March 28, 2017

TOP 5: Australian Muslims call for death to those who leave Islam

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Video about female circumcision in moderate Indonesia makes connection between FGM and Islam clear

The Daily Mail also has this story here.

2. France: A fresh round of rioting and burning cars

The rioters still use the excuse of "police brutality" for their anarchist rioting, but this time over the alleged killing of an ethnic Chinese when police were called to a domestic dispute.

3. Muslims in France continue to protest the closure of an illegal mosque

4. Pakistani cricketer free after hitting wife with his bat, making her drink bleach

Judge Richard Mansell QC said he didn't believe the victim in the case hotel receptionist Fakhara Karim, 33, was vulnerable as she was "an intelligent woman with a network of friends" and had a college degree.

Yet Bashir had left her a broken woman after he repeatedly beat her, berated her for wearing westernised clothing, tried to turn her against her own family, and would call her a 'slag" when she went out socialising with female friends.

During the stormy marriage, he struck Miss Karim over her back with his cricket bat because he felt she spent too long talking to a friend on the phone - saying: "If I hit you with this bat with my full power then you would be dead.”

5. Australia: Islamist leader says all former Muslims should be put to death

Days after the carnage in London, this is the moment we catch a firebrand Islamist leader on camera saying all former Muslims should be put to DEATH... in Sydney on Saturday night.

Daily Mail has their own video at the link above.

Below, a related video about the same group and their call for death to apostates in Australia:

Imams in Canadian mosques also teach death to apostates.

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commented 2017-03-28 20:22:47 -0400
See video just posted today “Justin Trudeau’s Unhinged Islamophobia Rant” that took place on March 8th
commented 2017-03-28 19:25:07 -0400
«Muslims in France continue to protest the closure of an illegal mosque»

Illegally blocking traffic = criminal offence = reason to deport fake refugees.
commented 2017-03-28 18:33:39 -0400
More happy news from the “religion of peace”!

FGM is a worldwide abuse of girsl, The World Health Organization estimates there are 200 million girls & women who have been mutilated, in Canada we are not insulated from this. I think there should be serious jail time for any muslim parent who subjects their daughter to this atrocity.

Apostates risk their lives to escape Islamic enslavement. Many have abandoned the ideology and are too afraid to tell their family & muslim friends.
commented 2017-03-28 14:04:58 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,035 Attacks, 212,413 Killed, 293,960 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-03-28 12:53:53 -0400
It’s not hate speech…it’s just part of their culture.
commented 2017-03-28 11:21:10 -0400
The “advocate” in the FGM video, conveniently did not mention Bukhari 5891; verses from the Hadith that clearly outline the Fitrah; including female circumcision as essential to the preservation of “honour” for women. She either has not read her own “Holy Books”, or is simply another Taqiyya filled mouthpiece for Islam.'an,Hadith_and_Scholars:Female_GenitalMutilation
commented 2017-03-28 11:03:55 -0400
Keith Barnes – and tear gas wouldn’t hurt either!
commented 2017-03-28 10:52:39 -0400
These Cultists are only happy when they are killing or torturing somebody. The Religion of Death is truly sick and it’s followers need mental help, followed by deportation.

As for the Morons blocking the street while they perform their Butt Sniffing ritual. High pressure fire hoses would work well, washing away this dirt.