August 30, 2018

Top 10: Fatal stabbing by migrant sparks days of protest in Chemnitz

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. German government shuts down cell access during Chemnitz demonstration

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2. WATCH: Fire and chaos as EFF chant “anti-boer” songs

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3. Spain arrests 10 ringleaders who planned huge fence jump at Morocco border

Ten of the more than 600 migrants who forced their way into the Spanish territory of Ceuta last month by storming a heavily fortified border fence with Morocco were arrested Tuesday, police said.

The 10 sub-Saharan African migrants, who were arrested at an immigrant holding centre in Ceuta, are accused of belonging to a criminal organisation, assaulting a police officer and causing damages, a spokeswoman for Spain’s Guardia Civil told AFP.

Among those arrested is the suspected leader of the coordinated assault on the border on July 26 in which 15 police officers were injured, she added.

4. Italian interior minister and Hungarian PM to form anti-migration front

Italy's Deputy Prime Minister says France should reopen its border crossing at Ventimiglia which was a launching point for migrants crossing into France. Matteo Salvini, whose government is fiercely against migration, said France should show greater "solidarity and sensibility" on the migrant issue.

5. Bomb kills 1, injures 35 at Philippine town festival

A bomb concealed in a bag exploded late Tuesday, leaving at least one dead and 35 others wounded during a town celebration in the southern Philippines, a military commander said. The attacker was chased but managed to escape, he said.

Police said two people were in serious condition after the blast in Isulan town in Sultan Kudarat province. The attack happened despite heavy security and road checkpoints in the region due to threats from Muslim militants.

A civilian told authorities about a suspicious bag left by a man near the gathering, regional military commander Brig. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana said. The bomb exploded while troops were running after the suspect, who escaped in the confusion, he said.

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6. TLP to march to Islamabad on Aug 29 against Dutch blasphemous cartoons

Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) has announced that it will begin a “decisive march” from Lahore to Islamabad on Wednesday, and will “stay on the streets until either the publication of blasphemous cartoons in the Netherlands end or the govt immediately ends diplomatic ties with the Dutch.”

Incensed by an announcement by Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders to hold a competition of blasphemous caricatures, the TLP held a meeting in Lahore on Sunday and came up with its line of action and demands.

The religiopolitical party urged the PTI government to not only “discontinue diplomatic and commercial relations with the Netherlands” but also “demand from other Islamic countries to do the same.”

7. Young mother who was stabbed to death “by her shopkeeper ex boyfriend” was on the phone to police when she was attacked and had repeatedly called them during the day

A woman stabbed to death with her mother had called police for help “three times” on the day she was killed, it has emerged.

Afghan shopkeeper Janbaz Tarin, 21, is being hunted by police after Raneem Oudeh, 22, and her mother Khaola Saleem, 49, died from stab wounds in the early hours of yesterday.

The Syrian-born women were pronounced dead at the scene outside Ms Saleem's house on a quiet residential street in Solihull, near Birmingham.

Ms Oudeh, had a two-year-old son from a previous relationship, is said to have reported her ex to the police previously.

8. Street interviews with people in Chemnitz about massive protests

9. Saudi medical trainees allowed to stay in Canada for now

10. Refugees protest poor conditions in Greek Island migrant camps

A Bulgarian news report on the story of a group of refugees blocking the highway near the Greek capital to protest the poor conditions in the settlement centre.

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commented 2018-08-31 02:00:03 -0400
7. When seconds count the police are only hours away.
commented 2018-08-30 22:25:37 -0400
6….So Pakistan wants to break ties with the Dutch over “cartoons”. Firstly, I can think of a lot more pressing problems in Pakistan worth protesting over such as honor killings and acid attacks but gotta have priorities right? Secondly, since the US also had prophet cartoon contests they could break ties with the US as well except that won’t happen because they would lose their millions of $$ in aid each year. Money talks.
commented 2018-08-30 21:27:46 -0400
Don’t foreign students receive partial subsidisation from our governments. Shouldn’t they pay the entire cost of their education?

In Quebec, if you come from France, you pay tuition that French students pay in France. That means $ zero.

I know of one university where the Canadian engineering students are charged an additional fee to help offset foreign students’ tuition.

Foreign students don’t pay the full cost of their education. A percentage is covered by Canadian taxes. There are scholarships that Canadians are ineligible to receive.

I remember meeting a medical student from the US. She was paying foreign student fees, which was even more of a bargain as part of her tuition was covered by us. She believed that her parents deserved a break. Oh really! Why don’t you go spend $100,000 a year at a US school instead of the pittance in Canada. Then she came back with supporting Canada by paying for housing, food, and miscellaneous expenses. Yea, right.

So for four years of medical school, including living expenses and trips home for the holidays, she was paying less than one year of medical school in the US. She was studying at one of the top twenty medical schools in North America, and in the top 100 of the world.

I wonder what part of their tuition and the total cost of their education these Saudis pay? Either way, we are the proverbial sucker just wanting to be taken for a ride.

And yes, foreign students do displace Canadian students. Supposedly foreign students add to the educational experience. What B.S.
commented 2018-08-30 17:56:49 -0400
9. Why are there so many foreign students in Canada in the first place? They are taking positions that Canadian students could be using. I know of some Canadian students who have been unable to follow their desired program (including medicine) because there is no room and university tuition fees have risen astronomically due to the high fees foreign students are able to pay.
commented 2018-08-30 17:15:46 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,929 Attacks, 232,791 Killed, 312,551 Injured that we know of
commented 2018-08-30 12:34:24 -0400
3. Storming a Boarder fence is nothing less than Invasion, these savages should have
been shot.

4. France, one of the founding members of the EU, is desirous of spreading the disease
of Islam throughout Europe.

9. Beware if Islamic medical staff in hospitals, mainlining you with Air, as in bubbles.