June 12, 2017

Top 10: “THIS IS WAR” — Florida sheriff tells citizens to arm up

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Australian PM Turnbull to receive petition to declare ANTIFA a terrorist organization after assault on prominent classically liberal journalist Andrew Bolt

“A petition demanding the far-left group which claimed responsibility for attacking conservative commentator Andrew Bolt be declared a terrorist organisation has attracted more than 4,300 signatures.

Avi Yemini, a self-defence instructor, posted the petition on change.org after footage emerged of masked thugs ambushing the Sky News presenter outside a Melbourne restaurant last week.

Video of the assault where Andrew bolt fought off ANTIFA terrorists was posted at The Rebel on June 9.

Below, a street level view of Andrew thrashing his attackers:

The petition can be found here.

2. Syrian/Polish rational-feminist Miriam Shaded tells Polish media how Europe must deal with the Islamic invasion currently underway there.


3. A sober second look at the car which ran into a crowd of people in front of the Amsterdam railway station.

“On Saturday June 10 a car suddenly drove into a crowd on the square in front of the central railway station of Amsterdam. Five people were injured; nobody was killed. [...]

"I’ve been to Amsterdam many times, and can assure you that parking cars on the square in front of the railway station is not possible. Only official vehicles (police, firefighters, ambulances) or those with permission (maintenance work) may park there. That’s the thing that tipped me off immediately.

"The whole area is a no-parking zone. Has been that for decades. Any car trying to park there is immediately approached by the police. The perpetrator was a 45-year-old man from Amsterdam. When approached by officers he suddenly sped away. If you feel unwell, that is very unusual behavior.

"Only a full day later did the police come up with the diabetic coma theory.”


4. 'This is war': Florida sheriff urges citizens to arm themselves in case of attack.


5. London police chief believes that London's greatness can be seen because of the various colours of the corpses of Islamic terror victims.

“The commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police has said that the range of nationalities of the victims of last week’s terror attack on London Bridge proudly showcases the diverse cultural makeup of the city.

“It’s desperately sad and poignant but among those who died is someone who’s British, there are French, Australian, Canadian, Spanish,” Cressida Dick told The Associated Press in an interview Saturday.

'In terms of our witnesses that we’ve spoken to so far, out of the 300-odd people, there are about 20 different countries of origin. And the London British population comes from all kinds of backgrounds and every kind of faith and ethnicity.'”


6. Norway burqa ban: Norwegian officials wants to outlaw face-covering veils in schools.

If the movement goes through, Norway will become the latest European nation to propose restrictions on wearing burqas and niqabs.

France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria and the German state of Bavaria have all imposed restrictions on wearing full-face veils in public places.

Norway's minority government, a coalition of the centre-right Conservatives and the populist Progress Party, said it was confident it would find opposition support for the move.

Education Minister Torbjoern Roe Isaksen said:

'We have every reason to believe this will be approved by parliament.'”

This is a good time to revisit The Rebel's John Robson on the historical context for banning political clothing:


7. TV film on migrant Muslims’ hate of Europe’s Jews axed

“European broadcasters have been accused of censorship after refusing to air a documentary highlighting anti-semitism in Muslim migrant communities.
"The film, Chosen and Excluded — The Hate for Jews in Europe, depicts the plight of Jewish people suffering violence at the hands of their Muslim neighbours in cities such as Paris.
"The Franco-German broadcaster Arte and WDR, a German public broadcaster, shelved the film, saying it had failed to offer a “multi-perspective” approach and lacked reporting from European countries.”
8. Australia's Andrew Bolt explains what was obvious to humanity for centuries and has now been forgotten:
If you remove national borders, you must place borders around everything you care about.
9. Pakistan sentences man to death for blasphemy on Facebook
“A Pakistani counter-terrorism court has sentenced to death a man who allegedly committed blasphemy on Facebook, a government prosecutor said on Sunday, the first time someone has been handed the death penalty for blaspheming on social media.
The conviction of Taimoor Raza, 30, follows a high-profile crackdown against blasphemy on social media by the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Blasphemy is a highly sensitive topic in Muslim-majority Pakistan, where insulting the Prophet Mohammad is a capital crime for which dozens are sitting on death row. Even mere accusations are enough to spark mass uproar and mob justice.”
10. Austria's burqa ban kicks in this October
“New Austrian legislation came into force on Friday that will ban the full-face Islamic veil in public places from October 1st.
The outlawing of the burqa or other clothing concealing the face follows similar moves in other countries in the European Union, starting with France in 2011.”
France however, faces profound levels of rioting and car burnings when it actually tries to enforce the ban.
These seem to be more a tactic of plausible deniability for the indigenous peoples of Europe than an attempt to preserve European cultures.
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commented 2017-06-13 17:36:00 -0400
Britains, fight for your country in common sense way ! Greetings from Poland.
commented 2017-06-13 11:25:07 -0400
5, you have to be a serious sick person to notice diversity in a massacre.
commented 2017-06-13 02:52:10 -0400
It’s great idea to get used to shooting. My wife and daughter finally went to a learn to shoot this past wknd. Takes the fear out guns and replaces it with confidence. Lock and load.
commented 2017-06-13 01:45:59 -0400
A sheriff doing his job, how odd that this is rare these days.
commented 2017-06-13 00:57:59 -0400
London Police Chief is a Muslim. All those dead people from different nations must appear to be a work of art to him.
commented 2017-06-13 00:57:01 -0400
Watching the Sheriff video, I had to pinch myself, I thought I was dreaming or in an alternate dimension. To hear a Law Enforcement official actually recommend carrying a weapon for defensive purposes was a common sense approach to self protection and survival. He realizes the reality that when an attack happens it’s unlikely the police will be there to help. As it has been said many times by many people, “When seconds count, remember the police are just minutes away.” You want to have a chance of survival, be Prepared, Equip and Train. It comes down to, Fight or Die, and it can come to claim you anywhere. Remember just about a week ago it was at a Canadian Tire Store, that could have been a disaster for some innocent. Always be ready, our police would prefer to see you dead than support your right to self defense, support your right to arm yourself. Yet they get to carry a gun and mostly use it when they are not under attack or any threat. Every Politician and Police Personnel need to watch this video of the Sheriff and come to a realization as to whose side we as law abiding citizens are on, because more and more it looks like the police are working against we the Tax Payers.
commented 2017-06-13 00:36:49 -0400
That sheriff brings up a salient point about police and governments who have no other answer for their citizen’s fear of a terror attack than to tell them to run away – those country’s citizens (and we are one of them) are wasting billions of tax dollars on a police system which cannot protect us and actually tells us we are on our own – then has the immoral depravity to forbid us to defend ourselves.
commented 2017-06-12 23:14:25 -0400
We need to get us one of those sheriffs. So sensible.
commented 2017-06-12 22:28:27 -0400
To quote the sheriff…
“remember… It takes a community to protect a community”
commented 2017-06-12 22:20:47 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,504 Attacks, 216,151 Killed, 297,390 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-06-12 21:36:19 -0400
And they nailed Mr. Harper to the cross for wanting to ban face covering .
Death for blasphemy what joke . This is the root of all evil . How they allow this is and honour killing in a country and our PM says nothing .