July 14, 2018

Top 10: UK Muslims march in solidarity with “Dump Trump”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. UK: Trump says immigration is “a very negative thing for Europe”

2. France on RED ALERT as terror police warn of “REAL” threat ahead of World Cup final

France will close Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower and mobilise more than 110,000 law enforcement officers nationwide ahead of Sunday’s World Cup final between France and Croatia, which is expected to send hundreds of thousands of supporters into the streets.

Paris’ police chief warned that the country could not afford to lose sight of the “very real” and ongoing threat to France by Islamist terrorist groups.

The mass deployment of riot police, counter-terrorism soldiers and emergency workers was deemed necessary as France remains under high alert for terrorist attacks.

This weekend also marks France’s national Bastille Day, which will be celebrated on Saturday with a huge military parade on Paris’ Champs Elysées avenue.

3. Brave victim of Birmingham grooming gangs tells how she was raped and abused by 70 men

A Birmingham victim of grooming gangs has revealed how she was raped and abused by more than 70 men – but only two were ever brought to justice.

Kate Elysia tells in a harrowing new book titled No Way Out how she considered suicide after first being targeted by the sex attackers while an 18-year-old student.

What followed was years of abuse from men in Birmingham and the West Midlands, abuse which left her addicted to drugs and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. [...]

Unbeknown to her, the area she was living in was within walking distance from the home of Shayyir Ali and his psychotic cousin, Farooq.

They quickly spotted the young new neighbour and a menacing series of conversations and confrontations between them culminated in her being attacked.

[...] “I was less than human to them, I was rubbish.”

4. UK: “Dump Trump!” - Muslims march in solidarity with “Stop Trump”

Hundreds of Muslims gathered in Cavendish Square Gardens to pray in London, Friday, as part of a large protest against US President Donald Trump, who is on a three-day visit to the UK.

The demonstrators held outdoor Friday prayers before marching with an effigy of the US President in a garbage container with #DUMPTRUMP written on. The protest, organised by the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), was coordinated with the DUMPTRUMP campaign.

5. Boat with 450 migrants mustn't come to Italy - Salvini

(ANSA) - Rome, July 13 - Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said Friday a boat carrying 450 migrants, now in Maltese-competence waters, can't come to Italy, as he wrestled with another migrant case that pitted him against President Sergio Mattarella and caused a government split.

Salvini said “a boat with 450 CLANDESTINES aboard has since this morning been in waters under the competence of Malta, which has said it will intervene. A few hours later, however, no one has moved and the boat has started heading for Italy again.

“Let Malta, the migrant smugglers and the do-gooders of all of Italy and all the world know that this boat CANNOT and MUST NOT arrive in an Italian port.”

6. Telling migrants to “go home” is racism, rules Italy's top court

In a landmark decision, Italy’s highest court has ruled that telling migrants to “go away” is racism.

The Court of Cassation ruled Thursday that telling non-EU foreigners to leave the country legally counts as racial discrimination, even if racial slurs are not explicitly used.

The case relates to a man in his early 40's who appealed for a reduction in his sentence for injuries against another person, which had been increased on grounds of racial discrimination.

The man and his co-defendant had clashed with two non-Italians after they approached them in a club in the town of Gallarate in Lombardy and said, “Why are you here, you need to go home.”

7. Tourist sentenced to 8 years in prison for anti-Egypt Facebook post

A Lebanese tourist arrested last month after posting a video to Facebook saying she was sexually harassed in Egypt was sentenced to eight years in prison on Saturday.

Reuters reports that Mona el-Mazboh was arrested at Cairo airport after her 10-minute video calling Egypt a “son of a b---- country” went viral.

The 24-year-old woman tells of being sexually harassed by men in taxis and on the street and an incident in which money was stolen from her during a previous visit, the wire service reports.

The court found her guilty of deliberately spreading false rumors that would harm society, attacking religion and public indecency, sources told Reuters.

8. Mastung: 128 People Killed in Suicide Blast Targetting Siraj Raisani

[...] A suicide bomber targeted the political gathering of Siraj Raisani which was attended by more than 200 people in Dringarh area which is located 50 KM in Southwest of Quetta.

128 people were killed and more than 150 were injured in the attack, According to Home Minister Balochistan Agha Umer Bangulzai.



Death toll in IS-claimed Pakistan blast jumps to 128: officials

First second of blast:

9. Trump's ambassador lobbied Britain on behalf of jailed right-wing activist Tommy Robinson

LONDON (Reuters) - Sam Brownback, the U.S. Ambassador for International Religious Freedom, complained to the British ambassador in Washington D.C. about the treatment of an English right-wing activist who is in jail for disrupting a trial, according to three sources familiar with the discussion.

Brownback raised the case of the activist known as Tommy Robinson in a June meeting with Sir Kim Darroch, Britain’s Ambassador to the United States, according to a British official and two sources close to the organizers of a pro-Robinson demonstration planned for London on Saturday.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, though he also uses other aliases, is a founder of the English Defense League, which has organized violent demonstrations against Islamic immigrants in the UK in the past decade. More recently, Robinson has branded himself a journalist and campaigner against Islamic extremism, a move that won him contacts with American anti-Muslim activists.

10. Testing Tolerance: Swedes are saying ‘enough’, to immigrants, no-go zones, sharia law & gang rapes


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commented 2018-07-14 20:02:18 -0400
1/ Eat your heart out May. Why dose London have a higher murder rate than NY? It’s not because of the Effing tooth fairy, it is because of your love of the EU and savages.

4/ Brown furry rodents should not be permitted to march with human beings, even if the human beings are dumbed down Socialist idiots.

9/ Well Ms May, what do you have to say? On second thoughts don’t bother to answer, I doubt that you will still be PM after next Monday.
commented 2018-07-14 20:00:39 -0400
Item 4- Muslim Brotherhood front group organized “Dump Trump”
commented 2018-07-14 19:52:16 -0400
With respect to Trump saying immigration is “a very negative thing for Europe”, at today’s Free Tommy Robinson rally in London, they played this video of Trump reading “The Snake,” a cautionary parable he used frequently during the campaign trail to criticize indiscriminate immigration policy.
commented 2018-07-14 19:15:05 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,671 Attacks, 231,107 Killed, 310,984 Injured that we know of