June 25, 2018

Top 10: Thousands march in Tehran chanting “Death to PALESTINE!”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Turkey elections: "Two pieces of evidence of voting fraud have emerged so far"

Erdogan Wins: with re-election, Turkey's President gains sweeping powers

2. 13,000 migrants “abandoned in the Sahara” by Algeria: African nation is accused of forcing huge numbers into the desert at gunpoint without food or water and leaving them to die

Algeria has denied mistreating migrants amid claims it has abandoned more than 13,000 in the Sahara Desert over the past 14 months - including pregnant women and children.

The country has been accused of expelling the migrants without food or water and forcing them to walk, sometimes at gunpoint, under a blistering sun before being left to die.

Pictures show migrants coming over the horizon by the hundreds under temperatures of up to 48C. Officials from the International Organisation for Migration have warned of a looming “catastrophe.”

Related video news report from one month ago:

3. Muslim businessman who reduced airline passengers to tears with anti-Semitic insults walks free from court after blaming racist remarks on smoking cannabis during Ramadan

A Muslim businessman who reduced airline passengers to tears with anti-Semitic insults has walked free from court after he blamed his racist remarks on smoking cannabis during Ramadan.

Company director Shamraize Bashir, 34, was travelling back to the UK from Israel with friends when he launched a foul-mouthed five minute rant.

He was heard to say: “You know the really fat Jewish women yeah? Their job is to let their husbands f*** them and make babies for them.”

4. Prison Population Tumbles While Courts Told Go Easy on Non-White Criminals, Focus on “Hate Crime”

Ministry of Justice figures show that the number of inmates put on home detention curfew (HDC) has risen to 3,304 from 2,196 in January when ministers told prison guards to increase their use in order to free up space in overcrowded jails.

This increase was reported as the primary factor in the prison population falling more than 1,500 in six months to 82,694, which is the lowest figure since January 2010.

According to The Times, the Conservative government ordered release on HDC be made “the norm” for offenders serving sentences of three months to four years after it was found to in 2016 that only 21 percent of people eligible for the scheme were tagged and set free.


And changes unveiled by the Sentencing Council last month could see people convicted of promoting “hostility” online towards a group with “protected characteristics”, such as transgender people or a religion, given up to six years’ jail time.

5. Iran: Protesters march by tens of thousands chanting “Death to PALESTINE!”


Protesters call MPs "unpardonable" and "incompetent"

6. “Every single street of #Tehran has turned into a battle zone”


7. Lives at steak: French butchers warn about vegan violence

Paris (AFP) - Butchers in France have written to the interior minister to ask for protection against violence and intimidation from vegan campaigners who “want to impose their lifestyle on the immense majority of people”.

The letter from the head of the CFBCT butchers' confederation, which represents 18,000 businesses across the country, was sent to Interior Minister Gerard Collomb last week and seen by AFP on Monday.


Several butcher shops were vandalised and sprayed with fake blood in the Hauts-de-France region of northern France in April, while the CFBCT said there were also precedents in the southern Occitanie region.

8. Sweden sentences 3 to prison for synagogue arson attack

A Swedish court has found three men guilty of attempted arson against the Jewish synagogue in Sweden's second-largest city of Goteborg last year, causing minor damage. Two men got two years in jail and the third was sentenced to 15 months.

The Goteborg District Court says Monday the case involved two Palestinians and a Syrian. The 22-year-old Palestinian had his asylum application turned down following the Dec. 9 attack and will be deported after serving his sentence. The others, aged 19 and 24, have Swedish residency permits.

The court said they were part of a masked group who threw burning objects at the synagogue, which the prosecution said was a reaction to the U.S. decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Euronews report: Three arrested in firebomb attack on Swedish synagogue

9. Two arrested in Rotterdam for preparing terrorist attack

On Sunday evening the police arrested two men, age 22 and 27 years, in the Bloemhof district of Rotterdam. They are suspected of preparing for a terrorist crime and participating in a terrorist organization, the Public Prosecutor announced after their arraignment on Thursday.

The arrests were made based on information from intelligence and security service AIVD. The suspects' home was searched and phones and data carriers were seized. No weapons or explosives were found.

Another man was arrested in the vicinity of the home. He turned out to be in the Netherlands illegally and was transferred to the immigration service.

10. French politician: Our country is being religiously colonised by migrants

“France is being religiously colonised by migrants,” said Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, a major French political figure. His comment made headlines just a few hours later after its airing. Immediately, extremist pro-immigration members of the press accused him of racism.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, who would have been Marine le Pen’s Prime minister if she had been elected, expressed a populist view against a panel filled with liberal actors and journalists.

“I think that our country is colonised…economically by the Americans and the Chinese, politically by Brussels, the European Union and Germany,” said M. Dupont-Aignan.

Even though the Quran is clear about its totalitarian goal of world domination and the extermination or enslavement of all who resist Islam, the panel exploded in anger as soon as he made his remarks. But the public cheered.

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commented 2018-06-26 01:20:35 -0400
Allan Peterson the progressive useful idiots will not even so much as gaze at that news story, their narrow minds can not comprehend anything that they did not see in a movie.

People in Iran calling for the end of Palestine , LMAO! Smoke will start coming form the brains of progressives trying to rationalize this.
commented 2018-06-25 20:12:48 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,546 Attacks, 230,268 Killed, 310,277 Injured that we know of.
commented 2018-06-25 16:57:08 -0400
#1. It’s worth noting Jihadi Justin is rigging the next election as well, if we even have an election …………………..
commented 2018-06-25 14:51:20 -0400
7. Lives at steak: French butchers warn about vegan violence
________________________________________________________________________________ Seems to me that people in possession of meat cleavers and other large knives should be warning the vegans.
commented 2018-06-25 14:49:03 -0400
2. 13,000 migrants “abandoned in the Sahara” by Algeria: African nation is accused of forcing huge numbers into the desert at gunpoint without food or water and leaving them to die
Ya gotta love that good old muslim brotherhood.