November 21, 2017

TOP 10: Muslim College Basketball Player Tossed Off Team for Disrespecting Anthem

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Big Brother: Mass Migration Forces Sweden Police to Install Hundreds of No Go Zone Microphones to Detect Crime

Stockholm police announced a plan to place hundreds of microphones in the Järva area of Stockholm in order to automatically alert authorities to crimes in progress as they can identify screams and other sounds.

The project is the first of its kind in Sweden and will see hundreds of microphones placed in Järva, a heavily migrant-populated suburb of Stockholm considered to be a no-go zone by many.

The microphones will be able to automatically differentiate various sounds and when they hear particular sounds, like a woman screaming gunshots or explosions, the microphones should automatically alert police in the area through text or email Sveriges Radio reports.

2. School cancels Muslim speaker after community backlash

What was intended to be an educational presentation about Islam turned into a controversy when threatening comments prompted school officials to cancel the event.

A teacher at Northeast Middle School in Bristol, Connecticut, invited a Muslim woman to speak this month to her social studies class about Islam, as part of the school's curriculum covering world religions.

Safety concerns for the school's students and faculty arose after angry comments surfaced on social media and complaints were filed to the Bristol Public Schools superintendent. The school decided to cancel the event.


3. Indonesia: Woman accused of adultery caned in front of cheering mob

She was one of 10 people beaten in a share in Jantho, Aceh Besar Regency in Indonesia.

The public Sharia beatings took place today in front of smiling guards.

Photos show the woman being dragged to a stage to a hooded "executor" who then proceeds to beat the "adultery".

Alongside the executor with the cane, another official is seen with a microphone. [...]

Aceh, which sees Sharia police patrol the streets, has punished more than 500 people with public canings in the past two years.

Sharia was permitted in the region as part of a peace deal with separatists in 2006.

Non-Muslims have also been punished in the region. Last year a Christian woman was caned for selling alcohol.


4. Analyst Recommends Hatching Anti-Western Conspiracies

From Youtube page:

“During a TV debate on conspiracy theories, Algerian political analyst Reda Boudraa said that great Arab and Muslim minds were "contemplating how to dismantle the global system" and that the notion of conspiracy should be used as a strategic weapon. We should "conspire against [the West] and curb their evil in order to save humanity," said Boudraa, who was speaking on October 19 on Mekameleen TV, an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood channel broadcasting from Turkey.”

5. EGYPTIAN LAWYER NABIH AL-WAHSH: “I'm proud to be antisemitic, will kill any Israelis I lay eyes on”

During an Egyptian TV debate, lawyer Nabih Al-Wahsh denied the Holocaust, calling it "imaginary." When challenged by the other guest on the show, Al-Ahram journalist Nabil Sharaf Eldin, Al-Wahsh said: "I'm proud to be antisemitic!" "If I see any Israeli, I will kill him."

Sharaf Eldin, for his part, said that Egypt should adopt the mentality of statesmanship, rather than of tribalism, and stated that normalization of ties with Israel was in Egypt's best interests. The debate aired on LTC TV on November 5.

6. EU TERROR WARNING: US issues winter travel alert amid heightened threat

The US State Department warned of an increased terror threat over the upcoming Christmas and New Year season, advising travellers to exercise 'caution' at festivals and big events.

The State Department warned the recent wave of terror attacks in France, Sweden, Britain, Spain and Finland showed radical groups such as the Islamic State and al-Qaeda were still able to orchestrate and execute major assaults in Europe, despite recent efforts to crackdown on extremism.

Referring to when a 24-year-old ISIS militant from Tunisia ploughed a van into a crowd of Christmas shoppers, killing 12 people and injuring dozens more, the warning read: 'Last year, a mass casualty attack occurred at a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany, in December.'

7. Islamic Republic of Mauritania broadens death penalty for blasphemy

Showing repentance will no longer prevent the death penalty from being applied for blasphemy and apostasy, Mauritania said on Friday, as the conservative Muslim nation hardens up its religious laws.

The decision follows the release on November 9 of a blogger previously condemned to death for criticising religious justification for discrimination in Mauritanian society.

A new bill will 'harden up expected sentences for blasphemers,' the government of the west African nation said in a statement released by the official AMI news agency.

'Every Muslim, man or woman, who mocks or insults Mohammed (peace be upon him), his angels, books... is liable to face the death penalty, without being asked to repent. They will incur the death penalty even if they repent,' Justice Minister Brahim Ould Daddah said, according to the statement.


Ten to twenty percent of people are still in slavery in Mauritania, some since birth.


8. Muslim College Basketball Player Tossed Off Team for Disrespecting Anthem

A college basketball player who is Muslim was kicked off the team because he kept taking practice shots on the court while everyone else stood at attention for the national anthem.

Rasool Samir has filed a First Amendment complaint with the ACLU, which states his religion, Islam, forbids acts of reverence other than to their god, Allah. The incident occurred on November 1 at Garden City Community College (GCCC) in Kansas.

Samir’s teammates exited the court and stood on the sidelines while the anthem played. Samir stayed on the court and continued warming up. When the anthem was over, a booster for the school confronted Samir and it turned physical. The two were separated by security.

9. Horror as 1,000-strong mob attacks CHURCH forcing Christians to lock themselves inside

CHRISTIANS were forced to lock the doors of their church for their own safety as a furious mob launched an attack on the building as tensions continue to soar in Egypt.

More than 1,000 people gathered outside a recently-renovated Coptic church in Mina, Egypt, to intimidate and threaten those inside.

Police were called on October 26 and the doors of the Saint George Church, as well as the on-site children’s nursery, was bolted shut for defence.

Despite the aggression of the crowd, it was the Copts who were held responsible for the incident.

The heads of the Coptic congregation in the area were forced into attending a peace meeting, which aimed to stop the conflict between the group and the local Muslim community.

A source close to the church said: “Copts had to agree to the reconciliation that will be held this evening in the village hall. A written agreement was presented that indicated a framework of friendliness, love and brotherhood.”


10. Claim: Authorities Failing as Birmingham Faces ‘Tsunami’ of Child Sex Abuse

The UK’s second city, Birmingham, could “explode” in a “tsunami of child sexual exploitation” with ruthless men even using tasers on young girls to facilitate gang rape, a politician with knowledge of the area warned.

Conservative councillor Des Flood suggested that parents could have been kept in the dark about the dangers faced by their children.

“I am worried there is a tsunami of child sexual exploitation waiting to explode across this city,” the representative of the Bartley Green ward said, according to the Birmingham Mail.

His was criticizing Birmingham City Council’s handling of child sexual exploitation after West Midlands Police arrested a suspected gang member for three schoolgirl rapes. He was bailed on every occasion, however.


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commented 2017-11-21 20:51:24 -0500
Personally, I don’t see #2 as a win. This is the same sort of threats and censorship that, when it happens to Jordan Peterson, our old friend Gavin MacInnes, or that tool Yiannopoulis, we all rail against here.

Since this was known about in advance, I think I would have preferred that those objecting had instead insisted upon reasonable monitoring of the presentation, by either observers or recording it and making it available to parents. That would give them, and the parents, the opportunity to expose and explain to students any taquiyya being presented, if that was the speaker’s (or the teacher’s) goal. Only if this reasonable request was refused by the school would I agree that shutting it down was the right thing to do.

But to shut down the presentation only opens the door for the left’s inevitable screeching, and weakens any concerns we raise about double standards when it comes to censorship by the left. We have to be better than this to win minds in what is increasingly becoming a battle of ideologies.
commented 2017-11-21 13:43:31 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,386 Attacks, 222,504 Killed, 303,000 Injured that we know of