January 03, 2017

Top TEN for the Counter-Jihad: MUSLIM students demand CATHOLIC SCHOOLS REMOVE JESUS

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Polish Member of Parliament: "They will have our daughters in harems."

2. 16 sexual assaults reported in Austria after New Year’s Eve celebrations.

A total of 16 sexual assaults have been reported at New Year's Eve celebrations across Austria, including 11 incidents in the city of Innsbruck in Tyrol.

Eleven women, from Tyrol, Vorarlberg, Italy, Germany and Switzerland, told police that they were harassed and groped by a group of men in and around Innsbruck’s Marktplatz, where public Silvester celebrations were taking place.

A police spokesman told the ORF broadcaster that the allegations are being investigated, and that police are waiting to view video and mobile phone footage from that night - some of which was filmed by the organisers of the event. 

The women all said that they were assaulted by a group of dark-haired men who appeared to be under the age of 30, and that most of them had beards.

3. Istanbul nightclub shooting suspect is 'ISIS militant' from Kyrgyzstan.

The suspect in a New Year's Day massacre at an Istanbul nightclub has been identified as an alleged ISIS militant from Kyrgyzstan.

Turkish authorities are hunting 28-year-old Iakhe Mashrapov in connection with the shooting spree which left 39 people dead and nearly 70 injured.

It was claimed Mashrapov fought in Syria for ISIS and was "specially selected" to carry out the nightclub rampage as the victims welcomed 2017.
The Rebel posted the selfie video, the suspect in the Istanbul nightclub terrorist attack took in last night's Top Five.
4. Fifty Moroccan and five Spanish border guards were injured when 1,100 African migrants attempted to storm a border fence.

The migrants were attempting to reach Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta.

Only two were successful, but both were injured scaling the six-metre (20 ft) fence and needed hospital treatment. One guard lost an eye, officials said.

The attempt comes after more than 400 migrants succeeded in breaching Ceuta's fence in December.

 Related, Spanish border guards are finding migrants hidden in cars, suitcases and other unusual places.


5. CHAOS IN GERMANY: Migrant sex attacks and fireworks thrown at POLICE during NYE events.

It would appear that as all the police and security was in Cologne, all the sex attacker migrants just went to other cities.

In Hamburg, 14 women were the victims of sex attacks, as more than 45,000 people celebrated New Year’s Eve in the city. 

Police said the suspected attackers, including migrants, grabbed their victim’s crotches. Ten people have been arrested in connection with the sexual assaults. 

Officers said three Syrians, three Iraqis, two Afghans, one Eritrean and one German were arrested in connection with the sexual assaults in Große Freiheit and Beatles Square. 

Firefighters and police were called out to more than 2,000 incidents during the celebrations.


6. 'Europe is under ATTACK from Islam and should prepare for WAR', Italian politician blasts.

The Lega Nord party leader hailed the New Year Cologne sex attacks of 2015 as a “warning” that was not heeded and he claims the incident was directly responsible for the Berlin Christmas market massacre.

Mr Salvini is adamant the main problem facing Europe is Islam, which he believes is incompatible with European societies.

He fears Europe is “losing its values” and has shown itself to be “lacking in security” given the increase in violent terror attacks in recent years.

He said: “We are under attack and must decisively kick out those people who do not have a legal claim to residence here.

“If you want to live in peace, you have to prepare for war.”

Interestingly, the Pakistani army's official war manual is "The Quranic Concept of War," which spells out how to wage war on the West, citing Western lack of values as our key weak point.

The English translation of the book is  available for Download and is quite an excellent, albeit frightening, read.


7. Armed (Muslim) men storm prison in southern Philippines, freeing more than 150 inmates.

Armed men with links to Muslim rebels stormed a prison early on Wednesday in the southern Philippines, killing a guard and freeing more than a 150 inmates, police said.

The Southeast Asian nation has for decades been plagued by insurgencies by Muslim rebels in its southern islands, with President Rodrigo Duterte seeking to promote broad peace in the predominantly Catholic country.


The rebel commander belonged to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) based on initial information, Bongat said.

In 2014, the government signed a peace deal with the MILF, the biggest Muslim rebel group but clashes still occur with smaller groups.

