October 12, 2017

TOP 10: UBC murder suspect “started listening to Koran (…) differently” before attack

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Surgeon: Beating “among the worst he’s seen in his medical career”

“This was, without a doubt, a vicious, vicious attack,” Windsor police spokesman Sgt. Steve Betteridge said Tuesday.

“It’s very alarming to see an attack of this nature, at that time of day, at that location.”

Windsor resident Habibullah Ahmad, 21, who goes by the first name Daniel, has been charged with one count of aggravated assault. He remained in custody at press time.


2.  Egyptian Coptic priest killed in Cairo attack

Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church says a priest has been killed in a knife attack in a poor Cairo district, the latest deadly assault on members of the country's Christian minority.

The church says the attack took place Thursday.

Security officials say the attacker struck the priest's head with a cleaver and fled the scene, but was later arrested. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief the media.


3. "I started listening to the Koran and understanding the meanings differently”: UBC murder suspect

When asked by Sgt. Jeffrey why he might have attacked Mary Hare with a knife Almestadi said, 'I started listening to the Koran and understanding the meanings differently.'

'If you read something and your mind is thinking something else, you understand differently.'

Almestadi — who was 18 at the time of the incident — said he even began seeing things that weren't real.

'At that point I thought Mary was the devil,' he said.


4. Man, 21, "claimed to be Saddam Hussein after raping one woman on a riverbank and telling a second 'Allah's going to get you'"

An alleged rapist claimed he was Saddam Hussein after attacking one woman behind a Halfords store and told a second 'Allah's going to get you'.

Abdel-Aziz Al-Shamary, 21, is accused of raping a woman after dragging her down a river bank in Darlington town centre.

He was arrested shortly after the sobbing woman was found near the River Skerne with her face covered in blood and her jeans and underwear around her ankles.

When he was arrested, the defendant yelled 'Do you know Saddam Hussein? I am Saddam Hussein. I will not talk to you, you are a woman.'

He also twice referred to England as a 'b***h country' and shouted 'kill me now'”


5. Imran Awan provided security for Capitol Hill system computers while vacationing in Pakistan

6. In this freshly translated video from 2014, Italian politician Gianluca Buonanno objects to EU hypocrisy surrounding blasphemous painting of Jesus

7. Canadian husband of U.S. woman “refuses to board US plane in fear he will be punished for his previous marriage to a terror suspect”

“A Canadian man who was rescued from his terrorist captors along with his American wife and their three children after spending five years as hostages refused to board a US military plane on Thursday over fears he will now face punishment over his first marriage to a known terror suspect.

Caitlan Coleman, 31, was given back to US commandos along with her husband Joshua Boyle, 34, and their three young children after being rescued by Pakistani special forces late on Wednesday night.

They were being transported from one location to another by their Haqqani-network captors when Pakistani forces ambushed their convoy and rescued them.

President Trump celebrated their release as a joint effort between US and Pakistani officials on Thursday.
However, Canadian officials told CNN on Thursday that Boyle is refusing to get on a US military plane bound for America.

8. Both Israel and the United States have withdrawn from UNESCO, in part due to its anti-Israel bias

On October 12, 2017, the Department of State notified UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova of the U.S. decision to withdraw from the organization and to seek to establish a permanent observer mission to UNESCO. This decision was not taken lightly, and reflects U.S. concerns with mounting arrears at UNESCO, the need for fundamental reform in the organization, and continuing anti-Israel bias at UNESCO.

Times of India:

JERUSALEM: Israel will withdraw from the UN's cultural and education body after a United States decision to do the same on accusations of bias against the Jewish state, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday.

'The prime minister instructed the foreign ministry to prepare Israel's withdrawal from the organisation alongside the United States,' Netanyahu's office said in a statement."

9. Germany’s Interior Minister Considers Introducing Muslim Holidays

Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas De Maizière has kicked up a hornet’s nest by suggesting the introduction of Muslim public holidays in the country. “I am ready to discuss whether we can introduce a Muslim holiday,” De Maizière, a senior member of Merkel’s current cabinet, said at a country’s ruling Christian Democratic Party’s (CDU) event on Tuesday.

Minister Maizière came short of calling for a nationwide Muslim holiday, but supported the idea having Islamic holidays in the regions with strong Muslim presence.

10. Woman facing terror-related charges in Canadian Tire attack continues to decline counsel

Rehab Dughmosh, 32, is facing 14 terror-related charges.

The woman accused of assaulting and threatening employees with a knife at a Canadian Tire in Scarborough made her first appearance in Ontario Superior Court Wednesday.
Rehab Dughmosh is facing 14 terror-related charges. She pledged allegiance to ISIS during a court appearance in June.

"Hey, you infidels," Dughmosh burst out in Arabic during Justice Michael Dambrot's proceedings. "I do not worship what you worship. You do not worship what I worship."

To date, Dughmosh remains without counsel and has consistently declined representation.



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commented 2017-10-14 15:44:29 -0400
To “our” politicians or the Laurentian elite swine in Canada this is what they mean by “cultural enrichment” and über-airhead, Justin Zoolander “bin Laden” Trudeau’s favorite “diversity is our strength”. Too bad ail this “diversity” isn’t concentrated in their upscale ivory tower neighbourhoods.
commented 2017-10-14 06:02:15 -0400
Carole Massé commented…

" In 4 of the 10, friends of Trudope are mentioned. What kind of future can we expect in this country. "

+ + + + + + + +

A pretty bad future, Carole, much like Germany or France.

