October 31, 2017

Top 10: Returning UK jihadis get priority for homes, jobs

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Video: Eleven shots fired in immigrant area of Hamburg, Germany

2. FBI Bombshell: Far-Left U.S. Radicals Colluding With ISIS

In his latest book, All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump, set to be released today, Edward Klein reveals to the public findings from an FBI investigation into the shocking ties between far-left radicals in America and Islamist extremists.

The FBI report was delivered to Acting Director Andrew McCabe on July 11, 2017. While certain names have been redacted, Klein reveals how the FBI followed a group of Americans anarchists/radicals who traveled to Germany to join their German counterpart Antifaschistische Aktion to protest Trump’s attendance at a meeting of G20 leaders and central bank governors.

Evidence gathered from a variety of intelligence sources showed the Americans took part in the violence there. “There is also evidence of meetings between these individuals and associates of ISIS…Making some sort of common cause with Americans who are determined to commit violence against the U.S. makes them potentially very useful to radical Islam,” writes Klein based on the report.

3. Outrage as ISIS jihadis to go to the ‘front of the queues for council houses and jobs

Leaked plans for a scheme called Operation Constrain suggest putting returning jihadis at the front of the queue for social housing, and helping them into education or employment.

The project would reportedly target up to 20,000 extremists known to MI5, while Britons returning from former Islamic State strongholds in Syria would also be eligible.

The nationwide programme is due to start next year, the Mail on Sunday reported.

Whitehall said the scheme was part of the government's commitment to 'respond to the evolving threat in the most effective way we can’.

4. The saga of the Toronto imam who called for the cleansing of Al Aqsa “from the filth of the Jews” goes another round between the Toronto Star and Honest Reporting Canada

The video in question:

5. Pakistani politician who ran “Jihadi Camp” invited to speak in Canada

A Canadian-Pakistani newspaper is set to host a senior Pakistani politician who ran Jihadi camps from his farmhouse. Sheikh Rasheed, President of Awami Muslim League ran a training camp for Kashmiri separatist militants from his farmhouse on the outskirts of the capital Islamabad.

Rasheed who is a member of Pakistan’s national parliament is set to speak at Swagat Banquet Hall in Mississauga on October 30th. The event is being hosted by Urdu Times, a weekly Urdu language newspaper which came under fire earlier this year for publicizing an event celebrating a blasphemy killer Mumtaz Qadri. Qadri was hanged for killing the former governor of Punjab Salman Taseer. [...]

Waqas Gondal, a real estate broker and editor of Urdu Times who is organizing the event says that Rasheed has been given clearance by the Canadian Embassy and they are aware of his speeches. Gondal enjoys considerable support within Canada’s Liberal party and has been pictured with Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie and MP Iqra Khalid at different events.

6. Man arrested for involvement with attack on US compound in Benghazi

U.S. forces have captured a militant believed to have played a role in a 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, three U.S. officials said on Monday.

The officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that U.S. Special Operation Forces captured the militant in Libya in the past few days.

Two of the officials identified him as Mustafa al Imam and said he had played a role in the attack and the ambassador’s death.

The officials said the man was now in the custody of the Department of Justice and being transported back to the United States by the military.


7. Two ISIL bomb attack plotters are Austrian citizens of Turkish origin, police say

Police say that two of the four suspected Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants who planned an attack on an Istanbul mall on Turkey’s Republic Day on Oct. 29 are Austrian citizens of Turkish origin.

The militants were detained as part of widespread anti-ISIL operations across the country on Oct. 28.

Upon an investigation of two residences where fires had broken out - determined to be jihadist cells - on Oct. 28, two of the four plotters were identified as female and two of them are Austrian citizens, police said, citing information from pictures of the couple that were obtained.

The police then also found and raided two other cell homes in Istanbul, identified from evidence found at the first two residences.

8. Indonesia’s Aceh has now caned more than 500 people

PUBLIC floggings under the shariah-inspired criminal code in the Indonesian province of Aceh have reached more than 500 since October 2015, reported a human rights monitor last week.

Human Rights Watch said that at least 530 people have been caned since the introduction of Aceh’s new, Islamic penal code two years ago. The organisation said punishments were mainly for what it called “victimless crimes” such as non-martial kissing and sexual relations, as well as gambling.

There have also been people whipped for selling alcohol, which is outlawed in the strictly Muslim-majority province. Under Indonesian law, Aceh is the only of the country’s 34 provinces to legally implement bylaws directly from Quranic teachings.

9. Bisexual Student Reprimanded for Criticizing Islam's Record on Gay Rights

Can you be called into a campus administrator’s office and chastised for telling peers that in some countries, gay people are executed in the name of Islam? Apparently, yes, yes you can.

At least, that’s what happen to grad student Alfred MacDonald within the philosophy department at University of Texas at San Antonio. MacDonald, who is bisexual, is telling his story now after transcribing an audio recording of a lengthy conversation he had with his superior last fall.

MacDonald told The College Fix in an interview this month that the incident occurred after he told peers during a campus conversation that as a bisexual he was bothered he could be killed in 10 Muslim countries.

After that, he was called into the philosophy department chair’s office and told making that statement was 'derogatory' and won’t 'be tolerated' and essentially threatened him with administrative discipline, according to a recording of the conversation.

10. Germany: Terror attack foiled, 19-year-old suspect arrested

A 19-year-old Syrian man was arrested on Tuesday morning in the German city of Schwerin, on suspicion of planning a terror attack. The operation was executed by Special Forces of the German Federal Police. According to police, three apartments were searched in close proximity to one another during the raid.

According to the Federal Prosecutor General's Office, the accused, Yamen A., was suspected of having “planned and concretely prepared an Islamist-motivated attack with explosives in Germany.” However, evidence of the accused being a member of a terrorist organisation is yet to be uncovered.

According to German publication Die Welt, the man came to Germany in 2015 with the wave of illegals.




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commented 2017-10-31 18:25:00 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,290 Attacks, 221,495 Killed, 302,252 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-10-31 16:14:46 -0400
2. FBI Bombshell: Far-Left U.S. Radicals Colluding With ISIS.
Islam and Marxism are one and the same, or at least they both desire the same end results.
Both Stalin and Muhammad would have been proud of them all.

3. Outrage as ISIS jihads to go to the �front of the queues for council houses and jobs.
Proof positive that the Conservative Government in the UK,are just Jihadi in Drag.

5. Pakistani politician who ran �Jihadi Camp� invited to speak in Canada.
No doubt at the invitation of the Islamic Lap Dog, Trudeau the Scummer Lover.

6. Man arrested for involvement with attack on US compound in Benghazi.
I would suggest that he be hung by by his feet, until dead, but this would be cruelty to animals.

7. Two ISIL bomb attack plotters are Austrian citizens of Turkish origin, police say.
They pluck Turkies, don’t they? ( Spelling intentional).

8. Indonesia�s Ache has now caned more than 500 people.
All Muslims are Sadists, they get their rocks off by inflicting pain.

9. Bisexual Student Reprimanded for Criticizing Islam’s Record on Gay Rights.
Bi Bi Happiness.