by Prime Minister Theresa May when she was Home Secretary.

7. “Nazi” sprayed on food charity which refused to take new migrant clients

The police said on Monday they were searching for vandals who sprayed the word “Nazis” on the building and vans of a charitable food bank that has stopped accepting new migrant clients.

Essener Tafel charity leader Jörg Sartor said the slogans, also including “FCK NZI”, that defaced a building door and six vans would not immediately be removed because “everyone should see this”.

Dismayed by the wider controversy, he also told Bild daily he was considering “throwing it in” and resigning from his post.

Interview with head of food bank from February 24 this year:

8. Hungary wants UN rights chief to resign over Orban criticism

Hungary demands that UN rights chief Zeid Ra‘ad al-Hussein, resign after comparing Hungary's policies of national autonomy and regulation of immigrants to the most evil dictatorship of the last century.

8. “If you’re martyred, we’ll honor you!” – Erdogan & sobbing girl having awkward moment

Turkish dictator, Erdogan, explains to a roughly seven year old girl, that if she is “martyred” for Turkey, she will be honoured.

9. Germany: Migrant Convicted of Sexually Abusing 10-Year-Old Received Asylum Status Despite Known Criminal History

A 37-year-old Palestinian migrant, who was recently convicted of sexually abusing a 10-year-old girl, was given asylum status despite a criminal record stretching back to when he first entered Germany in 2014.

The Palestinian, who claimed to be from Syria, attempted to rape a 10-year-old girl last June and was convicted of child abuse at a court in Tübingen and sentenced to five years and nine months in prison, Stern reports.

What confused many was the fact that the man, despite a long record of criminal behaviour, had been granted asylum status by the German Federal Office of Refugees and Migration (BAMF) in April of last year.

Chalid M., whose name has been changed to protect his identity, arrived in Germany in 2014 without a passport and applied for asylum in March of that year.

10. Iranian refugee couple who came to Australia by boat “busted flooding the streets of Sydney with ice” - as police seize 36 kilograms of the deadly drug, $260,000 cash and three luxury cars

An Iranian couple who arrived to Australia by boat five years ago have allegedly been flooding the streets of Sydney with the deadly drug “ice”.

Ali Maleki and Yosra Rabieh, from the city's north-west, are two of several Iranians in Australia on temporary protection visas recently arrested over alleged meth trafficking, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The couple, who share two young daughters, were arrested last week after police allegedly seized more than 36kg of ice, over $260,000 in cash, three luxury cars and more than 100 ampules of steroids at homes in Hornsby and Asquith.

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commented 2018-02-28 01:50:29 -0500
1. Just can’t put my finger on what’s causing all those rapes? Could be Climate Change? Could be a spike in Mental Illness? Couldn’t possibly be the importation of Illiterate, Backward, Misogynistic, Hate Filled, Intolerant, Muslim Savages.

3. Justin Trudeau, we need more immigrants or what he calls, Liberal Voters. He is the biggest POS
I have ever seen in this country. And make no mistake about it we have some real class “A” Traitorous POS in key positions in Canada.

4. Had to go take another Blood Pressure Pill before I blew a gasket.

5. The Dutch should start regretting their decision about now, that they didn’t vote in Wilders party to a majority.

6. Those Islamic charities need more money. Their charity is to finance more terrorism within the UK. The UK government are a pack of TRAITORS, just like in CANADA.

9. Oh yeah change the name of the Rapist to protect him. These authorities are Mental Idiots.
commented 2018-02-27 18:57:03 -0500
4. lie, deflect and pour on the racism cards. A bad used car salesman will sell you better lies
commented 2018-02-27 18:22:22 -0500
4. Not even half way yet and wanna climb through the screen.
commented 2018-02-27 15:45:52 -0500
#4. Impressions? IMO, Lieberals spent a lot of time subtly belittling people, going off on tangents, and trying desperately to avoid the “Islamophobia” question. They spent much time talking about “Racism”. Islam is NOT a race! What on earth do Black Males in prison have to do with “Islamophobia”???? Unmitigated BS!
commented 2018-02-27 12:11:14 -0500
Logic of the Liberals: many black people in prisons and unemployed and that’s only due to racism; racism is everywhere in Canada; we need whole-of-gov’t laws to strengthen our democracy, consequently we must stop islamophobia by controlling hate. Superb logic.
commented 2018-02-27 10:35:21 -0500
  1. Trudeau clean the shit out of your ears we don’t want any more . Close the dam borders to illegals walking in , and quit pissing away our tax dollars . Every illegals get free money for legal services that amounts to billions of dollars . 2years on average to ship them back . You can’t solve the problem without acknowledging the problem .
commented 2018-02-27 01:39:41 -0500
Number 1-Words that start with “M” for $100 Alex.
commented 2018-02-26 22:01:23 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,790 Attacks, 226,397 Killed, 305,880 Injured that we know of.

3. You don’t think Trudeau could actually be lying, do you? Naw! Our Prime Minister?? That’s not possible.