El Comandante Trudeau flew in over 40,000 Syrians in a 4-month rush job. “Hey don’t worry, folks” said the Libranos “we’re only bringing over Syrian families, not single male trouble-makers”. Sounds logical, except some of those families have 8, 10, even 12 kids, half of which are boys.

In ten years these boys will be angry dispossessed teenage males. In 20 years, angry young men with too much time on their hands. Thousands of them. It will be a repeat movie of France today.

BTW, the largest of these families were given up to $25,000 one-time payments, plus in excess of $10,000 per month for 12 months, depending on family size. All taxpayer money. Some are living in new houses. Some have 2 cars. They are also eligible for JT’s Canada Child Benefit, a tax-free monthly payment.

Most of these Syrians were strictly not even eligible refugees, as they were in a safe 3rd country. We wouldn’t take Syrians from Sweden, Germany or the UK; so why should we take any from Turkey, Lebanon or Jordan?

No matter, Justin the Savior needs to play the Human Rights Hero.

Yes it’s gonna be a sh!tstorm. Thanks to El Comandante Trudeau.
commented 2017-10-13 10:54:20 -0400
They hide behind the “random” attack, due to mental illness for motive, instead of the reality of their ideology of Islam, being promoted by Imams in their mosques. A Calgary mother and her 6-year old child were stabbed in Calgary on Friday, October 6th. The police and politicians will say anything to not blame the terrorists that we are allowing to enter our country. And if they are caught, every excuse in the book will be made, and the activist judges will mock our laws, and let the perpetrators walk, so that they can re-offend at will.
commented 2017-10-13 10:05:05 -0400
The problems in Continental Europe are basically what South Asia has been dealing with for centuries.
commented 2017-10-13 09:56:01 -0400
That should read fortunately it is rare. For now.
commented 2017-10-13 09:52:39 -0400
#1; Police said “this is an extremely rare occurrence”. For now, unfortunately.
commented 2017-10-13 09:36:46 -0400
  1. ; Don’t waste court time and money on these knucledraggers. Buy them a one-way ticket to their favourite dung heap and say good riddance. Both merciful to the merciless and cheap.
commented 2017-10-12 23:05:02 -0400
1- you have to be an absolute POS to attack an old woman and beat her to almost death. In Windsor.
6- the disgusting painting in the EU tells all we need to know about the garbage working there. 50,000. the painter must be laughing his heads off.

In 4 of the 10, friends of Trudope are mentioned. What kind of future can we expect in this country.
commented 2017-10-12 22:25:03 -0400
7. A Canadian man spends about five years with the Taliban and they didn’t remove his head or ask for ransom money. Something stinks, he looks just like a Taliban Muslim, I’m guessing he is a convert. And that’s not too way out there when he was married to Omar Khadr’s sister, yes he was already part of a radicalized family. He probably got well trained during his stay with those extremists, maybe he’s going to team up with ex brother in law Omar and divvy out some cultural enrichment here at home. I wonder how much Trudeau is going to pay this reject of our hard earned tax money.
9. I wonder if those Muslim Holidays will be listed on the “Recommended Tourist Guides List.”
Sit outside at one of our German Brew Houses on a busy bustling German Street drinking a tall cold mug of German Lager and watch the knife attacks. Better book my ticket.
10. Send this Terrorist POS over to live with the ISIS leader, if she so loves him. When this kind of thing happens, my first question is. How many times were they shot? Because never should people who do this kind of thing ever be taken prisoner. Start shooting them dead on site and this problem will go away.
commented 2017-10-12 22:17:04 -0400
Why even bother wasting the money to deport the islanimal bitch.
Stand her up against a wall and fire!
Same thing goes for the 21 year old islanimal.
Just place the twat Justin Ali bin Trudeau bihind them.
commented 2017-10-12 21:54:24 -0400
9. Why don’t the Germans just cede the country to the caliphate and get it over with instead of this death of a thousand cuts? Of course the muslims would prefer a thousand cuts so maybe thats why.
commented 2017-10-12 21:18:12 -0400
10. in the vid, “this is so shocking to me”
Really? It was 100% predictable, nothing shocking about this Trudeau gem.
I even predict this ain’t the last one, tons more to come.
commented 2017-10-12 20:36:30 -0400
8. Both Israel and the United States have withdrawn from UNESCO. A good move, it is to be hoped that other Western Nations follow suit. Now all they have to do is remove themselves from the Islamic controlled UN.

9. Germany�s Interior Minister Considers Introducing Muslim Holidays. Yes, I can just see Germans Fasting during Ramadan.

10. Woman facing terror-related charges in Canadian Tire attack.

Give her a Life. Canadian Tire stores are part of Canada’s heritage
commented 2017-10-12 19:55:31 -0400
Number 1 – I read the article yesterday and was absolutely shocked at the violence this 75 year old woman was subjected to on her regular walk.

Number 7 – Wasn’t Boyle married to Zaynab Kahdr, Omar’s radical Islamist sister?

Number 6- Fantastic video. Gianluca Buonanno objects to EU hypocrisy surrounding blasphemous painting of Jesus. I appreciate his persistence. I practically howled when he inspected the id badge and told the man is almost unrecognizable!

Number 8 – The withdrawal from UNESCO has been a long time coming!

Number 10- One of Trudeau’s Syrian refugees declared from the beginning (through her translator), that she supports ISIS and would attack again.

Number 9 – Of course a politician in Germany is suggesting the introduction of Muslim public holidays in the country. The migrants demand it!
commented 2017-10-12 19:52:09 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,180 Attacks, 220,142 Killed, 301,191 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-10-12 19:31:52 -0400
Dughmosh – deport,deport,deport,deport – waste no more time or taxpayer money on this demented creature that does not want to be a Canadian.