October 20, 2017

TOP 10: UK may not prosecute returning ISIS fighters

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. NCCM (formerly CAIR-Canada) objects to Canada's pro-integration law

2. Muslim janitor sues after being fired “for asking for time off to pray”

A Muslim janitor fired from a Georgia public school claims she was discriminated against by the principal after asking for time off to pray.

Penny Deams, who has been a practicing Muslim for more than 15 years, claims she was fired by Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia after she refused to work until 10pm because it interfered with her need to pray at sundown.

Ms Deams, who was a janitor at Ferguson Elementary School in Duluth, Georgia between June 2015 and September 2015.

3. Polish Archbishop Threatens to Suspend “Anti-Immigrant” Priests

Less than two weeks after Poland’s massive 'Rosary at the Borders' event, Archbishop Wojciech Polak has warned the priests of his diocese that he will not hesitate to suspend anyone who takes part in anti-immigrant activities.

Polak, who is the metropolitan archbishop of Gniezno and primate of all Poland, has threatened to suspend “a divinis” (from priestly activity) any member of the clergy of his archdiocese who takes part in activities directed against migrants.

'If I hear of a protest against migrants in which any of my priests has participated, my response will be swift: every priest who joins these events will be suspended,' he said in an interview this week. 'I have no alternative as head of my diocese. In a situation where there are priests who explicitly support one side of a political conflict, I must act immediately.'

4. Trudeau uses Islamic term to commemorate Hindu holiday

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to wish everyone a happy Diwali. He, however, managed to come in the line of fire of several users for his choice of words.

‘Diwali Mubarak’, Trudeau greeted his 3.71 million followers, with a picture of himself in a black sherwani, lighting a lamp.

“Diwali Mubarak! We’re celebrating in Ottawa tonight. #HappyDiwali!” reads the caption of the image that has been retweeted nearly 800 times and ‘liked’ by 3.5K users.

5. Britons returning from Syria should not be prosecuted: Terror law watchdog

Hundreds of Britons who went to Syria or Iraq in the past few years are already thought to have returned, but the authorities have decided not to charge them, Max Hill QC said.

He spoke days after Andrew Parker, the director general of MI5, said the country faced an intense threat from Islamist terrorism, with plots now being hatched at a tempo he had never seen before.

Around 850 Britons are thought to have travelled to Syria since 2011. Around 120 are believed dead fighting for groups including Islamic State and around half those remaining are thought to have already returned home.

By contrast, here is a story about a man, convicted and placed on bail, for fighting AGAINST ISIS and returning to the UK:

6. Christian teen died after police beating in Pakistan

A Pakistani Christian teen died as the result of a police beating for allegedly failing to stop at a security checkpoint, according to his family.

They denied claims that forced conversion was the reason behind his death.

Arsalan Masih, 15, was attacked by seven police officers at Ideal Science Academy on Oct. 9 in Jhabran village, Punjab province.

According to a first information police report, the armed men forcefully entered the academy and grabbed the eighth grader by his collar.

They pushed away a teacher and punched and kicked the victim, injuring his left eye with a pistol handle.

7. Student arrested days before he planned to travel to Syria to join ISIS

This is the dramatic moment a straight A student who wanted to carry out a terror attack in the UK is arrested in a police raid just days before he planned to travel to Syria to join ISIS.

Mubashir Jamil, 22, from Luton, told an undercover police officer he wanted to wear a suicide vest and 'press the button', the Old Bailey heard at his trial.

He filled out an ISIS application form and offered to blow himself up to bring the 'taste of immense pain' to innocent people on British soil following the terror attacks in Paris and Belgium.

Dramatic police head cam footage shows the moment officers charged into his house shouting 'stay where you are' and put him in handcuffs just days before he was due to fly to Turkey with Hawaiian shirts and £2,000 cash.

8. Tajikistan registers hundreds of gay citizens “to protect them from STDs”

Tajikistan has drawn up a register of hundreds of allegedly gay citizens and indicated they would be subject to mandatory testing for sexually transmitted infections.

The state prosecutor's magazine, Zakonnost, said the list of 367 gay and lesbian people was compiled after it conducted research into the LGBT community.

The announcement has been greeted with alarm by human rights workers, who warned that homophobic policies were spreading throughout the central Asian region.

9. Armed Islamic State operatives arrested for plotting a terror wave in Morocco

The Moroccan Ministry of Interior issued a statement on Saturday shortly after online media outlets reported the dismantling of a terrorist cell in Fez, where two suspects were arrested and a quantity of firing weapons, knives, and explosives were seized.

