August 23, 2018

Top 10: Migrants storm exclave of Ceuta, attack cops with acid

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1.”Super Eid” Turns U.S. Bank Stadium Into Place Of Worship

2. Australia: Colo men in Islamic guild accused of illegal land clearing skipped court to build shed

Two men accused of illegal land clearing on a rural property in north-west Sydney were building a large shed on the day they were required in court for a hearing about the allegations, ABC footage shows. [...]

They also allegedly built gates, fences and driveways, and they have claimed the civil action against them infringes on their religious freedoms because they say they use the Colo property for religious prayers and “ritual baptisms.” [...]

In further vision provided by the court, one of the men is shown spitting at and throwing a rock at council workers when they tried to serve legal papers. [...]

Dr Kara-Ali was formerly a member of then Prime Minister John Howard's Muslim Community Reference Group and, in the past, a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University.

He told the ABC his “religious freedom … is being attacked, and is being violated and we have every right to stand up for our faith and to uphold our god as being supreme.”

3. German woman slashed - Syrians in court: As a Muslim, I may

Original German language news article HERE.

Full English translation HERE.

Partial excerpt:

An allegedly 17-year-old Syrian was in court because he nearly killed a 24-year-old German woman in a brutal knife attack. The “refugee” Abdullah A. slashed the woman from her chest to her lower abdomen. He told the judge that according to his religion, he is allowed to do so. The victim survived only by a miracle.

With the knife, the “refugee” not only broke the ribs of the victim Vivien K., but severely injured her liver, stomach, kidney, intestine and pancreas. The young woman fell into a coma. Her spleen and parts of the pancreas had to be removed. The crime happened in Hannover.

In court the Syrian stated, that in his country it is normal to solve conflicts with a knife. If you are insulted, stabbing is permitted. In worse cases, it is also permitted to kill a person. These are the customs in his homeland, which the defendant insists upon. The defendant’s lawyer reflects what his client has said, “His behavior was not objectionable according to religious requirements. Abdulla A. does not understand why he has to be detained,” according to the Bild newspaper.

4. FUREY: Secrecy and lack of info follows security incident at Parliament Hill

A Senator is speaking out against the apparent secrecy on Parliament Hill following a security incident involving a pick-up truck that happened the other week.

“I don’t understand how we could have had such a serious breach on the Hill where a couple of people have been injured and we don’t even know what has happened,” Conservative Senator Leo Housakos said to the Sun about the recent incident.

“Why the secrecy?” [...]

An eyewitness told the Ottawa Sun the vehicle was at first in a line of cars on Vittoria St., a short street that runs alongside the Hill and leads to both public parking and the vehicle entrance to the main Parliament buildings.

The truck then mounted the curb, struck individuals and turned into the Parliament Hill vehicle screening facility. The man driving the vehicle then got out of the car, attempted to run and was “tackled” by officers.

5. 300 migrants storm Spanish exclave of Ceuta, attack police with acid (VIDEO)

Seven police officers suffered acid and lime burns as more than 100 sub-Saharan migrants jumped the border fence that separates Morocco from Spain's north African exclave of Ceuta.

Approximately 300 people tried to enter European territory by storming the fence on Tuesday night. Press reports state that as many as 200 were successful, however officials in the autonomous city say they have only accounted for 115 new arrivals

The migrants cut part of the, 8.4km-long (5.2 mile) fence and used battery acid, quicklime and excrement to attack police officers, El Pais reports. The police revealed on Twitter that seven members of the force suffered injuries during the incident.

Because of vacations, the border was manned by fewer than 10 agents when the migrants chose to storm the fence. Numbers were also reduced because it was the first day of the Eid al-Adha Muslim festival. The Unified Association of the Civil Guard (AUGC) police representative group has long been critical of the shortage of officers manning the border.

6. Flesh-eating STI Donovanosis which causes genitals to “rot away” found in UK for first time

A sexually transmitted disease which causes the genitals to erupt into flesh-eating ulcers has been detected for the first time in the UK and it's making a comeback in other countries too.

Usually found in far-flung tropical countries, there have been no previous cases of the rare STI Donovanosis recorded in the UK. That is until now.

The nasty bug causes genital ulcers to grow and spread. If left untreated flesh in the groin literally starts to eat itself.

And according to a Freedom of Information request, submitted by online pharmacy, the rare sexually transmitted disease Donovanosis has been diagnosed three times.

[...] The disease is usually found in tropical and subtropical countries such as southeast India, Guyana and New Guinea, and due to its rarity in Britain it doesn't appear on most STI lists, compiled by UK sexual health websites.

7. Bulgaria: Our Country is Now “Migrant Crisis”-Proof Thanks to Wall, Border Force

Patriotic politicians in Bulgaria have worked to protect the country and Europe from illegal migration, its defence minister said following the nation’s calls to close Europe’s borders.

Krassimir Karakachanov, who serves as leader of the populist Bulgarian National Movement (VMRO) in addition to his ministerial position, said the recently completed border fence paired with an increased military presence at the nation’s frontiers “has led to almost zero migrant pressure on the border and very few people in the migrant centres.”

Bulgaria’s United Patriots, an electoral alliance of three parties including the VMRO pointed to centre-right Prime Minister Boyko Borissov’s recent move to bar the country from signing deals with other EU nations to readmit asylum seekers as evidence that the nationalist grouping is making its mark on Bulgarian policy.

8. Belgium Bans Halal Slaughter, But Muslims in Capital Brussels Are Exempt

While Flanders and Wallonia are set to ban unstunned Islamic ritual slaughter in 2019, the practice will remain legal in the Belgian capital of Brussels.

