March 01, 2018

Top 10: Marine Le Pen charged for tweeting IS images

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Thousands of violent incidents reported at N.S. schools: documents

Nova Scotia educators have reported thousands of incidents of physical violence in schools over the past 18 months, according to documents obtained by CTV News.

The unions representing teachers say biting, spitting, punching and kicking are everyday occurrences for teachers, educational assistants and clerical staff in Nova Scotia schools.

“I've heard of teachers and EPAs that have had to wear Kevlar, absolutely,” said teachers union president Liette Doucet.

The documents obtained by CTV News reveal there have been over 2,300 incidents of physical violence over the past 18 months.

Here are the numbers broken down by school board:

• Tri-County Regional School Board: 135
• Straight Regional School Board: 164
• Annapolis Valley Regional School Board: 164
• Cape Breton-Victoria School Board: 142
• Chignecto Central Regional School Board: 444
• French School Board: 75
• Halifax Regional School Board: 1,150
• South Shore Regional School Board: 95

2. Italy: Closed border forces migrants to brave the cold under Ventimiglia bridge

3. Germany: Islamist supermarket killer gets life in prison

Hamburg Higher Regional Court sentenced 26-year-old Palestinian Ahmad Alhaw to life in prison on Thursday on charges of carrying out a deadly knife attack in an Edeka supermarket.

Last month, the defendant was charged with murder and six counts of attempted murder as well as grievous bodily harm, to which he pleaded guilty.

Alhaw’s motives are not yet clear to the investigators. According to Hamburg's Interior Senator Andy Grote, Islamist motives and “mental liability” might have been at play. During the investigation, no evidence of accomplices or association with the self-proclaimed Islamic State was found.

Last July, the suspect took a 20-centimetre (eight-inch) knife from the supermarket's shelves before carrying out the attack. The stab wounds claimed the life of a 50-year-old German man dead and left five others injured.

4. France: Marine Le Pen charged over Islamic State group tweets

YAHOO News version of events:

PARIS (AP) — French prosecutors filed preliminary charges Thursday against Marine Le Pen for tweeting brutal images of Islamic State violence.

The prosecutor's office in the Paris suburb of Nanterre said the charges were issued for “distribution of violent images.” If the case eventually reaches trial and she's convicted, Le Pen could face up to three years in prison and a 75,000-euro ($90,000) fine.

Le Pen's December 2015 tweets showed executions by IS extremists, including the killing of American reporter James Foley. She posted them in the wake of the November 2015 IS attacks on Paris, accusing the government of not doing enough to protect France.

Le Pen told BFM television Thursday “it's clearly aimed at silencing me. Yet I will not be silenced”. Le Pen said she would consider a potential conviction as a “medal of patriotism and defense of the French people.”

5. Tommy Robinson: Meeting The World's Most Notorious Imam

Tommy discusses Islam with the Australia based, “Imam of peace”.

6. “You have to call it by name”: Merkel publicly admits “no-go areas” in Germany

No-go areas” do exist in Germany, Angela Merkel admitted in an interview, adding that the arrival of “so many refugees” in the country “has raised multiple questions.”

Speaking with RTL, Merkel acknowledged that there are areas in Germany where people cannot feel safe. She also made it clear that it’s time for the authorities to do something in order to ensure public safety.

“It's always a point to me that [ensuring] domestic security is the state's obligation, the state has the monopoly of power, the state has to make sure that people have the right to it whenever they meet and move in a public space,” Merkel argued.

She then took aim at “no-go areas,” which gained notoriety all across Europe during the refugee influx that reached its peak in 2015. Merkel bluntly dismissed the claim that “no-go areas” are non-existent in Germany, stressing instead that “there are such spaces, and you have to call that by name and you have to do something about it.”

7. Beheaded doll at Amsterdam mosque: Arrest made in Hoofddorp

The police arrested a 35-year-old man from Hoofddorp on Wednesday in connection with a bloody, decapitated doll left at Emir Sultan Mosque in Amsterdam Noord in January.

Passersby found the doll in front of the mosque early on Thursday, January 18th and reported it to the police. The police immediately launched an investigation, which led them to the Hoofddorp man. “The suspect is known to be driven by ideological motives”, the police said. He has no previous violent crime incidents on his record, the police added.

The incident with the doll prompted interim Amsterdam mayor Jozias van Aartsen to raise concerns about minorities increasingly being targeted in Amsterdam. He met with members of the Muslim community after the doll was found. “I can imagine the fear very well. They experience this as an attack. It was seen by mothers and especially children from the school in front of the mosque. It had a huge impact on their lives, it hit them emotionally. A mosque should be a safe home”, the mayor said in a city council debate on the incident.

8. “Bury the Filthy Disbeliever”: UK Islamic Radio Fined for Hate Speech

A Muslim radio station that broadcast a chant glorifying their “warlike” prophet Muhammad, and encouraged the beheading of “lowlifes” and murder of “filthy” non-Muslims, has been fined £2,000 by the regulator for “hate speech”.

Radio Dawn is transmitted in foreign languages in the Nottingham area and broadcast the offending “Nasheed” – an Islamic chant set to music – in December 2016.

The station is run by the Karimia Institute, which was founded by Musharraf Hussain who was awarded an OBE in 2009 for “services to community relations”.

However, Ofcom investigators found the station had insulted non-Muslims and suggested that violently attacking them would bring glory to Islam, breaching the station’s community radio licence.

