March 20, 2015

Top 7 Greenpeace FAILS

Rebel Staff

Just last week, Saguenay, Quebec mayor Jean Tremblay, called out Greenpeace as "a bunch of job killers".

Even Liberal premier Philippe Couillard took a shot at the slime coloured activists, saying if Greenpeace thinks they're going to destroy his province's forestry industry, "They can forget it." The Rebel staff present 7 epic Greenpeace fails...

1. Overboard "Man Overboard!"... we doubt too many on deck were shouting this when the green fanatic fell head over teakettle into the great blue sea.
2. Boat Flipped The activists learned the hard way not to mess with Russia's Gazprom after they were caught in a trap flipping their boat.
3. Collision 1 The Spanish Navy is apparently not fans of the green crusade either. They go full throttle pounding the radicals boat head on.

4. Collision 2 The Spanish Navy always get their man... or woman... as the Spaniards continue their pursuit of ramming more Greenpeace extremists in a fight over oil near the Canary Islands.

5. Hosed The activists probably aren't going to like that Ezra had a tuna sandwich for lunch. The green lovers get hosed as they fight for the rights of the bluefin tuna.

6. Punch You gotta kinda feel bad for this shamrock as he tries to board a fishing boat he's quickly taught that he's entering the octagon.

7. Ancient Peruvian Landmark One of the most famous Greenpeace fails is when they trampled all over Peru's ancient landmark the Nazca Lines. They damaged the 1,500-year-old carving creating a public relations disaster and showing the world the hypocrites they can be.

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commented 2015-06-13 14:47:18 -0400
The Spanish don’t seem to like these goofs that much, eh?
commented 2015-04-20 00:47:21 -0400
Hilarious. But my number one fave is when they tried to ban chlorine. For those who don’t know, chlorine is a naturally occurring element. It’s number 7 on the periodic table. Good luck with that one, Greenpeace.
commented 2015-03-23 18:47:57 -0400
Just listen to the expert opinion on the weather, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, this expert explain how the jet stream, which is normally flat, has become deeply wavy due to climate change. It is wonderful we have so many greens that have become experts on this science. I am no expert but I always thought there were two jet streams.
commented 2015-03-21 18:29:50 -0400
Anti-pesticide & environmental-terrorist organizations like Greenpeace … what are they for ?!?! They serve no useful or beneficial purpose to society, wasting tax-exempt money operating as mere government opponents, and do not deserve charity tax-exempt statuses. They exist for one reason and one only … and that is to make enviro-profit. They prosper from almost unlimited resources and millions of dollars available through public donations and government grants without paying a single penny in taxes. Greenpeace is among several organizations that are listed among Canada’s prominent anti-pesticide & environmental terrorist organizations ― and they do not deserve tax-free money. There is no other recourse but to complain by contacting business, fund-raising, government, and taxation agencies ! Greenpeace’s non-profit charity status must be investigated and revoked WORLD-WIDE. So far, Greenpeace has lost its charity status in some jurisdictions, including Canada. Greenpeace-fanatics have even been told to stay out of countries. The neck of the Greenpeace enviro-vermin has been snapped ( proverbially ) ! However, in Canada, the extensive damages inflicted by Greenpeace-fanatics against the professional lawn care industry must continue to be avenged ! The avengers against Greenpeace have more work to do ! Greenpeace must suffer the scrutiny of the government and the spotlight of taxation agencies.
commented 2015-03-21 08:17:36 -0400
There is a time for activism and a time for unions but when it is combined with extremism it loses boarder support.
commented 2015-03-20 23:41:11 -0400
Marjorie said, “Greenpeace is an evil organization”. I agree, but Greenpeace members think their moral superiority gives them free license to do whatever they want. They can’t see their own evil and don’t care about the damage they do which they think is for the greater good of Humankind.
commented 2015-03-20 20:51:23 -0400
I completely agree with Marjorie, Marty and Jeff. But like I said in my post on the previous story, one thing there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of in this world, is stupid people! I could save myself a lot of time and effort in constantly trying to come up with new content, if I would just Copy and Paste that one sentence on all future reports.
commented 2015-03-20 19:44:11 -0400
People have to realize sooner or later that a peaceful protest isn’t JUST non-violent. A peaceful protest DOESN’T BREAK THE PEACE… no trespassing, no property damage, no public blockades, no interfering with workers. It’s time to start passing the costs onto those guilty of breaking the peace… both policing & prosecution.
commented 2015-03-20 19:43:34 -0400
Marjorie Spacek, what you say is true, however these thugs are funded by some of the elite in western society, some of the richest people in the USA and also Canada. If we could somehow stop Greenpeace from receiving the millions they get, we would see them fade into the dark.
Just saying.
commented 2015-03-20 16:27:57 -0400
When did it become acceptable for some people to behave as pirates, endangering the lives of fishermen and other workers at sea or on ice floes? I have never been able to grasp how our society allowed these types of behaviour to prevail and to be labelled “charitable!” Greenpeace is an evil organization that repeatedly over the years has attacked the hard-working poor of many countries, and indigenous peoples wherever Greenpeace felt like imperiling lives. They are racketeers.