March 05, 2018

Top 10: Masked mob wreaks havoc in Hamilton's west end

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Ontario: Masked mob wreaks havoc in Hamilton's west end

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Cops explore anarchist link to masked mob attack on Locke Street

Hundreds of residents embraced the traumatized neighbourhood around Locke Street South Sunday, in the aftermath of a masked mob vandalizing stores and lighting firecrackers that sounded like gunshots.

A lineup of customers at Donut Monster stretched around the corner at Locke and Charlton streets, where the new café's windows were among those boarded up after being shattered by rocks thrown by members of a group numbering about 30 Saturday night, dressed in black brandishing a banner that read: "We Are the Ungovernables."

Hamilton police said damage to shops, cars, and homes in the area totalled about $100,000, and no injuries were reported.

2. Italian Left in shock after crushing election defeat

Lega Nord emerged as main winners of Italian elections. In the video below from February, Salvini speaks openly to reporters about why his party stands against uncontrolled immigration.

3. Top Bangladesh sci-fi writer stabbed in head at seminar because he’s an “enemy of Islam”

Zafar Iqbal, a top selling author and celebrity speaker, was rushed to hospital after the attack.

Bangladeshi investigators said Sunday that a young man accused of stabbing a bestselling science fiction writer at a seminar had targeted him as an enemy of Islam.

Saturday’s attack on Zafar Iqbal in the northern city of Sylhet was just the latest in a series of stabbings of secular or atheist authors and bloggers in Muslim-majority Bangladesh.

Iqbal, a long-standing champion of free speech and secularism, remains in stable condition in hospital where he is being treated for stab wounds to his head.

Police detained 21-year-old Faizul Hasan, a former Islamic seminary student, and were investigating any ties to radical groups.

Colonel Ali Haider Azad Ahmed from the Rapid Action Battalion police unit said Hasan told investigators it was “his duty as a Muslim to resist those who work against Islam”.

4. Belgium: Eight Arrested in Molenbeek Ghetto Anti-Terror Raids

BRUSSELS (AFP) – Eight people were arrested in Brussels after counter-terror raids as part of an investigation into an alleged attack plot, a source close to the probe said.

All eight were arrested Sunday in Molenbeek, an immigrant district linked to the Paris and Brussels terror attacks, following the raids, the source told AFP.

The eight were taken for questioning before a judge investigating an alleged terror plot, the source said, confirming a report in the Belgian daily La Derniere Heure.

5. Friday Sermon in Egypt - Wage Jihad in Infidel Lands until Islam Rules the World

6. Anti-Merkel protests spread amid rumours of Youtube censorship

March 3, Kandel:


A large demonstration of ordinary Germans in the town of Kandel took place on Saturday. Even Germany’s state controlled media can no longer hide the number of people taking to the streets to protest against Merkel and her destructive open border policies. Kandel is a symbolic location, as it is the place where a 15-year-old German girl was murdered by an Afghan refugee.

At first German media talked about 1,500 protesters but as the police announced numbers of around 4,500 the tone changed quickly. However, YouTube and even the German police attempted to censor the march.

Many people were live streaming the march to prove that it was peaceful and to counter the mainstream media narrative of it being a “radical right-wing” march. Some of the chants included “Merkel has to leave” “We will not be silenced” and “Those who don’t love Germany need to leave”.

7. Saudi-owned private broadcaster pulls the plug on Turkish dramas

The Arab world’s largest private broadcaster has stopped showing Turkish television programmes, it said on Monday, as tensions rise between Ankara and some Arab states. […]

Relations were further strained by Ankara’s support for Qatar after Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt imposed sanctions on Doha last year over its alleged support for Islamist militants. Qatar denies the accusations.

8. Hungary Challenges United Nations Plan to Facilitate Global Mass Migration

Presenting a “security first” proposal to the United Nations (UN), Hungary has announced it is “ready to fight” the globalist body over plans to promote mass migration.

The country’s conservative government submitted the 12-point proposal in response to the “dangerous” so-called Global Compact for Migration, which was described by President Donald J. Trump as a “no borders plan” when he withdrew the U.S. from talks in December.

Announcing the proposal in Budapest, Foreign Secretary Peter Szijjártó warned: “If these 12 points, in which the Government summarises its position, are not included in the package, Hungary will not be in a position to support the adoption of the Compact.

9. US embassy in Turkey closed over security threat, 4 ISIS suspects detained over attack plot

The US embassy in Ankara was shut down Monday due to a security threat. The move came just before four Islamic State suspects were detained as part of probe into a possible attack on the mission.

Starting March 5, the Embassy will provide “only emergency services,” the announcement said. Routine actives, including visa interviews will not be held during the period of restrictions. The notice also advised US citizens in Turkey should avoid large crowds, keep a low profile and otherwise be cautious.

Later on Monday, Turkish police detained four people who were suspected of having links to Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL). The suspects, who were identified as Iraqi nationals, were detained as part of an investigation into a possible attack on the US embassy, the Turkish Anadolu agency reported.

10. ISIS releases shocking video which appears to show the desperate final moments and deaths of four US soldiers as ISIS fighters ambush them in Niger

ISIS has released a sickening video appearing to show their fighters ambushing and killing four US soldiers in Niger.

The 9 minute, 15 second video appears to be shot from multiple helmet cams on the US soldiers who died in on October 4 in Tongo Tongo, Niger in an ambush by 50 ISIS militants.