9. Hannity: Muslim Democrat congressman, Keith Ellison’s Radical, anti-Semitic, Socialist Background

10. Leeds, UK: Two men jailed over terrifying mother and baby car-jacking

TWO thugs have been jailed after carjacking a mother at knifepoint while her 13-month-old son was still inside. Zahid Mahmood, 20, and Usman Mahboob, 18, jumped inside the woman’s Ford Focus as she was about to strap her son in his baby seat.

Armed with a knife, they ordered her to get out but she refused to leave without her young child.

The woman, who was not named in court, was allowed to grab her son and the men drove off.

Leeds Crown Court heard the woman had since been diagnosed as suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and is still receiving counselling.

In a victim impact statement, the woman described the robbery as “a perfect storm of awfulness.”

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commented 2018-03-03 20:52:19 -0500
Has anybody who can get close to Jihadi Justin ever seen the movie “Valkyrie”?

Do a good service for your country and people. Especially if you have a terminal disease.
commented 2018-03-03 20:51:14 -0500
If the Liberals want Islam so badly then why resist them?

Go ahead and perform Islam on those politicians who want more Islam.
commented 2018-03-03 20:50:40 -0500
To promote “integration” Canadian men must have sex with the Muslim immigrant women.

Time to start getting jiggy with the Muslimas, fellas!

Introduce them to your “husky Canadian member”, you know what I;m saying?
commented 2018-03-03 20:49:46 -0500
Trudeau is responsible for the mosque massacre. He drove the dude insane when he tweeted out an invitation for Islamic invasion. The very next day the mosque was attacked.

Time for the Liberals and Jihadi Justin to face the fact
commented 2018-03-03 20:47:52 -0500
Muslim men say: We can have your women but you can’t have ours, or else an honour murder will follow.

Liberal CUCKS say: No problem. We are Liberal CUCKS.

Liberal CUCKS say: “Here Come The Husbands” is our favorite TV show from the seventies!

CBC refused to report on this. Any rumor of a non-muslim dating a muslim girl brings hell for all…

Muslim mob strips, beats & drags elderly woman through streets, torches Christian homes in Egypt
commented 2018-03-03 20:41:00 -0500
Muslims raping Non-Muslim women should be considered a racial hate crime.

See if the femen PM will support this affirmative measure, moving forward.
commented 2018-03-02 14:10:36 -0500
  1. they don’t dare go after ISIS for tweeting just people trying to wake people up . Something like Trudeau would like to do to the Rebel .
  2. they are not to tell who it is , like in the news when they block the identity you know who it is . The left could stand on a train track and they would write person killed cause of death unsure .
commented 2018-03-02 12:47:14 -0500
Of course Ken, why not say they are all immigrant kids from the same background, because that is what it really is. Give the teachers a cattle prod or taser to zap behavior problems.
commented 2018-03-02 08:24:50 -0500
This issue of violence in schools is a multifaceted issue in part enhanced by many of the drugs children are increasingly subjected to at a younger and younger age; and all this for the sake of offsetting the effects of government mandated vaccination programs that introduce 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the time a child is 6 years of age or 69 doses of 16 vaccines by the age of 18 in the United States, with Canada not far behind. Indeed, a seven to eight fold increase in the vaccination rate from the early 1950’s! Vaccines are specifically designed to cause inflammation in the body, including brain inflammation that in turn results in brain damage; yet the government, Medical profession and drug industry only reluctantly acknowledge the most severe forms of vaccine induced brain damage while virtually ignoring the lesser chronic forms that will inevitably result.

This World Mercury Project article entitled “Related Teen Epidemics? Looking for Answers in all the Wrong Places” sums it up very well, “American teenagers are drowning in a rising tide of disorders: behavioral issues, sensory problems, depression, self-harm and more. The medical-pharmaceutical industry has rushed to brand all of these problems as mental health conditions treatable with profit-generating drugs. Few are talking about the broader neurodevelopmental crisis—triggered in part by environmental toxins such as the mercury and aluminum in vaccines—that is sabotaging children’s neurodevelopment and sapping adolescent resilience.”
commented 2018-03-02 07:33:13 -0500
1. What they are not saying is, who is causing the violence in the schools, why are they not saying that??
commented 2018-03-01 22:07:14 -0500
How would this work out in futuristic Canada? Lessee, militias forming against govts. immigration agendas, most likely referred to as the rebels. Another militia group forming, to counter the rebels, aligning themselves to be like isis, all engaged against each other as well as the govt. forces. So who gets control? Watch the results of the mid-east turmoil to find out. What would it be like 100 yrs. hence. Who knows. Maybe we’ll all be good or (bad) little muzzies then.
commented 2018-03-01 19:53:34 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,892 Attacks, 226,778 Killed, 306,362 Injured that we know of.
commented 2018-03-01 19:31:38 -0500
Violence in schools?


Wait until the new 1.2 million refugees arrive.

And watch how the nearly half a trillion dollar bill for this is transferred to the provinces as they go on to provincial welfare rolls.

If I was a premier I would say “No refugees to my province. If they come I will load them on a bus and ship them to 24 Sussex Drive.”

I would use the notwithstanding clause if required.

Bet that none of them have the gonads to do this.

It is going to get a lot worse and sooner than most realize.

As for the other topics – it is all about evil islam and not much more.

And the prime minister is bringing that to Canada.

They will turn Canada in to the same schitte hole as the one they left.

Count on it.