January 02, 2018

Top 10: Pakistani man takes 12 year old Greek sex slave, who escaped after 3 years

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Nine more killed by state authorities in Iran protests 


2. Greece: Pakistani migrant kept 12-year-old Greek girl as sex slave for three years

Greek source:

English article:

A 34-year-old Pakistani migrant was arrested for keeping a young girl captive in his house in the town of Menidi in Greece.

The child was kidnapped in 2013, at the age of twelve, when she was abandoned by her mother. According to Greek media the girl lived in a nightmare for three years. The migrant raped her on a daily basis and locked her up in his house.

In 2015 the girl became pregnant and gave birth to a child in October that year. She managed to escape in 2016 and found refuge in a women’s shelter.


3. Woman who declared her gun range a "Muslim Free Zone" announces bid for Arkansas governor

A gun rights activist who once dubbed her shooting range a “Muslim Free Zone” has announced her bid for governor of Arkansas.

Jan Morgan, a former journalist turned gun range owner, said in a campaign video that she would be challenging the state’s current, Republican governor in the GOP primary in May.

Ms Morgan described herself as “a born again Christian, a genetically conservative wife, mother, small business owner [and] certified firearms instructor”.


4. Protests in Pakistan demanding expulsion of US ambassador due to Trump's tweet


Pakistan: "We will throw aid in his face" — Islamabad reacts to Trump tweet

Burning Trump images:

5. Videos: North Africans beating police woman in France on New Years Eve

Daily Mail has story HERE:

Horrific New Year's Day assault on a female police officer in Paris was filmed by her attackers as they kicked her around like a rag doll in ‘cowardly and criminal lynching’

[...] The unnamed police officer was filmed by gang members as she was kicked around by the attackers. The footage was then uploaded onto the internet by the group.

At one stage, her colleague appears so badly beaten up that he takes his gun out his holster, but does not let off a shot.

The footage on social media has sparked outrage across France, with president Emmanuel Macron promising to bring the culprits to justice.


6. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley's latest remarks on North Korea

Related: Trump, Haley Declare America Stands with the Iranian People After 12 Killed in Protests

President Donald Trump expressed support for “the great Iranian people” on Monday morning as reports confirmed that 12 people have been killed in the Iranian uprising so far.

Trump’s public affirmation followed that of U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley who declared Sunday that the United States stands behind the Iranian people and that she prayed “freedom and human rights will carry the day.”


7. Joshua Boyle, Canadian hostage in Afghanistan, arrested and faces list of charges in Ottawa

Boyle appears in court Wednesday to face 15 charges, including sexual assault and forcible confinement.

Joshua Boyle, the Canadian man who was held hostage with his American wife and children for five years in Afghanistan and Pakistan, has been arrested and charged with assault, unlawful confinement and other offences that are alleged to have occurred in the weeks since his dramatic rescue from captivity in October.


8. ISIS "White Beard" executioner "captured by Iraqi forces"

Islamic State's White Beard executioner has been captured by Iraqi forces in Mosul after locals ratted him out.

The killer, identified as Abu Omer, was one of the terror group's fearsome henchmen and was renowned for stoning people to death.

His arrest was confirmed on Friday by civilians who told the authorities where they believed the ISIS enforcer was hiding out. [...]

In March 2015, chilling images emerged of three men accused of homosexuality and blasphemy being forced to their knees and publicly beheaded by a sword-wielding Islamic State executioner.


9. Alternative for Germany Party MP banned from Twitter, after criticizing police for tweeting in Arabic

She is also under police investigation now by the German police for potential thought crimes.

Related article from June 2017 on dozens of people in Germany whose homes were raided for thought crimes on social media.


10. Poland refuses EU demands to take North African, Middle Eastern migrants

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commented 2018-01-03 13:42:32 -0500
#4. Pakistan: “We will throw aid in his face” — Islamabad reacts to Trump tweet