The video reveals heartbreaking details about the courageous last moments of the four soldiers, although it is edited with multiple cuts that make the full context of the firefight unclear. is not publishing the full video, which is extremely graphic, but the withheld portions are described in detail below.

The attack raised questions about the US military's role in Niger, where about 800 US military personnel are stationed to train local forces and operate drones.

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commented 2018-03-07 10:03:02 -0500
When someone opens up on these (fake) protesters. Probably an average citizen in fear for their life.
Then what arrest the citizen. Suggest equal force may be used throw rocks at them. The bruises should stick out when they are unmasked the next day. I like the idea of open carry.
commented 2018-03-06 13:45:33 -0500
No mother should fear for the life of her son every time he wants to get drunk, put his armed gang together and go robbing and vandalizing people at gunpoint.!!
commented 2018-03-06 13:00:25 -0500
What is even grosser than the vandalism is the media’s continued pretending they don’t know who these people are. That sends a louder message than any destruction of property.
commented 2018-03-06 12:40:21 -0500
Maurice Potvin commented 2018-03-06 01:12:57 -0500
If you don’t need parts but just a good cleaning I just get the tools here. just run the top 4 or 5 downloaded tools, maybe save yourself a trip
commented 2018-03-06 10:09:47 -0500
Arthur Weinreb of the Canada Free Press has written an interesting story called “Trudeau’s Opportunity to Welcome terrorist back to Canada”. No doubt Jr. will hand him a ten million dollar cheque once he crosses the border.
commented 2018-03-06 09:39:43 -0500
5. You need to read some history there Dumbass. Soon to be repeated history. Today’s Charles Martel’s and King John III Sobieski are starting to stir. Islam was driven out of the west after people finally got tired of the constant criminality of the slow motion invasion of Europe. It will happen again. Once united in purpose the west will drive your pathetic “Jihad” back from whence it came. It’s starting already, see #’s 2&6. No amount of Social Media censorship or push polling by corrupted Journalists can stop it. People are waking up to the reality of mass migration. You can march your sorry asses home peacefully now and save your self a lot of time and misery. The other way works too. Just remember, for an invasion to succeed, you actually have to win battles.

10. Clinton and Obama would have slunk away and done nothing about this. Much like they did nothing in Benghazi. Trump will likely order his Generals to take care of it. Quickly, Quietly and Effectively. “They counted on America to be passive. They counted wrong…” — Ronald Reagan
commented 2018-03-06 09:31:42 -0500
Antifa is back. These violent communist thugs have already set Toronto and US cities on fire while promoting… what exactly? They want a violent communist revolution, without knowing anything about the ideology they are supporting. I do, I grew up in communism. I will not go through that garbage again. The police should set up another “anarchist book fair” like the one in Hamilton that preceded (caused?) this riot and quietly stand by. When the inevitable riot occurs close the entire area, do not allow anyone to leave and arrest the scumbags. I bet the investigation will uncover ties to mainstream left wing parties. Antifa is “their people”.
commented 2018-03-06 01:20:28 -0500
Maurice Potvin the count of how many times Justin has made a fool of himself and Canada will be higher by then as well. Take Care.
commented 2018-03-06 01:12:57 -0500
To all who read my Since 9/11 posts, I’m going to be off-line for a week or two. as I have bring my computer into town (60km away) to some maintenance and repairs. I imagine my next post will be much, much higher.
commented 2018-03-06 00:58:03 -0500
This Hamilton Riot can be blamed directly on the Chicken-shit Toronto Police. They let Anti-fa and male and female Muslims (Burkas) get away with covering their faces, so these kids did the same knowing no one would recognize them.
commented 2018-03-06 00:42:54 -0500
Flat Earth well said. I’ll do that and I hope others will as well.
commented 2018-03-05 23:39:20 -0500
No mother should fear for the life of her son every time he wants to get drunk, put his armed gang together and go robbing and vandalizing people at gunpoint.!!
Please support open carry for a safer society and responsible gun owner ship… When seconds count if you live or die official help is still many minutes away if they decide to show up at all.!!
Please discuss open carry with all like-minded people and petition your MPs and your MLS for common sense gun ownership.
commented 2018-03-05 22:36:23 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,916 Attacks, 226,873 Killed, 306,578 Injured that we know of.
commented 2018-03-05 22:12:14 -0500
The only time the police would show up to charge someone like in the Hamilton incident. Is if a law abiding citizen who is a victim, fought back against the gang of criminals. The cops would be there to charge and arrest the victimized citizen. You are not allowed to protect yourself or your property in Canada. That “To Serve and Protect” is true, the Police are a Self Serving Organization and they Protect their own Asses. A gang like that and I haven’t heard of one charge or arrest. I have said for a long time. Don’t rely on the police to look after you. YOU are responsible for your own survival, do what you have to do to survive. If the law isn’t there to stop any criminality being committed against you, then they can be silent as well as absent.
commented 2018-03-05 22:01:13 -0500
Flat Earth right on the money. If it takes them that long to deal with some masked twerps then why trust them to be of any help when it matters?

Number 3- if Obama had Islam take over the US i would have at least enjoyed seeing them dealing with their apologists in Hollywood.
commented 2018-03-05 21:20:02 -0500
Where were the police.?? Where were the police who were sworn to protect and serve.?? Please support open carry for a safer society and to prove responsible gun owner ship.!! When seconds count everyone must realize that help if it is coming at all is still many minutes away.!!
commented 2018-03-05 21:09:35 -0500
Cowards cover their faces to march unannounced through the streets of Hamilton.