March 29, 2018

Top 10: Paris Jewish student group office vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. ISIS jihadi who wanted to bomb Big Ben had TWO council houses including one for his wife

A JIHADI who was part of a gang which plotted to bomb more than 30 landmarks across London had two council houses - one for himself and another for his wife, who “wanted her independence.”

Qualified cupping therapist Muhammad Abid has been living in a flat given to him by Newham Council, while his wife took the keys to another taxpayer funded pad in Canning Town.

He said: “She wanted to maintain her independence from myself and, number two, because of her health conditions.”

The 27-year-old has now been jailed for four years and three months at the Old Bailey for failing to report his gang’s plots.

The gang told children to drive cars “like Mujahideen”, encouraging them to go armed to Big Ben, Heathrow airport and Westfield shopping centre to carry out attacks.


2. “I’ve never felt so much guilt in all my life”: Firefighters who were BANNED from helping Manchester bombing victims by bungling bosses ask for forgiveness

Firefighters have asked for forgiveness after it was revealed they were banned from helping victims the night of the Manchester bombing.

Rank-and-file firefighters today told of their devastation at the decisions made by senior management during the attack which left 22 dead and 119 injured.

A probe by Lord Bob Kerslake revealed that fire crews were delayed by two hours and six minutes after the bombing.

The fire service “stuck to the rules” of an operation designed to keep emergency service workers away from on-the-run terrorists amid uncertainty over whether the bomber was still on the loose.

In an emotional open letter, one anonymous firefighter told how they had never “felt so much guilt in all my life”.

“Young children were dying and we weren't there to help. I did not sign up to the best job in the world to turn my back. Please forgive your firefighters who were begging to help.”


3. Rochdale sex attacker groomed girl, 12, on Facebook then repeatedly raped her just months after he had been freed early for good behaviour from jail following knifepoint gang rape

A rapist groomed and repeatedly attacked a 12-year-old girl after being freed early from prison for “good behaviour” after he was locked up for a knifepoint gang rape.

Osman Ali, 25, was imprisoned for more than eight yeas in 2012 after he and two other men took it in turns to rape a college student whilst filming the attack.

But he was freed in 2016 after serving just half of his sentence.

Within months Ali was targeting the 12-year-old after they met through the social media site and he convinced her he was her boyfriend.

The pair arranged illicit liaisons behind her parents' back who were under the mistaken belief she was having extra school lessons.

Over a seven month period they would meet up at his sister's house in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, where he would take pictures of the girl in her school uniform before raping her multiple times. [...]

His 2012 court case was told he was the ringleader of a gang who subjected a 19-year old student to a terrifying rape ordeal after inviting her to “chill” with them.

They threatened to knife her to death if she didn't go along with their demands and she later described the attack as “a living nightmare”.


4. Twitter suspends former far-right EDL leader Tommy Robinson for “hateful conduct”

Former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson has been suspended from Twitter.

It is understood that Mr Robinson's account was taken down for violating the platform's policies on “hateful conduct”, though it is not clear what triggered the suspension.

Twitter declined to say how long the account would remained suspended for.


5. Anti-Semitic bullying of Jewish schoolgirl causes outrage in Germany

News that a Jewish girl in Berlin was bullied by Muslim classmates has provoked strong reactions. Germany's Central Council of Jews has demanded countermeasures, saying Muslim associations must assume responsibility.

Josef Schuster has always shown composure. The 64-year-old president of the Central Council Of Jews in Germany often appears calm and collected when dealing with the press. Yet, the case at hand has left even him speechless.

The case involves a second-grade girl at a Berlin elementary school who was bullied by Muslim classmates for months about her Jewish heritage. Speaking with DW, Schuster squarely placed blame on the adults with whom the children have daily contact.

“We must be clear about one thing. No child, no youth, is born as an anti-Semite. That means these children must have gotten those ideas somewhere.” As a rule, that would mean at home or in the mosque – where Muslim children are also accompanied by their parents.


6. VIDEO: The pointless death of gendarmes, Arnaud Beltrame, in Trèbes attack

Aldo Sterone explains why he is saddened to see French politicians try to use the officer’s “heroic act” to transform the jihad attack into a “happy ending”.


Ottawa Police say they have identified a man who has been accused of touching women inappropriately on OC Transpo buses.

Police said Tuesday that over the past 12 months, at least five young women told investigators that a man sat next to them on the bus and then either placed his hand on one of their thighs or legs, or started touching their feet with his feet.

In a press release Wednesday, police said the suspect has been identified as 37-year-old Mohamad El-Husseini, of Ottawa.

He's facing four counts of sexual assault and will be in court Thursday.


8. Tommy Robinson Video: “Twitter removed me forever”

Tommy Robinson explains the circumstances and selective enforcement which led to his permanent removal from Twitter.

9. Mauritania Expels Moroccan Journalist for Researching Slavery

Rabat – Mauritanian authorities expelled Seif Kousmate, a Moroccan-French photojournalist, after detaining him for more than three days for conducting research on slavery in the country.

The Paris-based NGO, Reporters Without Borders (RSF), noted that the authorities made the arrest on March 20, at the border with Senegal, “from where he had planned to take a flight back to Morocco.”

The reporter was placed in police headquarters in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania.

The authorities seized the journalist’s laptop and mobile phone and arbitrarily “detained him for three days in Nouakchott, interrogating him, inter alia about his links with Biram Dah Abeid, a former presidential candidate and leader of the anti-slavery movement, who he interviewed in the course of his reporting,” added the NGO.

The journalist was deported from Mauritania after “starting a hunger strike” on March 24, and arrived in Morocco’s Casablanca on the same date.

The NGO contacted the journalist, who he said “he was initially suspected of terrorism.”

The Mauritanian authorities returned the journalist’s phone and laptop, but would not release “several memory cards containing photos he had taken.”

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10. Paris Jewish student group office vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti

“Zionist racist anti-goy office” and “Death to Israel” scrawled on walls of French Jewish Students Union at Sorbonne campus.

The headquarters of a Jewish student group at a Paris university were ransacked Wednesday, with vandals scrawling anti-Israel and anti-Semitic graffiti on the office’s walls, hours before mass marches were held around France to protest anti-Semitism.

Sacha Ghozlan, president of the French Jewish Students Union, said that the damage was inflicted at the group’s facilities on the Pantheon-Sorbonne campus of the University of Paris.

“A cabinet was thrown on the ground and there were inscriptions such as ‘Death to Israel,’ ‘Viva Arafat’ on the wall,” Gozlan told the Associated Press.


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Censor and silence , Twitter deserves whatever karma is coming their way.
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Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,048 Attacks, 227,451 Killed, 307,406 Injured that we know of.