April 07, 2018

Top 10: Van Attack In Münster, Germany

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Gazans continue attacks on Israeli border

2. London bloodbath: Two teenagers stabbed in shopping centre as violence grips capital

TWO teens have been rushed to hospital after a stabbing in Croydon in south London this evening. It comes after a night of horror in the capital with seven teens stabbed yesterday, bringing the total to nine teens stabbed in 24 hours.

Metropolitan Police officers were called to the Whitgift shopping cetnre at 5pm after receiving reports a man in his late teens to early twenties was suffering from stab injuries.

The London Ambulance Service and Air Ambulance also attended the scene.

When officers got to the scene they also found a 16-year-old suffering stab wounds.

Met Police have said they are awaiting an update as to the conditions of both males.


3. Islam party in Belgium wants to create an Islamic State and separate men and women

For the second time in 6 years the “Islam” party will participate in Belgium’s municipal elections. The party wants to create an Islamic State and separate men and women in public transport, Belgian newspaper HLN reports.

“Our goal is a 100% Islamic State, but we don’t mean we want to oblige the headscarf,” the party’s founder Redouane Ahrouch says. “By establishing Sharia law we want to follow the way of the prophet and the Quran”, he adds.

The Islam party clearly focuses on conservative Muslims and already has two members elected as a result of the 2012 elections. This year it will participate in 28 municipalities.

Ahrouch says he wants to reach the party’s goals “without violating the Belgian constitution”. It is unclear how he wants to do this as the party wants to separate men and women in public transport.

Belgium’s state secretary of immigration, Theo Francken, says the party “disgusts” him. On Twitter he writes:

“A political party called ‘ISLAM’ is growing in Belgium. They openly call for the introduction of Shariah law. The Shariah is in violation with human rights. Shariah parties therefore are antidemocratic. These are wolves in sheep’s clothing.” And,

“Classic example of taqqiya: these Islamists want to install a ‘100% Islamic state’ in our country, but ‘without touching the constitution’. Impossible lies. I wonder what their off camera campaign looks like.”


4. Hungary Will Not Accept Migrants Despite Pressure From The UN

Hungarian Foreign Minister, Péter Szijjártó criticized the UN's deliberate attempts at interfering in Hungary's upcoming elections and for trying to force Hungary to accept the Soros migrant plan.

5. “Gun-Free” Britain: Two Men Shot in Multicultural Luton

Two men have been shot in Luton, a large and diverse town in Bedfordshire, north-west of London.

Police were called to Portland Road, near Luton Football Club’s home grounds, at around 9:50 p.m. on Thursday, after reports that a 47-year-old man had been shot.

The victim, who turned out to be a local imam, was taken to hospital with minor injuries, but a second, 30-year-old victim was more seriously injured, having been shot in the face.


6. Islamic State claims responsibility for killing of Pakistani Christian family

(CNN) ISIS has claimed responsibility for an attack which killed four Christians in Pakistan's Balochistan province on Easter Monday.

An Islamic State press statement released on Tuesday said that a “covert unit” of ISIS militants “managed to target a number of the combatant Christians.”

The statement adds that the militants “shot them with a pistol, which resulted in the killing of four of them, and all praise is due to Allah”.

The shooting, which targeted a single family, occurred in the western city of Quetta, the provincial capital.

Armed men opened fire at a rickshaw carrying the family of three who were returning home from a bazaar at around 6:45 p.m. (9.45 a.m. ET) local time. The men fled on a motorcycle.

All the victims, including the rickshaw driver, were members of the local Christian community, police officer Muhammad Anwar told CNN.


7. Éric Zemmour: "The muslims target Christians and Jews"

The French writer and political journalist, explains what he means when he says that while many of the attacks against Jews in France are certainly anti-Semitic, they do not have an anti-Semitic specificity.