And then every paki mohammedan will die of starvation.
A country whose whole economy, since the foundation of the country, is running on foreign aid who couldn’t produce anything more than few cheap cotton shirts for export will perish in no time.
Pakistan (and every other islamic country) were never the friends of the west it was a farce created by pakis & our gullible (or should I say corrupt!!) politicians swallowed that lie whole, without ever questioning their integrity, demanding accountability, or asking for results.
All mohammedans are expert in deception (taqiyya & tawriya) but pakis & afghanis are the masters.
commented 2018-01-03 13:26:36 -0500
Nothing can change these uncivilized, stone age, savages coming from retarded culture. Many of these sub-humans may have been living in France for years (or even generations) and living off on french taxpayer’s dime. Obviously, no amount of compassion & infinite welfare could ever change their barbaric behaviour.
These are not isolated incidents perpetrated by some misguided youths. That’s their true character coming out in absence of vigorous implementation of the laws. Think of all the BLM protests in US, when afro-americans killed/injured several law enforcement personnel & burnt down whole cities.
Same People, Same Mentality, Same Actions, just the place is different.
commented 2018-01-03 12:12:40 -0500
9. Hate Speech- the modern term for truth. Don’t you just hate all this truth mongering?
commented 2018-01-03 07:20:03 -0500
Sorry I was out of commission a few days guys. If I don’t go cold turkey on Trudeau every few weeks I start to lose my marbles. This clown is actually affecting my health.

Thanks to mega-taxing by generations of Liberals I can no longer afford 2 week vacations to warmer climates. So I stay put and watch the old stuff – you know, when men were Men, not trans this or that.

Just enjoyed a heavy dose of Steve McQueen movies and Kojak reruns. I’m better now.
commented 2018-01-03 07:16:26 -0500
2. Greece: Pakistani migrant kept 12-year-old Greek girl as sex slave for three years

A couple of years ago a Greek volunteer on one of the Greek islands brought some of her own food to refugees who landed from Turkey. As soon as she got out of her car they surrounded her and picked everything clean – they even stole her phone and purse.

In another display of gratitude, migrants burned and pillaged the town of Souda, Crete, smashing shops and cars.

But hey don’t worry Greece, our hero Justin might sponsor all of them.
commented 2018-01-03 02:20:30 -0500
4: Pakistan is complaining and demanding the charity of the US. Its “give us your money or we will hold our breath and stamp our feet”. Its really “owed” to them. Let me see… Bin Laden was residing about 2 km from a military station in Pakistan, Pakistan gives refuge to Taliban, and Pakistan is constantly complaining about the US. I wouldn’t give them a cent if I was the US.

5: “president Emmanuel Macron promising to bring the culprits to justice”. Yea. Right. Sure. Any day now.

6: Thank you Mr. Obama, Jim Kerry, and Madam Clinton for not having helped the Iranian people when they had a chance to help with change and ending the Mullah run government.

7. Joshua Boyle: who didn’t see this coming? Why would he drag his pregnant wife to Afghanistan? Why would she consent? They are a typical, stone age couple getting back to the basic rule of women as things. Bravo, Baby Doc, for welcoming them home! Another P.R. display that blew up in the Liberal’s collective face.

9: I see Germany beat us to a M-103 type law before our progressive/regressive PM Baby Doc Trudeau (pronounced Poo Dough in China, meaning “Little Potato”) could virtue signal first. Lets sit back and watch Germany to understand what Canada will become.

10: Good for Poland! I see it as one of four Eastern European countries pulling out of the EU within two years, if not earlier.
commented 2018-01-03 01:03:27 -0500
Funny to see the anger in Pakistan, if they hate the US so much then why are they mad if they stop sending dirty infidel money?
commented 2018-01-03 01:02:35 -0500
Don Smith more than friend, Justin is his b*tch.
commented 2018-01-02 20:42:37 -0500
I wonder how many millions we’ll have to pay Joshua Boyle to soothe his hurt feelings for being arrested. It can’t be his fault that he committed those crimes, it must be something we didn’t do for him. Besides, he’s a friend of Justin.
commented 2018-01-02 19:38:42 -0500
I posted this on another thread, before I realized TOP TEN had been uploaded and the Boyle story was included.

TAMMIE PUTINSKI-ZANDBELT commented 2018-01-02 19:33:09 0500
Breaking News

Joshua Boyle charged by police – The charges Boyle faces include eight counts of assault, two counts of sexual assault, two counts of unlawful confinement, one count of uttering death threats, one count of causing someone to “take a noxious thing,” and one count of misleading police, according to court documents obtained by Canadian media. There is a publication ban therefore victim’s name cannot be released.
I think it’s fair to say his wife is the victim, incidents dating from Oct.14-Dec.30 (keep in mind, the Boyles returned to Canada the day before the first incident)



Caitlan Coleman should take the children and return to the United States, back to her family…she needs deprogramming and support.

I wonder if Trudeau tried to interfere with the police laying charges? Now, how will Gerald Butts try to spin the Boyle’s visit to PMO and the photos that Joshua uploaded with messages confirming Justin and Joshua have known each other since 2006, “common interests, ha ha”.
commented 2018-01-02 19:20:40 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,576 Attacks, 224,736 Killed, 304,076 Injured that we know of.