May 17, 2017

Top 10: Turkish bodyguards attack journalists, protesters in DC

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Horrified viewers forced to switch off Rochdale child abuse series Three Girls, while others say it should be screened in SCHOOLS.

Three Girls is a three-part BBC drama telling the true story of the widespread grooming and sexual assault of girls in Rochdale by a gang of Asian men, which was revealed in 2012.

Maxine Peake stars as Sara Rowbotham, a sexual health worker who blew the whistle on the scandal.

PLUS: A heartbreaking personal account of how Muslim gangs turned young British women into sex slaves across the UK:


2. Austria approves burqa ban and mandatory language lessons for migrants.

AUSTRIA has approved a series of measures aimed at integrating migrants, including a ban on the burka and the introduction of mandatory language lessons. […]

The controversial ‘burka ban’ was one of those approved, with residents now blocked from wearing full-face coverings in public.

If they break this new rule they face a fine of some €150 (£128). Migrants will also be forced to undertake a one-year integration course including focus on the German language.

John Robson made an excellent video detailing the probable futility of clothing bans, as well as what the seeming need for such a ban likely really means:


3. Three hundred migrants in Sweden evacuated after three arson fires

Three fires in southern Sweden apparently aimed at refugees are being investigated as arson, Swedish authorities said Wednesday.

No injuries have been reported and no arrests have been made. But police said in separate statements Wednesday that more than 300 asylum seekers have been evacuated after overnight fires in Vaxjo, Borrby and Malilla.

One of the fires destroyed a cafe and dance hall in a wooden building in Vaxjo adjacent to a hotel being used to house refugees. Swedish Radio said firefighters were able to stop the blaze from spreading to the nearby Hotel Butapalats but some 200 asylum seekers were protectively relocated to a nursing home.


4. Indonesia: Two gay men sentenced to 85 lashes

A Sharia court in Indonesia's Aceh province has sentenced two men to be caned in public for having gay sex.

The men were found guilty of violating strict Islamic laws in conservative Aceh and will receive 85 lashes each.

The pair, aged 20 and 23, were found in bed together by vigilantes in March. They have not been identified.

Gay sex is not illegal in the rest of Muslim-majority Indonesia and this is its first such conviction. Aceh is the only province where Sharia is in force.

Interestingly, the sentence is harsher than the requested 80 lashes by the prosecution.

Indonesia recently sentenced Jakarta governor Ahok to two years in jail for blasphemy when the prosecution only asked for two years conditional probation with no custodial sentence. This gives a strong indication of which way the country is moving.


5. Turkish dictator Erdogan supporters appear to have attacked detractors in Washington, DC, outside the official residence of the Turkish Ambassador


6. Germany warns Turkey "we will not be BLACKMAILED" as war of words rages on

Federal foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel hit out amid an escalating row with Turkey after Germany accepted asylum requests from two Turkish soldiers, allegedly involved in the military coup.

In retaliation, an outraged Turkey refused to allow German politicians to visit soldiers at Incirlik air base.

This was followed by a strong rebuke from Chancellor Angela Merkel who threatened to withdraw all German soldiers from Ankara.

In summary, Turkey, a NATO partner, would not allow German officials to visit a NATO base within Turkey.


7. Saudi missionaries active in Kosovo, says German government

The German government says missionary groups from Saudi Arabia are spreading the ultraconservative Wahabi version of Islam in Kosovo.

In a response to questions from opposition lawmakers, the government says Saudi-backed preachers are active in the small Muslim-majority country in southeastern Europe.

The German government says donors from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states are also funding Islamic communities in Kosovo. The country is a significant source of foreign fighters for groups such as the Islamic State.

8. While Lauren Southern and Tim Pool are on Sweden’s hate-speech list, Norwegian based hate preacher Mullah Krakar does not appear to be:

Here is typical interview with the Mullah in Norway, from 2015:


9. Muhammad Abdur Rabbani charged following arrest at Heathrow airport

Muhammad Abdur Rabbani, 36 (03.03.81) from Bethnal Green, attended an east London police station on Wednesday, 17 May 2017 and was charged as follows:

- that on 20 November 2016, at Heathrow Airport, he did wilfully obstructed, or sought to frustrate, an examination or search under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000, contrary to paragraph 18(1)(c) of that Schedule.


10. "How can this be?!" Mum's heartbreak as migrant, who assaulted girl, six, gets soft sentence

AN IMMIGRANT in Germany has been given a mild 20 month suspended jail sentence for sexually abusing a little girl in an asylum seekers home in Berlin that led to her father being gunned down by police. The victim's mother Zaman burst into tears when she heard the verdict and cried out in the courtroom: "How can this be? He should be locked up in a place where he cannot do this again. He destroyed my life on this day.”


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commented 2017-05-17 19:35:49 -0400
Item 2 – Leave the burka; niquab etc… in your country of origin please! We are free (for the moment) in Canada and if you have to cover your face during the citizenship ceremony/oath, what kind of a citizen will you be, are you here to sabotage our democracy? Or maybe, you will become a politician who changes the country who has adopted you, your changes will reflect the 7th century oppression you just left. I’m not a supporter of this type of immigration!
commented 2017-05-17 19:26:13 -0400
Item 1 – Katie Hopkins has been vilified in British msm, her life has been threatened and I applaud her continued courage to speak the truth, Britain needs to hear it! She interviewed Emma, and unfortunately, Emma’s story is very typical of how British girls are targeted by muslim men, and, the system tasked with protecting the safety of children has miserably failed; leaving parents to send their girls to another country for protection. There are many accomplices in this rampant abuse of British girls, they will go unpunished as it’s the government; the police; social services; the media and those wretched neighbours who don’t report the screaming etc….
It is estimated a million girls in Britain have been groomed/ terrorized by muslim rape gangs; Islam is the common denominator, and this fact is ignored.
commented 2017-05-17 18:37:04 -0400
1. Maybe there’s still hope for the UK when media like this is allowed to be seen still.
2. Canada needs a burka ban too. And if Justin thinks that’s racist, then he’s calling Austria (and other countries) racist too.
4. Pay attention LGBT community. Justin believes in Sharia compliance.
5. I guess Trump is a puppet of Erdogan since he’s not saying anything about this.
6. Turkey should NOT be in NATO.
8. Sweden is lost.
9. Germany allows “cultural” rape of children.
commented 2017-05-17 17:53:36 -0400
#5. These videos look like the middle east. Keep bringing them in.
Looks like King Erdogen and his security guards are in the fighting mode for whatever he’s got planned for the near future.
commented 2017-05-17 14:07:34 -0400
Erdogan is a dirty bag isis backer. Trump should have never met that criminal which should be kicked out of NATO. He embodies only hatred, and with his nuclear toys, he is very dangerous. Around the world, mouchlims are against all peaceful people, be it christian, jew, buddhist, atheist, the list goes on.
Laureen on the Sweden hate-speech list. Too bad, I never went to Sweden and will never go. It is an islamic country now. The Swedes only have one option left: burn major parts of their country to the ground. Since they refused to fight against the nazis, they can go to hell.
commented 2017-05-17 14:04:10 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,324 Attacks, 214,462 Killed, 295,542 Injured that we know of