When a military problem is treated as a law and order problem, the victory is guaranteed to the people waging war. This is just one example of why and how. 


8. Canadian Imam opposes RCMP, CSIS use of informants in war on terror.

Aziz also implied that the Western “foreign policy” is the real cause for terrorism in the Middle East warning that “groups like ISIS are very appealing (for Muslims) because their narrative is: we’re making positive change. We’re going to take down the establishment”. He added that this trend is supported by the fact the election of Donald trump to the President of the US and the Brexit (The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union are perceived as anti-Muslim developments.


9. Muslim students work at removing Jesus from CATHOLIC schools.


10. Leaked audio of John Kerry admitting that they were aware of the Islamic State, and used them as leverage against Al Assad's regime in Syria.

As an added bonus, here is a 2014 video from Romania showing how they deal with illegal migrants. As Romania is not part of the Schengen Zone, they don't have to let them in and give them a living.



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commented 2017-01-04 23:02:21 -0500
Shoot the messenger Jay?
commented 2017-01-04 13:26:52 -0500
Item 1/ The beginning of the end. Bye Bye EU.
Item 2/ Austria has to tell us what they are feeding these Muslims on. Only 16 Sexual Assaults?
Item 6/ See Item 1.
Item 8/ As long as Trudeau is at the helm, Canada will never belong to the Brit Brexit / USA Trump Club.
Item 9/ Savages have no place in Catholic Schools and they have no place in Canada.
Item !0/ Kerry, like Obama and the Clintons, is a Traitor to the USA
commented 2017-01-04 10:46:25 -0500
My, my, Jay. You have an amazing ability to discern people’s motives. Please explain to me how Victor’s work here is intended to be “silly”. From whence do you get evidence for this? And what, pray tell, would he be parodying? You seem to be an ostrich with his head firmly buried in the sand in hopes that if you ignore the muslim invasion it will go away. Has never worked and never will. “The truth will set you free”. Not wishful thinking.
commented 2017-01-04 10:38:58 -0500
The alternative media or truth-telling media, reports oceans of data and facts concerning the Islamic invasion of the West, the inhuman atrocities committed daily by Moslems, the collusion and treason of our ‘elected’ representatives in aiding and abetting this Islamic invasion and the delusional silliness of all the useful idiots who don’t want to get that Islam and therefore ALL Moslems are the enemy.
This pisses me off!
The MSM or FNM (Fake News Media) continuously spews multiple oceans of spin, misinformation, outright lies and constantly commits the sin of omission in their support of the Islamic invasion and further planned destruction of the sovereignty of our country and all other sovereign Western nations.
This pisses me off!
The governing apparatus of all Western states has been corrupted and subverted by and for the Globalists – Islam is a wedge being driven in to divide and destroy us. We are apparently electing, and certainly being robbed by, these so-called politicians and their crony capitalist/socialist cohorts.
This pisses me of!
I could go on, but it seems I already have an awful lot to be pissed off about…
But what really pisses me off is – I don’t see a solution, a workable solution.
Deporting every single Moslem. Razing every single mosque. Closing all borders to Islam – that is a solution!
It’s just not a workable one…yet.
commented 2017-01-04 02:21:39 -0500
Mr. Kelly, I have been privy to your comments of the past and am quite frankly disappointed in them, Sir. I don’t believe Victor Laszlo engages in denigration of religion per se, but offers an avenue of critical discourse and critical thinking.

I would be far more interested in your opinion regarding the politics of Islam, which I believe is not “evil,” as how can it be, when it is in proven fact a political entity?
commented 2017-01-04 01:22:42 -0500
Jay Kelly the truth is quite serious. And your idiotic comparisons are getting even more pathetic.
By the way we live in a FREE COUNTRY, you can berate all you wish. You berate Victor, why should you be tolerated if he should not be?
commented 2017-01-04 00:55:22 -0500
Jay.. Catholicism and Christianity are two different things..
commented 2017-01-04 00:05:11 -0500
Victor Laszlo’s post is intended to be silly and a parody.

That said, his nasty comment about Catholics is quite hurtful.Victor Laszlo pretends that his comments are about the “evil Muslims”. But in fact he continues to attack the Catholics in Quebec, and Christians in general.

He berates Catholics in Quebec and Canada. I do not know why The Rebel tolerates this.