September 18, 2018

Top 10: “Orbán is a hero, he deserves a Nobel prize”— Geert Wilders

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Failed asylum-seekers set fire to cell in Vienna

Six failed asylum-seekers set fire to their detention centre cell in Vienna overnight and had to be hospitalised, Austrian police said Saturday.

Asylum claims filed by the five Afghans and one Iranian man had been rejected and they were awaiting deportation.

Police initially spoke of a collective suicide attempt but later downplayed that premise.

“We think the men wanted to highlight their unhappiness,” police spokesman Harald Soros told AFP.

The men had composed a letter which said they had no prospects for the future and mentioned dates two had been given for deportation.

One of the men had previously staged a hunger strike, and Soros said the fire might have been an attempt to prevent the deportation process.

2. Vast Majority of Brits Says Govt Lies About Migrants, Most Want Numbers Cut

The vast majority of Brits think the government lies about immigration and a significant number say multiculturalism has undermined British culture and migrants do not integrate, research by pro-mass migration groups has found.

The study, one of the broadest conducted in the UK into people’s attitudes to immigration, found just 15 percent of respondents feel ministers have managed it competently and fairly and only 17 percent trust the government to be honest on the topic.

In fact, more than a quarter of people believe MPs never tell the truth about immigration and half the population wants the number of low-skilled workers coming into Britain from the EU slashed.

More than half, 52 percent, say that public services are under strain as a result of immigration and the same number believe migrants are willing to work for less, putting jobs at risk and lowering wages.

3. Antifa’s “Manhunt in Chemnitz” headline was not justified

Dr. Gottfried Curio of the AfD, cites numerous government sources confirming that the claim of “migrant hunting” was a lie promoted by Antifa.

4. Geert Wilders tells Dutch Foreign Minister who criticized multiculturalism to “buy a spine” and join his party rather than apologize

Related article from July: Dutch foreign minister says multicultural societies breed violence, and he's not apologizing

5. Kidnapped Teenage Girl Held for 12 Years by Sex Grooming Gang

Sarah was a shy girl already in midwifery college when she was kidnapped by the gang from a supermarket parking lot. While she was being repeatedly raped, drugged and forced to have eight abortions by the Pakistani gang over 12 years of captivity, her parents’ desperate pleas for help were ignored by the police, who even refused to list Sarah as missing.

“The police kept saying leave it a few days, she’ll come back,” said her mother. “But she never did.”

A week after the kidnapping, Sarah’s brother arrived at the house where she was initially held. Sarah, who had been told by gang members they would hurt her family if she ever revealed to them what had happened, stayed silent. Terrified neighbors never tried to help for the same reason.

Armed with information about her possible location, Sarah’s parents again went to the police, who again reportedly refused to help. As the story of the systematic abuse by young British girls by multiple gangs of Muslim men (who viewed the girls as “white trash”) unfolded in the UK, it was revealed that the police – as well as other government employees — failed to pursue the gangs for fear of being labeled racists.

6. Matteo Salvini triggers Luxembourg’s foreign minister in argument about immigration

7. BONOKOSKI: Liberal MP Leona Alleslev slams Trudeau, crosses floor to Tories

In a bombshell move Monday, a rising star among the Trudeau Liberals crossed the House of Commons floor to join the Conservatives of Andrew Scheer, but not before delivering a scathing indictment of a government she accuses of failing the country.

This came out of nowhere, the secret tightly kept.

Rookie MP Leona Alleslev, elected in the Ontario riding of Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill after defeating the Tory incumbent, was immediately tapped by Scheer to take on a key role in caucus as the party’s critic of global security.

Rising in the Commons on a point of personal privilege, Alleslev slammed the Liberals for failing to live up to the promises made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, leaving average Canadians to despair that “their tomorrow will (not) be better than today, and that the children’s future will (not) be better than theirs.”

8. Geert Wilders: “Orbán is a hero, he deserves a Nobel prize”

9. Berlin experiencing outbreaks of massive violence among Arab clans

Related: How Berlin's Lebanese mafia clans work


10. VIDEO: Lib MP Leona Alleslev Crosses The Floor To Join The Cons


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commented 2018-09-18 17:24:37 -0400
Dear Ezra,
I have posted this here because The Rebel has not provided me with the opportunity to post it where it belongs: under the “Justin Trudeau must Apologize” thread.
Can you think of anything more useless, contrived, and meaningless than a coerced apology? This is a tactic of the Left. If you use it, you appear no different than them.
Note the fact that he hasn’t apologized; say that a real man would; then have a field day because he “won’t” apologize, but never, ever demand one.
Every time you do something like this (demanding an apology, you legitimize their tactics.
Demanding an apology is in the same league as sending a complaint to an HRC: why would you want to give the contrived process (and the bastards) any legitimacy?

PS: from now on, please consider adding a comments feature onto your petitions.
commented 2018-09-18 17:07:09 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,024 Attacks, 233,406 Killed, 313,191 Injured that we know of

7 & 10. She should have crossed the floor to join Maxime Bernier’s Party, but the look of confusion and bewilderment on that Liberal MP dude behind her is priceless.
commented 2018-09-18 15:27:05 -0400
#5. Coming to Canada if not already here. Preferred method so far at least, is to rape and murder…….!
commented 2018-09-18 13:09:34 -0400
1 / The Austrian detention authorities should have monitored the fire the inmates set in their own cell…with a fire hose to prevent it from spreading, but let the savages be hoisted by their own petards…
That way you wouldn’t have to bear the cost of deporting them, just toss their crispy-critter-carcases in the land fill.
It would also send a pretty clear message to the rest of the savages, go ahead, give it a shot, then we won’t have to deport you either!
Does that sound harsh and cold-blooded? I don’t care. Just look at what Marice Potvin shares here daily.
It’s time to fight back and fight fire with fire…

2 / I wonder what the polling in Terrorist-Khan’s London said…

7 / …It’s time to fight back and fight fire with fire…

8 / Viktor Orban is a rising hero in the West, well heroic to conservatives and Christians anyway, but unfortunately the Nobel Prize has been hugely diminished in value by giving it to some unworthy recipients, like Obumbler. This is the same as being awarded the Order of Canada today, after the lefties gave it to the mass murderer Morgenthaler, some recipients gave thiers back!

10 / A courageous and honourable lady to stand up and speak the truth to Jihadi-Justin-Groper’s lies and treason!
I sure enjoyed listening to her statement and watching the ‘walk away’, but one must wonder why she joined the LPC in the first place…