July 21, 2018

Top 10: UK’s new “Rapid Response Unit” will tackle WrongThink

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. On the menu for asylum seekers — meals that meet religious needs

$770K spent on snacks and meals at Canadian borders in 2017-18 fiscal year.

The Canada Border Services Agency has been making sure religious dietary concerns are respected and has been keeping frozen dinners stocked up, according to documents CBC News obtained under the Access to Information Act.

Meals get high praise from asylum seekers.

Those meals have come at a high cost. In the 2017-18 fiscal year, approximately $770,500 was spent on food and drinks given to asylum seekers who walked into Canada.

Most recent numbers from the federal government show 10,744 asylum seekers have been apprehended by the RCMP for crossing between points of entry in the first six months of this year.

2. IDF has launched “massive air strikes” on Gaza in response to hundreds of rockets fired into Israel

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Today an IDF combat soldier was killed during operational activity near the southern Gaza Strip. A terrorist squad shot at IDF troops and the IDF soldier was severely injured. He later succumbed to his wounds. His family has been notified pic.twitter.com/V0ppoDyKZV

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) July 20, 2018




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3. Christian women face jail time... For being CHRISTIAN!

4. New British Information Unit Fighting “Alternative News”, Promoting Govt-Approved “Facts”

The British government has a new unit fighting “alternative news” websites, driving their stories down search engine results and pushing the official government narrative to the top.

Civil servant and government communication boss Alex Aiken said the Cabinet Office’s new Rapid Response Unit (RRU), which has begun a pilot, is not a “fake news unit” as it was dubbed when first reported in April.

In a blog post, he described how the taxpayer-funded unit “monitors news and information being shared and engaged with online” and seeks to tackle narratives, from outside the mainstream media, which the establishment does not favour.

“There’s then the question of how we respond to public debate online,” he writes, revealing the government will seek to hide news it does not like rather than use “rebuttal”.

5. Taliban bombmaker who attempted Westminster knife attack jailed for life

Judge says Khalid Ali wanted “maximum publicity and instil terror” with atrocity four months after Westminster attack.

A Taliban bombmaker who attempted a terror attack in Westminster has been jailed for a minimum of 40 years.

A judge handed Khalid Ali multiple life sentences for making explosives to be used against British and Nato troops in Afghanistan, and for attempting a knife massacre in London just months after his return to Britain.

Dramatic footage showed the 28-year-old being surrounded by armed police and forced to the ground in Whitehall in April last year.

6. Statement from Premier Ford, Premier Couillard, and Premier Pallister on Non-Point of Entry Border Crossers

SAINT ANDREWS, NEW BRUNSWICK — Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Québec Premier Philippe Couillard and Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister released the following statement today at the summer meeting of the Council of the Federation:

“Québec, Ontario, and Manitoba agree that Canada has a proud tradition of welcoming immigrants who are an integral part of our economy.

The three Premiers discussed the increase of individuals crossing the border outside of regular points of entry, and called on the federal government and its respective agencies to review current policies and allocate the necessary resources to ensure the security of Canada's borders as part of a comprehensive, long-term plan.

They called on the federal government to fully compensate each of the provinces for impacts to services resulting from the increase in non-point of entry border crossings, and called on the federal government to make the necessary investments to ensure the timely adjudication of refugee claimant hearings.”

7. US Ambassador calls Hungarian Prime Minister “a wonderful, strong leader”

According to the new American Ambassador, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is a “strong and wonderful leader”. Speaking to Hungarian channel RTL Klub, David Cornstein explained the importance of the Central European University (CEU) too.

Cornstein said he had spoken to several senators before his appointment, and both Democrats and Republicans agreed that the CEU should stay in Budapest. He wanted to “make it clear to the Hungarian people”, this is why he paid his first visit in Budapest to the CEU. Cornstein added that it’s the interest of the Hungarian people that a decision is made soon and the university “can stay in this wonderful city”.

The ambassador is sure that Orban will soon receive an invitation to the White House.

8. EU Ambassador to the US: “Europe is not going to become a Muslim continent”

President Trump’s belief that immigration is “changing [the] culture” of Europe is wrong, the European Union’s ambassador to the United States said Friday.

“Europe is not going to become a Muslim continent any time soon,” Ambassador David O’Sullivan said at the Aspen Security Forum. “This is not an issue in Europe.”

Trump expressed that worry repeatedly during his recent trip to the United Kingdom, when he lamented to British media that Europe is “losing its culture” due to an influx of refugees and illegal immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East.

Those comments led to a public disagreement with British Prime Minister Theresa May during their joint press conference, when the two leaders addressed a topic that has strained diplomatic relations within the European Union.

9. Tommy Robinson Lawyer: Judge Did Not View Evidence, Islamists Threatening Acid Attack on Tommy’s Wife

The judge who rushed to send activist Tommy Robinson to jail did not even watch the full video in which he supposedly breached contempt of court laws, his lawyers have claimed.

He is currently being held in segregation for his own safety in prison, but a radical Islamic extremist has managed to deliver a message to his cell threatening to kill him and attack his wife with acid.

The message was reportedly from jailed terror supporter Sayful Islam, from Robinson’s hometown of Luton, and used his spouse’s full name, The Times reports.

He was sent to prison just five hours after his arrest, with court documents seen by the newspaper alleging his defence lawyer at the time had also not watched the broadcast in its entirety.

