October 17, 2016

Top TEN for the Counter Jihad: Migrants attacking reporters with knives; Germany closes schools, embassy

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. France: Police post orders for all shops in Calais refugee camp to close.  

2. Calais migrants ATTACK news reporters with stones and knives for filming bid for Britain

CALAIS migrants in the Jungle attacked investigative reporters and robbed them of their camera in a “violent and dangerous” brawl before they made their bid for Britain.

The knife-wielding mob launched a vicious assault with stones, knives and sticks before they attempted to sneak onto lorries bound for the UK, according to the investigative reporters.

During the attack, which took place at a petrol station near the notorious Jungle camp in Calais at around 10.30pm, the reporters were left “cut, bruised and without one of their cameras”. 

Mark Stone, who reports for Sky News, said: “We had been welcomed earlier by the migrants, we felt no threat. 

There is a short video at the link above on this subject.

3. Muslim cartoon warns little girls that not wearing the head cloth brings you closer to Satan.


4. Short documentary on the drinking camel urine in Morocco:

At least when a camel takes a leak, it's less problematic to Democrats than when Julian Assange does.


5. Another "unacceptable" anti-Islam flyer shocks Edmonton resident.

An Edmonton resident discovered an anti-Islam flyer in her mailbox Saturday, prompting a call to the police hate crimes unit.

Alannah Davies said the flyer was delivered to her home in the Calder neighbourhood in the city’s northwest and believes other people may have received it too.


6. "Make Muslims of Them ALL" radicals call for "Islamification" outside Swedish Parliament.

In a shocking clip, filmed by politician Hanif Bali outside his workplace, a huge crowd can be seen chanting and praising Imam Khomeini, who enforced Sharia Law in Iran. 

Posting the footage on Facebook, Bali wrote: “Today there was quite a lot of noise outside parliament – prayers were proclaimed and people chanted. 

Video at link.


7. Rotherham sex abuse scandal: EIGHT men found GUILTY of being in child sex ring.

The eight men were found guilty of offences that took place between 1999 and 2003. 

Sageer Hussain, Mohammed Whied, Ishtiaq Khaliq, Waleed Ali, Asif Ali, Masoued Malik, Basharat Hussain and Naeem Rafiq will be sentenced on November 4. 

The month-long trial at Sheffield Crown Court heard how the men "sexualised" their victims and, in some instances, subjected them to acts of a "degrading and violent nature".

One girl and her family told police, their MP and the then home secretary David Blunkett about the abuse and eventually moved to Spain to get away from the men.

For a clearer and in depth understanding of the Muslim rape and sexual slavery gangs of white British girls in the UK, please read the very important book, "Easy Meat."

8. Jihadists GRAFFITI prisoner and blast him to death with shotgun for spray-painting anti-ISIS slogans before using drone to film mass execution of 'spies'

This is the moment jihadists spray-painted a prisoner and blasted him to death with a shotgun for daubing anti-ISIS graffiti on a wall in Iraq.

Fanatics filmed themselves spraying the top of a man's head and using the black paint as a target before shooting him at close range in Mosul.

The gruesome killing is followed by a mass execution of men accused of being spies with some of the footage captured by a drone hovering above.

The video emerged as a huge military assault - backed by coalition airstrikes - was launched in a bit to recapture the northern city.

The video is at the Daily Mail link above. The video alludes to brutal violence but does not show any graphic violence which is referred to in the article. 


9. Germany shuts embassy, consulate and schools in Turkey on "very concrete" tip-off.

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said the threat to German institutions in Turkey was being taken very seriously. The embassy in Ankara has been shut, along with the Istanbul consulate and two German schools. [...]

"Yesterday evening, some very concrete indications - to be taken very seriously - reached our security services, saying that terror attacks against German institutions within Turkey were being prepared," Steinmeier said.

In Germany itself today, shooting threats have also happened at several schools.