“This preemptive operation once again confirms the dangerous impact of ISIS’s propaganda machine,” stated the Moroccan Interior. The agency said that the terrorist group had been urging its followers “to intensify terrorist attacks outside regions under its control as the grip tightens around it in Syria and Iraq.”

The arrested suspects, according to the release, were incited by one of ISIS’s field commanders to carry out terrorist attacks on Moroccan soil. The cell posed a huge threat, especially as one of its members is “highly experienced” in making bombs and explosives.

10. Over 950 Germans currently in Syria and Iraq, and will likely return

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency says 'IS' sympathizers returning to the country could pose a security risk. The agency's head also warned of the increasing threat of cyberwarfare. [...]

'We see the threat of children, socialized by Islamists, and thus accordingly indoctrinated, returning to Germany from a war zone,' BfV President Hans-Georg Maassen said in Berlin on Wednesday.

According to the BfV, more than 950 Germans are currently in Syria and Iraq: of these, 20 percent are women and five percent are children. Security authorities assume that, as the situation on the ground there deteriorates, many of them will soon be returning to Germany.

The BfV believes that, if that happens, it could pose a security risk to the country. Authorities say their concern is compounded by the fact that IS directly targets children and youths in its propaganda. Some videos found online even show children participating in executions. Maassen says he fears 'the possibility that a new generation of jihadis is being created.'


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commented 2017-10-21 15:21:06 -0400
4. “Gosh darn Buttskie!… You gave me the wrong advice – Again!”….
commented 2017-10-20 16:48:57 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,227 Attacks, 220,783 Killed, 301,994 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-10-20 15:38:06 -0400
5/ Britain not charging returning ISIS fighters.
Britain, Somalia and Pakistan—one in the same, They should all be named Terrorist States.
I hope the Pollsters are correct in predicting Theresa May will be fired early in the New Year.
commented 2017-10-20 14:55:39 -0400
4. Trudeau uses Islamic term to commemorate Hindu holiday

What do you expect from Justin Trudeau, the most gullible and uninformed leader on the planet. He’s completely unaware of current world trends, world history, economics etc, yet like some arrogant teenager he thinks he’s got all the answers.

He sees the world thru rose-tinted glasses, and we the Canadian taxpayer are paying the price.

“I don’t read the newspapers, I don’t watch the news. I figure, if something important happens, someone will tell me.” -Justin Trudeau
commented 2017-10-20 13:52:56 -0400
1. NCCM (formerly CAIR-Canada) objects to Canada’s pro-integration law.
NCCM is still the same old CAIR, ISIS fund raiser and propaganda machine.

2. Muslim janitor sues after being fired �for asking for time off to pray�
This convert needs to clean up her act, never mind the School.

3. Polish Archbishop Threatens to Suspend �Anti-Immigrant� Priests.
Probably receiving Pay Offs from NCCM. Sit down sit down for Christ’s sake, The Bugger’s at the back, can’t see, is likely his Teaching limit.

5. Britons returning from Syria should not be prosecuted: Terror law watchdog.
For Britain’s, read Muslims, who used to live in the UK, there may be a few mentally retarded Whites among them.
UK needs to send a Military team to where they assemble before returning and shoot the bleeding lot of them. They are Traitors.

7. Student arrested days before he planned to travel to Syria to join ISIS. Should have let him go, but followed him with a few SAS members. They could have wiped out a whole parcel of them.
commented 2017-10-20 11:20:29 -0400
The Clown Prince of the Muslims, Justin Mohhamed Trudeaup at his finest. What a joke!!!!

The little puke has to go, and soon.
commented 2017-10-20 10:27:54 -0400
Trudo is a clown, would fit more in a circus.
commented 2017-10-20 10:17:14 -0400
Item 1 – The NCMM is another Muslim Brotherhood front organization.
Bill 62 is a half measure and doesn’t go far enough. Face coverings used by extremist leaning muslims are antithetical to Western democracies.
Calling the bill racist is the default statement of the leftist media, Islamists and their apologists.

National Council of Canadian Muslims: The new name chosen by CAIR-CAN helps cover its links with Washington-based / Hamas-linked CAIR, By Point de Bascule on July 18, 2013
See link which includes many sources within the article:

Item 8 – Tajikistan registers hundreds of gay citizens “to protect them from STDs”
It’s more like a hit list! There will be reports of missing and murdered people who also “happen” to be on this list.

Item 7 – They caught this one, how many others fell through the net?!!!