10. Andrew Bolt interviews Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux currently on tour in Australia

NB: The left’s technique of shutting down events by making it prohibitively expensive for event organizers to proceed due to security costs and/or making the law abiding responsible for any damage caused by lawbreakers, is not new but has only increased exponentially as the left has become emboldened by lack of authorities holding them accountable for their destructive actions . 

Flashback to March 2010: Kevin Libin: It's Ann Coulter! Don't call the police!

Unlike the U.S. Constitution, Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms makes no guarantees about property rights. Their protections are largely established by the criminal code: call the police and tell them someone’s in the process of burgling your jewelry store, or stealing your car, and in most cases, they’ll send officers over in a hurry.

Canada’s charter does, on the other hand, establish some pretty explicit protections for free speech. But what happens if you ask for protection from authorities when someone is infringing on your right to speak at a public forum?

Not much it seems.

At least, that’s the unavoidable impression one gets from the following fascinating account from Rick Benoit, vice president of VP Protection, Inc., the firm that was hired to handle security for Ann Coulter’s recent visit to Canada.

The letter details what happened at Ms. Coulter’s last stop, in Calgary, just days after rowdy students at the University of Ottawa forced organizers to cancel her appearance there. Though there was an obvious risk of a similar incident in Calgary—particularly after the Ottawa students’ intimidation tactics proved so effectives—according to Mr. Benoit, not only were police and campus security both unwilling to do anything to protect the free speech of Ms. Coulter and the other speakers, they warned the private bodyguards not to contain any aggressive behaviour “for any reason” or “we would be charged and face criminal prosecution."

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commented 2018-07-23 00:12:57 -0400
“Europe is not going to become a Muslim continent any time soon,” Ambassador David O’Sullivan said at the Aspen Security Forum. “This is not an issue in Europe.”… Had to read that one there times to make sure it wasn’t a bad joke… Apparently there is more than one EU official besides “Junky” that likes to speak when loaded up to the gills…
commented 2018-07-22 20:57:45 -0400
Justin the guy, below is singing your song and he was a Muslim, a gay Muslim to boot..
commented 2018-07-22 20:53:19 -0400
commented 2018-07-22 20:39:59 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,711 Attacks, 231,397 Killed, 311,205 Injured that we know of
commented 2018-07-22 19:37:55 -0400
Associated Press is there to film the commotion over those civilians injured by the Israeli air strikes. Nothing about the IDF soldier killed by Hamas sniper fire and the despair of his families and friends.
commented 2018-07-22 17:17:52 -0400
Ron, post all you want, it is about awareness after all, bet most Canadians haven’t got a clue what they are and how they staged a chemical attack. Back when it happened there were plenty of reports of it trying to surface but the MSN was all to happy to suppress that info from the public. There were “chemical attack first response” medics that called the hoax right away after spotting the staged pictures that were supposed to shock the world. And the fucking village idiot is bringing them here.
commented 2018-07-22 15:47:30 -0400
Dirk Kanis, Sorry Dirk, I should have looked closer before I posted the story. 800, that worse than I was told.
commented 2018-07-22 15:39:57 -0400
Ron Joseph: The dicktraitor thinks HE is the Government because of his phony majority. Besides, he needs them to form his Islamic Army against Canadians! Woe Canada!
commented 2018-07-22 15:34:34 -0400
Breaking, Trudeau to bring Syrian White Helmets Group and families to Canada, even though Assad says that they have links to Terrorism.
I thought we lived in a Democracy; shouldn’t the MP’s that we voted for make this decision, not Trudeau.
commented 2018-07-22 13:04:50 -0400
Canadians are sick of this bullshit government handing out free shit to everyone BUTT Canadians . That’s called un Canadian .
commented 2018-07-22 07:21:33 -0400
Tommy should be out on bail , there was no good reason to send him back when his rights to justice were hijacked . More injustice .
commented 2018-07-21 20:51:26 -0400
commented 2018-07-21 20:34:50 -0400

I can’t comment on the rest..
commented 2018-07-21 20:21:00 -0400
1/ $770k spent on food for the Death Cult! Meanwhile we have crippled ex
services members beggingon the streets. Let us Pray that Justin Trudeau meets his demise soon and let it be slow, lingering and painful.

2/ RT, full of BS. Israel has not launched more than a dozen missiles against Gaza.
All they are doing is defending their selves. These juveniles with their kite bombs
have destroyed close to 100 acres of farmland and caused numerous building
fires. They need to be cleared right out of Gaza and let
Bethlehem become pure again. As for the air strikes, these are aimed at military
targets and any deaths caused by them are members of the Muslim military, they
are paid to die.

3/ Judges receiving UAR payola money to hit on Christians.

4/ So Theresa May and her conservative government do not believe in freedom of
speech? To be fair
this could be something ordered by the French, German and Arab consortium
that rule the EU. 7/ Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the false flag Conservative Theresa May says

8/ Ambassador David O’Sullivan is a God Dammed Muslim loving whore.

9/ If anything happens to Tommy Robinson or his wife and family, it will start riots
on the streets of
London and Theresa May will be lynched.

10/ Bill M103 is just the start for Canada.
commented 2018-07-21 19:26:08 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,696 Attacks, 231,329 Killed, 311,133 Injured that we know of