10. Islamic centre wants "Good Robot's" liquor licence revoked.

Members of the Centre for Islamic Development on Robie Street say they're sick and tired of beer bottles, cigarette butts, marijuana smells, loitering, vandalism, vomiting, urination and loud noise they say is coming from the next door business, Good Robot Brewing Company.

"At one time the noise was so unbearable we couldn't walk in the hallway. They've had marijuana smoking right in our vestibules, right in our doorways so it goes all throughout the premises," said Zia Khan, the director of the centre.

"We find vomit in front of our doorways — not every morning. We find urine, we find beer bottles smashed."

As an added bonus, here is a presentation by Hamed Abdel-Samad at a Freedom of Speech conference given by SwebbTV in Sweden. 


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commented 2016-10-18 05:13:24 -0400
Someone needs to tell Alannah Davies that the evil islamic cult hates her for walking around showing her hair and talking to strange men. She is a definite rape target in many art of the world.
commented 2016-10-18 01:54:30 -0400
Someone phoned the hate crimes unit over a flyer. Edmonton what the hell happened to you?
commented 2016-10-18 00:52:16 -0400
Re: Anti-islam (truth about islam) flyers found by Alannah Davies in Edmonton I would say she’s as dumb & idiot a person could be.
Doesn’t islam mandate hatred towards non-muslims & gays? quran: 3:151 & 9:73
Doesn’t islam tells all muslims to follow only sharia law & not the man-made (western) law? quran: 8:39
Isn’t it the duty of every muslim to convert or kill kaffirs & implement sharia in kaffir land? quran: 4:89 & 8:12
Doesn’t islam mandates sex slavery for kaffir women? quran: 4:3
Doesn’t islam means ‘submission’ to allah at all cost? quran: 9:29 & 47:4

Since when expressing truth about an issue became hate?
commented 2016-10-17 22:42:34 -0400
1. Close them now? The cowards let it run on forever – too late – the EU is now full of terrorists.

2. Media – the problem is the media has been a proponent of the evil cult of islam. This might open their eyes just a tiny bit – too bad a couple of them were not killed – it would have made a better impact on the media.

3. Qatar – another place that people think is “nice” – behind the lipstick is pure unadulterated evil of islam

4. Only one of many disgusting things to be found in islamic countries.

5. Another truthful flyer and people are amazed – wait until it hits them directly. A stand against hate in this video means a stand against anyone telling the truth.

6. Sweden? Why would anyone care about them any more? The are cowards who refused to protect themselves. Canada is next.

7. Rotherham did not have to happen. The police actually knew about this and did nothing in case they were to be considered anti-islamic. Coming to Canada soon enough.

8. More evil islamic cult – coming to Canada soon.

9. Interesting – German are the friends of the evil islamic cult – something is up in this one.

10. I vote to increase the number of bars on the street – especially these serving bangers and mash.
commented 2016-10-17 22:32:07 -0400
1. Close them now? The cowards let it run on forever – too late – the EU is now full of terrorists.

2. Media – the problem is the media has been a proponent of the evil cult of islam. This might open their eyes just a tiny bit – too bad a couple of them were not killed – it would have made a better impact on the media.

3. Qatar – another place that people think is “nice” – behind the lipstick is pure unadulterated evil of islam
commented 2016-10-17 20:17:25 -0400
There should be a further investigation in Rotherham into the inaction of the Police and Politicians who knew what was going on and said nothing, for fear of being labeled Islamophbic.

As for the Camel Urine. In Pakistan, if you are caught drinking, you will be put in jail for 100 days. At the end of this time you will receive 100 Lashes and be released.

Now we see that some Muslims are always on the Piss, called Camel Juice.
commented 2016-10-17 19:38:01 -0400
They are getting bolder now..
It will not be long until the attacks cannot be blown off as random violence, lone operator or homogenized into day to day crime..
In three years elections will no longer matter and the only thing important is to leave the sinking ships Ontario and Quebec behind.
commented 2016-10-17 19:19:28 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 31,994 Attacks, 203,387 Killed, 284,864 Injured that we know of