March 16, 2018

Top 10: Madrid in FLAMES as SHOCKING riots break out

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Spain in CHAOS: Streets of Spanish capital Madrid in FLAMES as SHOCKING riots break out

The protests began following the death of 35-year-old street hawker Mame Mbaye who died on Thursday after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Witnesses claim the Senegalese street vendor died after being pursued by police on motorbikes but City sources told El Pais there was no police chase.

The street vendor died just before 5:00pm at No. 10, Calle del Oso.

An emergency services call was made by local police officers in the area and according to the official police report, the officers had found a man lying on the ground not breathing.

The local police officers reportedly attempted to resuscitate Mr Mbaye until emergency services arrived at the scene.

VIDEO: Street riot tears through Madrid neighbourhood following death of street vendor

2. Former Australian Chief of Staff broadcasts a massive failure of the immigration system

Peta Credlin was the Chief of Staff to former Australian PM, the one who was largely responsible for stopping the illegal (and deadly) immigration that was rampant under Greens-Labor, Tony Abbott.

3. Judge dismisses lawsuit of Muslim boy's dad with prejudice

DALLAS – A judge has dismissed with prejudice a lawsuit filed by the father of a Muslim boy arrested after taking a homemade clock to his Dallas-area school.

The decision Tuesday by U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay of Dallas means that Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed's lawsuit cannot be refiled again based on the same claims. The judge also ordered the family to cover all of the costs of the lawsuit.

The family of Ahmed Mohamed had complained that the Irving, Texas, school district discriminated against the boy, then 14, in 2015 because of his race and religion.

4. Belgian theatre apologises for ad seeking former Isis fighters

A Belgian theatre has apologised for placing newspaper advertisements seeking actors who had fought for Islamic State or had killed their siblings.

The theatre in Ghent was looking for recruits for a play by the Swiss director Milo Rau, who attracted controversy last year by casting children in a play about a notorious Belgian paedophile.

“Have you fought for your convictions? For God? Have you fought for Isis or other religions? Get in touch,” read one of the adverts for the NTGent theatre, which was published in a Dutch-speaking free weekly newspaper.

Another with the same NTGent email address said: “Have you killed or seriously injured your brother (or sister)? Perhaps metaphorically? Do you want to talk about it?”

5. Betrayed by the “shy and polite” boy they took into their home: Iraqi asylum seeker, 18, is found guilty of trying to blow up ommuters with bomb built with his foster parents' Tupperware 

A teenage asylum-seeker who built a “Mother of Satan” nail bomb in the bedroom of his foster home before trying to blow up a tube train is facing a lengthy jail term after he was convicted of attempted murder today.

Ahmed Hassan, 18, tried to kill 93 people by setting off a “bucket bomb” at Parsons Green station in west London last September. Luckily the device failed to properly detonate, but still left 51 passengers with serious burns.

Hassan had left his native Iraq and travelled through Turkey, Italy and France before getting into the UK on the back of the lorry coming through the Channel Tunnel.

After being looked after in a charity-run shelter, he was taken in by loving foster parents Penelope and Ronald Jones in Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey and sent to a local college. [...]

Barnardo's worker Youseff Habibi told jurors he caught Hassan listening to an Arabic song on YouTube along the lines of “coming to the slaughter in your own home” when he was living in a children's home in Surrey.

6. Merkel contradicts interior minister, saying “Islam belongs to Germany”

The first major controversy of Germany's new government broke out on Friday when Merkel was forced to contradict her new interior minister over the place of Islam in the country.

Germany’s newly inaugurated Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told Bild newspaper on Friday that he doesn’t believe the Islamic faith is part of German culture.

“Islam does not belong to Germany. Germany is characterized by Christianity. These aspects include shops being closed on Sundays, church holidays and rituals such as Easter, Pentecost and Christmas,” said the Christian Social Union (CSU) Bavarian leader.

“The Muslims who live with us obviously belong to Germany,” he stated, adding that “this does not mean we give up our country-specific traditions and customs out of a misplaced consideration for others.”

Seehofer recently vowed to speed up deportations of rejected asylum seekers in his new role, as his ministry is responsible for topics including migration. His comments highlight his intent to steer his CSU and the new government in a more conservative direction. [...]

Merkel quickly contradicted her minister, saying that despite Germany's Judeo-Christian roots, more than four million Muslims now made their homes in the country.

"These Muslims are part of Germany and with them, their religion, Islam, is just as much a part of Germany," she told reporters after talks with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven.

7. Three in Four Swedes Favour Banning Religious Schools

A poll has revealed that 73 per cent of Swedish citizens are in favour of banning independent religious schools after the ruling Social Democrats promised to ban them to aid integration.