8. French leader, Macron’s plans for family reunification of migrants threatens to overwhelm France

9. Van Attack In Münster, Germany: 3 Dead, 30 Wounded, 6 In Critical Condition

Translated from German sources:

English excerpts:

9:45 PM (CET): F.A.Z. who said the perpetrator was 27 years old apologized for their mistake and corrected it to 48 years. An earlier live report on n-tv where journalist Ulrich Klose said that the perpetrator had announced to commit a spectacular suicide in the public eye remains to be confirmed.

8:40 PM (CET): Currently, there is conflicting information in the German news outlets; the attacker is referred to as “Jens R.”; some outlets say he was 27 years old, others say 48 years old. Some say he has no criminal record, while n-tv cite “unconfirmed reports” that he had a record of mental instability from 2014 on, and was a petty criminal.

8:26PM (CET): North-Rhine Westphalia’s Interior Minister Herbert Reul announces that two people have been killed, and additionally, the perpetrator killed himself. Several are critically wounded. Reul announces the driver of the van was a German, and that there were currently no clues to an Islamist attack.

7:15 PM (CET): According to Bild, the driver’s house is searched at this moment. Public broadcaster ZDF report that the driver was a German, 48 years old, and had recently attempted suicide.

6:50 PM (CET): as a “suspicious item” was discovered in the van, police are currently evacuating the nearby houses.

Münster, 4:50 PM (CET): A van plowed into a crowd of people who were sitting at the tables at a street cafe. There are conflicting numbers out there. So far there are 3-4 dead, 30 wounded, 6 of them in critical condition reported. The dead driver is still in the vehicle. He allegedly shot himself. The area is in lockdown, the motive still unclear. Police treat it as a terror attack.

Fox News:


German police: Driver that crashed into crowd killed himself



10. Terror arrest at Gatwick airport after police swoop on flight from Morocco

A 55-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested at Gatwick Airport by counter-terror officers.

The suspect was held on suspicion of encouraging terrorism and dissemination of terrorist publications after flying into the UK from Morocco, police said.

Scotland Yard said he was arrested shortly after 11am on Saturday and is in custody at a police station in south London.

The Metropolitan Police said in a statement: “On Saturday April 7, detectives from the Met's counter-terrorism command arrested a 55-year-old man on suspicion of encouragement of terrorism and dissemination of terrorist publications, contrary to the Terrorism Act 2006."

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commented 2018-04-09 08:54:43 -0400
The liberal socialists always protect the masses by taking away all means of self protection and doing nothing to thwart the terrorists ,drug gangs and other miscreants in our societies.
Citizens are turned into sitting ducks vulnerable to all forms of violence.
commented 2018-04-09 07:57:44 -0400
Yeah we always knew this would happen, once gun control finally fails to stop killings, the lefties would come for the knives next. Sadiq Kahn has done it by imposing “knife control”. Talk about doubling down on stupid.
commented 2018-04-08 10:13:01 -0400
1: I’m shocked! Shocked I say! Where are the environmentalists screaming about the pollution and “carbon” released into the atmosphere by the burning of tires? And then there is the grass being burned – intensionally set on fire! The precious grass! Oh the inhumanity! All this at a peaceful demonstration no less.
commented 2018-04-08 09:11:54 -0400
We are listening and we will do what is necessary. turdos time as PM is going to run out. I just wish it was sooner.
commented 2018-04-08 01:35:49 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,093 Attacks, 227,690 Killed, 307,626 Injured that we know of.

I’m paying attention, Liza. But, you’re right, the majority of Canadians aren’t. And when you try to bring up the subject, they don’t want to hear it. When it comes to my friends and family, I don’t think it’s political correctness or fear of being labeled an Islamophob. I believe it’s more a case of apathy and getting their news from MSM. Living in a very small northern community, Islam isn’t an issue here…. yet! But once Trudeau’s Islamic glee club members are fully entrenched in all the major cities across Canada, it won’t be long before they start making their way north, to the smaller communities. The difference that they’ll find when they get up here is that country folk can take care of themselves, and we tend to fight back.
commented 2018-04-08 00:49:59 -0400
#8— I can see the French bringing back the Guillotine. Who first, the politicians or the refugees?
commented 2018-04-08 00:13:21 -0400
Why aren’t Canadians paying attention?