September 19, 2018

Top 10: UK Police force unveils more “modest” uniform

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. VPD investigating report of coffee thrown at woman outside Ibrahim Ali court appearance

Vancouver police are investigating an alleged assault outside the Vancouver Provincial Criminal Court on Friday.

The incident allegedly took place during the first court appearance of Ibrahim Ali, the Syrian refugee accused of murdering 13-year-old Marrisa Shen.

Laura Lynn Thompson told Global News she was speaking to a man in front of the courthouse when a woman yelled something and threw coffee at her.

Global News cameras did not capture the incident.

A silent, four-second video clip shot by another media outlet has been circulating on social media and appears to show a woman in a head scarf throw liquid at Thompson.

It is not clear what happened immediately before or after the video.

2. UK: Police force unveils more modest uniform for female Muslim officers with a looser tunic as part of a drive to recruit more recruits from ethnic minorities

A police force has created a less revealing uniform for Muslim women which is “designed not to show the female form.”

West Yorkshire Police hopes that the looser fit will result in more ethnic minority recruits.

Many forces already allow female officers to wear the hijab, or headscarf, but the new uniform is believed to be a UK first.

Assistant Chief Constable Angela Williams said: “For the last month we have been trialling a new uniform for women which is designed not to show the female form.

“This was suggested by a Muslim female officer and was designed by our Clothing Manager in conjunction with the officer.”

3. Mother “marched teenage daughter to GP for a virginity test after finding her with secret boyfriend”

A couple marched their 18-year-old daughter to the doctor for a “virginity check” and warned her secret boyfriend they were “dangerous” because they were Muslim, a court heard.

Iranian parents Mitra Eidiani, 42, and Ali Safaraei, 56, who live in south London, are also alleged to have threatened to kill their daughter Sophia Safaraei and her boyfriend, with Ms Eidiani saying: “You have seen what our people do on the news.”

In a statement read to Kingston Crown Court today, Doctor Helen Lewis said that Ms Mitra had responded to her refusal to carry out the check by telling her she did not understand her and Mr Safaraei's culture. [...]

The mother allegedly later bit her daughter and the father is accused of threatening Sophia with a kitchen knife after returning from the doctor.

Sophia was also told she would be sent “back to Iran to marry a cousin,” jurors heard.

4. PEGIDA Dresden marches again: Several thousand on the 156th peaceful evening walk

5. Videos reportedly catch “prayer-writing” mullah sexually abusing three women

Three videos circulating on social networks in Afghanistan claim to show a “prayer-writing” mullah sexually assaulting three separate women. The videos were reportedly made three years ago in the north-central Faryab province, but appeared online the week of September 10. Local officials have identified the mullah and accused him of rape. If the charges are correct, these videos would be rare documentation of an often-alleged practice: rape committed by mullahs claiming to offer prayer-inspired healing to women.

They are known as “taweez nevis” in Afghanistan: self-appointed mullahs who in return for money write prayers on paper that are supposed to serve as “charms” (taweez). Afghan families often send women to see them in case of marital problems such as infertility. The sessions often lead to abuse.

The three videos sent to the Observers by multiple sources in Afghanistan appear to show such abuse. They show the same man, with a long beard and white robes, alone with three different women, in each case lying on a mattress on the floor.

6. ISIL propaganda video calls Toronto's Danforth shooting its top foreign operation of the year

A propaganda video released by pro-Islamic State media praising terrorist attacks abroad names July’s mass shooting on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue as its most successful foreign operation of the year.

This is the third claim connecting the deadly Canadian attack to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, but there is still no evidence from ISIL or its media affiliates that the gunman acted on behalf of any organizations.

The video, released Sunday by the pro-ISIL media outlet Al-Abd Al-Faqir Media Foundation, mimics a corporate year-end review of operations, although it is filled with factual mistakes.

It gives the Toronto attack an 83.2-per-cent success rating, claiming it caused 11 casualties.

7. Syria-Based Egyptian Jihadist: Jihadists Are Banned from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter

Syria-based Egyptian Jihadist Abu Al-Yaqthan Al-Masri said that "every tyrannical rule in the history of Mankind has had the sorcerers of media as one of its cornerstones," mentioning Joseph Goebbels and Winston Churchill as examples. He complained that the image of Jihadi groups was being distorted in the Western media and that since they are banned from outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, "only the black propaganda about the Jihadists remains." His address was posted on the Internet on September 14, 2018.

8. Tariq Ramadan: The rock star scholar and the rape claims - BBC News

Oxford professor Tariq Ramadan is one of the Muslim world’s most famous and charismatic speakers. But several women have now come forward to say that the man who used to preach religion in public, sexually assaulted them in private.

9. German spy chief Hans-Georg Maassen under fire for questioning credibility of reports of far-right violence against migrants

Merkel will meet her coalition partners today to decide whether to fire her intelligence chief Hans-Georg Maassen. He's under fire for questioning the credibility of reports of far-right violence against migrants.

AfD deputy leader says discussion of Maassen’s dismissal is due to his blatant criticism of Merkel’s refugee policy

10. Migrant rescue ship Aquarius won't be allowed to dock back in Italy - Salvini

A migrant rescue ship that's repeatedly found itself blocked from docking in European ports, has once again resumed its mission to rescue people off the coast of Libya. However the Italian Interior Minister has already warned it won't be allowed to return to any Italian port.


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commented 2018-09-20 03:21:19 -0400
Number 1- oh are they gonna do anything about it anyways? I DOUBT IT!
Number 3-this will get western feminists to spring into action. JUST KIDDING!
Number 7-has this guy ever been on any of those sites??
Number 9-Intelligence has always seemed to bother Communists since they posses very little of it.
Number 10-some hope for Italy. Godspeed sir.
commented 2018-09-19 17:33:01 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,031 Attacks, 233,459 Killed, 313,198 Injured that we know of
commented 2018-09-19 13:24:58 -0400
Thanks to Salvini, Italy has a chance to re-balance and regain stability. He is protecting his country’s borders and reclaiming its rights as a sovereign nation. I have nothing but respect and admiration for Salvini. I am grateful for any leader who stands up for their country and protects its people from invaders; something that used to be a given and is now hard to come by. I am happy for the Italian people and envious that they have a leader who understands the danger of political Islam and allowing a country to be flooded with unvetted illegal migrants.

Many cucked European countries, the UK and Canada have given into sharia and so we see all of the examples in the articles presented above, and it is shameful. Canada is not too far gone if we can get a NON globalist into power. That eliminates both Trudeau and Scheer. Who I will now call the two Trudeau’s.
We must not accept ANY sharia compliance. Give an inch and it is taken for weakness to be used against us. Fight for Canadian values in Canada, and that includes not accepting barbaric medieval practices such as FGM and festivals which leave our streets running with blood from animals suffering a slow and agonizing death. Canadian values don’t include either of those two examples or many others too long to list here.
commented 2018-09-19 13:05:03 -0400
2: Shapeless uniforms today, burkas tomorrow. Then the demand upon all woman to conform to their dress code. Whatever happened to the “when in Rome,,,” idea of conforming to the customs of the country you are in?