Earlier this week, the Social Democrats said that they wanted to ban the schools to put power back in the hands of secular educators and prevent the rise of parallel societies in post-Christian Sweden, SVT reports.

Minister of Civil Affairs Ardalan Shekarabi commented on the proposal saying: “In Swedish schools, there will be teachers and educators who rule – not priests and imams.”

The poll, conducted by polling firm Novus and Swedish public broadcaster SVT, shows that support for the ban was much higher with men than with women with 78 per cent of men favouring the proposal compared to 69 per cent of women.

8. Report: Anti-Jewish Hate Crime in Berlin Doubles in Four Years

Berlin recorded a twofold increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes between 2013 and 2017, according to the latest German police figures.

A report in Tagesspiegel on Thursday revealed that police figures seen by the Berlin newspaper show that 288 crimes classified as anti-Semitic were recorded by the German capital’s police in 2017. This is slightly less than double the 149 crimes recorded in 2013.

Tagesspiegel reports that no analysis has been released with the figures to accurately explain the rise in anti-Semitic crime, but police and city officials have previously stated that they believe there is a correlation linking it to the increased number of migrants from the Middle East living in the city.

9. Belgium takes back Brussels' Grand Mosque from Saudi government

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Belgium is taking back control of the Grand Mosque of Brussels by terminating Saudi Arabia’s lease of the building with immediate effect over concerns it promotes radicalism, the government said on Friday.

The announcement is Belgium’s first official confirmation of the move which comes after months of behind the scenes diplomacy to prevent any fall-out with Saudi Arabia, as reported by Reuters in February.

Concerns over Brussels’ biggest mosque, located near the European Union’s headquarters, surfaced after Islamist militants who plotted their assault in Brussels killed 130 people in Paris in 2015, and 32 in the Belgian capital in 2016.

Friday’s decision breaks Saudi Arabia’s unusual 99-year, rent free use of the building, the government said.

10. VIDEO: Geert Wilders’ PVV releases ad about Islam for Dutch TV

NB: The video was taken down by Youtube shortly after it was uploaded, but it appears to be visible again.


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commented 2018-03-20 02:46:52 -0400
3. Looks like Clock Boys lawsuit Blew Up in his Face. I can imagine that Obama must be heart broken that his claim of racism was not upheld in court.
9. Cover the Mosque with Bacon Fat and set it on fire, the area will smell great for months.
10. Love Wilders new video, like his Fitna movie, this one as well is bound to get new charges of racism and spreading hate speech launched against him.
commented 2018-03-19 17:08:38 -0400
Jay still has his head up his ass!
Cant really see what is going on outside his own evil rectum. I think Jay is the nom de guerre of Mr. Sissy Socks.
commented 2018-03-18 16:09:03 -0400
Jay Kelly i see you still find the truth shocking and want it censored.
commented 2018-03-18 12:29:09 -0400
Shocking! Absolutely SHOCKING! Perhaps Victor Laszlo will use his real name from now on. Truth is not such a bad thing.
commented 2018-03-17 20:24:58 -0400
Merkel turns my stomach, I can’t fathom how she was voted in again.
commented 2018-03-17 20:23:32 -0400
Sue Baker, hopefully cancelling the lease is only the first step, they now need to book the bulldozers to raze this building.
commented 2018-03-17 19:59:50 -0400
#1: they are just trying to integrate.
commented 2018-03-17 10:10:59 -0400
  1. great video , may be the Liberals could watch it , nah they would implode .
    There must be a lot of illegals voting for that traitor Merkel . She has no children nothing to lose but her head . I would love to see her walk thru one of the no go zones by her self .
commented 2018-03-17 10:09:10 -0400
Great info ad by the great Dutch freedom fighter Geert Wilders. Islam Is. It covers most of the bases but should have included: Supremacism. Intolerance. Rape. FGM and Xenophobia.
commented 2018-03-17 04:46:50 -0400
Whooee!… Clock Boy’s theatrical claim for his obvious “stunt” is exposed for what it was… Indeed, and one can only hope, “The Times They Are A Changing”
commented 2018-03-17 04:35:44 -0400
Angela Merkel and Germany… I’m starting to get strong doses of Karma still at work since 1945… They still build great cars but “the elevator doesn’t go to the top floor” when it comes to immigration and politics?
commented 2018-03-17 02:40:20 -0400
If they had any brains, they would flatten that mosque in Brussels!
commented 2018-03-17 00:33:19 -0400
/1 Riots in Madrid Spain. Why even feed those people that are wrecking your Country ?
commented 2018-03-16 20:31:11 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,982 Attacks, 227,129 Killed, 306,873 Injured that we know of.