November 03, 2017

TOP 10: Opiates seized from ISIS; more accusations against Tariq Ramadan

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. More women come forward with allegations against Tariq Ramadan

2. What did they teach at terrorist Sayfullo Saipov's NYC mosque?

3. "Devout terrorist" jailed for Australia plot

A 22-year-old Australian man described as a 'devout terrorist' was sentenced to 22 years in jail Friday for plotting to attack government buildings in Sydney, as authorities grapple with the rise of homegrown Islamist extremism.

Sulayman Khalid was handed the sentence at the New South Wales Supreme Court after pleading guilty to conspiring to act in preparation for a terrorist attack.

He was arrested during a series of police raids in Sydney and Brisbane in late 2014.

Four others, including an unnamed teenager, were jailed for between nine and 18 years for similar or lesser offences -- such as intentionally making a document connected with the preparation of a terrorist act.

Khalid 'occupied a co-ordinating role' in the plot, Justice Geoffrey Bellew wrote in his ruling.

'In offending as he did, Khalid demonstrated that he was a devout terrorist, he added.

4. 30,000 rejected asylum seekers "disappeared" in Germany, tabloid claims

Around 30,000 rejected asylum seekers have simply disappeared from Germany's records, a German newspaper has claimed, though the government and refugee organizations call the statistical analysis inaccurate and 'ridiculous.'

According to a report in Thursday's mass-circulation daily Bild, the government's Central Register of Foreign Nationals (AZR) counted around 54,000 people at the end of 2016 who were obligated to leave the country, but only around 23,000 were claiming state benefits in accordance with the law governing asylum applicants, according to numbers from the Federal Statistical Office.”


5. Aftermath of Philippine battle against Muslims fighting for Islamic supremacy, and the implementation of sharia law

6. Political correctness allows Islamic terrorism to spread: Ex-government advisor

The author of a report on integration in the UK told a police summit the desire to embrace diversity was letting down people in society and difficult conversations were required in some socially divided communities, such as Bradford.

Speaking at the APCC and NPCC Partnership Summit in London, she said: 'If you’re not alive to the importance of talking about these issues then there’s not much hope of stopping these possible things happening to us.'”

The article continues to push fully discredited theories about economics and Islamic terrorism. However its initial premise is worth reading. That far left wing thought, namely “political correctness” is responsible for failing to properly deal with islamic terror, and spreading of hatred of classical civilization and its freedoms.


7. At least 56,000 migrants (including criminals) on the run in Britain

They should have been deported but the Home Office has lost track of them.

Potentially dangerous offenders who have given officials the slip include those who were held but then released into the community.

A damning report by an independent inspector on the security shambles made “difficult reading”, ministers admitted yesterday.

It warned there was “little evidence” that effective action was being taken to locate the bulk of absconders, with nearly a third of planned deportations failing because of last-ditch legal challenges.”


8. Number of Migrants Arriving in Greece from Turkey up 200 per cent

The number of migrants arriving on the Greek islands from Turkey since this August is up 200 per cent compared to the same period last year.

Greek Migration Policy Minister Yiannis Mouzalas described the spike as a 'special phase' and explained that arrival rates had shot up from 87 people per day in July to 156 per day in August, and then 214 a day in September and October.

With around 4,000 people arriving on the islands in October alone, Mouzalas described the situation at the congested camps on Lesvos as 'very bad' and on Chios as 'bad', Ekathimerini reports.

9. North African or Arab men attacked Halloween partiers in Germany

Police had to reinforce their presence outside Cologne Cathedral over reports of “heavily intoxicated and aggressive groups of men,” in the city center, who were mostly of North African or Arab origin, according to Zeit.


German police officers in the city of Halle were attacked by a gang of 'youths' on Halloween night, and police in Cologne were forced to call for reinforcements due to sex attacks and violence from young migrant men.

In Cologne, police had to call for reinforcements after drunken men, described as North Africans and Arabs, gathered near the site of the infamous Cologne New Year’s Eve sex attacks.

Police say that there were 'numerous brawls and disputes' and “three women were 'sexually harassed', with two men being arrested in connection with the sex attacks, reports German news magazine Focus.

10. Italian authorities seize MILLIONS of opiate tablets being used to finance the Islamic State






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commented 2017-11-05 00:25:06 -0400
Wow 86000, lost between Britain and Germany. Scary stuff!
commented 2017-11-04 15:35:38 -0400
The younger generation better wake up soon or their future will be a lot different then their parents . I was not that interested when I was younger but the game plan has changed and the other side is determined to win at any cost .
Helping people in their country is better than bringing them here with all the BS that goes with it . Why has no one been deported from Canada yet ? Good luck trying to find them if you wanted to .
commented 2017-11-03 17:23:44 -0400
Good to see the Philippines fighting for their country against invaders, meanwhile our PM hands them money and lets them run the country.
commented 2017-11-03 14:41:36 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,306 Attacks, 221,554 Killed, 302,328 Injured that we know of