One of Islam’s most holy days, the Eid al-Adha festival, begins this week as Muslims around the globe engage in the ritual sacrifice of various animals including cows, sheep and goats.

As of next year, Belgium is banning the practice, which involves slitting the throat of an animal and letting it bleed to death, in Flanders and Wallonia, insisting the animal must be electrically stunned beforehand. To the outrage of animal rights campaigners, the Belgian capital Brussels has refused to ban slaughter without stunning RTL reports.

9. German police hunt Iranian suspected of stabbing dead woman

Police in western Germany are hunting for a 44-year-old Iranian man suspected of stabbing a woman to death on a Duesseldorf street.

Authorities Tuesday issued a photo of Ali Akbar Shahghaleh in the hope of getting information on his whereabouts.

Duesseldorf police urged anyone who sees Shahghaleh — described as about 6 feet (180 cm) tall with short, dark hair and beard stubble — not to approach him as he could be armed.

The victim was a 36-year-old woman who lived near a convenience store Shahghaleh operated in the south of the city.

Witnesses heard screams and saw the suspect attacking the woman with a knife early Monday. She later died in the hospital.

Authorities said the two knew each other but the motive for the attack was still unclear.

10. An ARD documentary explores the failure of integration in "The girl and the refugee"

The murder of young Mia in Kandel by her Afghan boyfriend was part of the impetus for Germany’s public broadcaster to make the documentary, “The Girl and the Refugee.” In the clip below, Afghani men affirm that according to the Quran, women who leave their men must be killed.

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commented 2018-08-24 18:30:24 -0400
Dirk Kanis – Roundup certainly kills grass. My step-father was a farmer and he was always spraying that stuff around. My mom was constantly after him for killing her lawn.
commented 2018-08-24 16:16:24 -0400
Allan that’s because they are feminists . But anything but . The guy has mental problems .
commented 2018-08-24 12:09:20 -0400
Funny that the trolls rarely comment on the Top 10. I wonder why?
commented 2018-08-24 10:30:18 -0400
Keith and Helen Harvey, I can assure you that roundup does nothing, I have repeatedly run that stuff over my hands, splatter in my face in full concentration and it doesn’t do a thing unless of course you live in California. If you want to get creative you can make a potion from chopped Ghost peppers and isopropyl alcohol, let it sit for a few days and filter with coffee filter. Be extremely careful, this stuff will burn under your fingernail for days you can put it in a squeeze bottle or get creative with an aerosol can. Used aerosol cans can be charged with air condition gas refill kit or a butane refill cylinder for lighters. Or what Tammie suggested
commented 2018-08-24 03:15:33 -0400
Keith and Helen who cares what our left wing legal system says, defend yourself. Some jail time is better than rape or death.
commented 2018-08-23 23:57:39 -0400
Actually Canadian Tire has a product I really like, it’s called Quick Start, its a spray can. Also there are some fine Paint Strippers around and when your in the states, you can buy real Round-Up. On Amazon. Ca there is dog spray, available in Canada, it’s about fourteen bucks CDN.
commented 2018-08-23 23:40:30 -0400
Keith and Helen, I think oven cleaner with a modified nozzle is a good option for a purse.
commented 2018-08-23 23:28:49 -0400
1. I can’t believe the State of Minnesota would allow this to happen, especially when their Football’s name is the Vikings. What would the real Vikings have done?
commented 2018-08-23 23:23:20 -0400
I have warned repeatedly about diseases uncommon to Canada finding its way here. We already have a number of them that have been recently imported with illegals crossing our border and the ridiculously high number of refugees that we have accepted. There will not be any end to the damage caused by this unchecked migration of disease carriers. They will spread it in the work place, should they actually take a job. They will spread it when they sexually violate our children and women. Get ready for a spike in the demand for healthcare.

As far as women carrying 357 Magnum arms, that’s truly unlikely, this is Canada, you are not allowed to defend yourself in this country. You are not allowed to carry any level of self defense tool, like spray, certainly not any kind of recognized weapon. So if you make the choice to arm, know what it is you will be up against if you ever have to use it to save yourself, a loved one or another innocent. Should you injure the violent attacker they will likely sue you into poverty and the law will deal harshly with you as well. So if it comes down to a confrontation, you have only one option, so that there is only one story of events. You must KILL your attacker. How many out here could do that effectively, how many out here are trained to do that, how many would? Most will offer themselves up as a victim just like in Europe. That is all I have seen here so far with the incidents that have occurred. I didn’t hear of anyone deal with the Edmonton Pool Grabber, did you? No one did anything about their kids being beaten or sexually molested in any of those school incidents that were reported here at the Rebel. We have allowed a Traitor, who leads our country to turn us into a nation of victims. Our opportunity for Submission is fast approaching.
commented 2018-08-23 21:30:03 -0400
All of the above nightmaric Sewer coming to a Canada near you thanks to Mohammad Trudeau
commented 2018-08-23 20:40:33 -0400
6. Flesh-eating STI Donovanosis which causes genitals to “rot away” found in UK for first time…………………

Coming to Canada……Very bloody soon. Keep your zipper up, Lads and keep your legs crossed, Ladies, God only knows what it dose to Women.
All women should carry a 357 Magnum to protect themselves from rape.

The Galloping Clap, compliments of Idiot Trudeau.
commented 2018-08-23 20:40:17 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,889 Attacks, 232,690 Killed, 312,414 Injured that we know of