January 16, 2017

Top TEN for the Counter-Jihad: Migrant sharia patrols break teen girl’s jaw

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. "I think the big problem this country has, is being, politically correct" - Donald Trump

2. Justin Trudeau virtue signals about Trump:

3. New Palestinian embassy opened at the Vatican:

4. Bulgarian translation-team leader at Turkish border quits in frustration over migrant crisis:

5. Sick Muslim migrant gang that broke girl's jaw accused of regular "Sharia patrol" attacks.

THE ringleader of the migrant gang – who are accused of breaking the jaw of a helpless 15-year-old girl – is thought to have been behind a string of similar assaults.

The girl, named only as Leonie, heads up the gang of six migrants who are purported to have carried out several Sharia-inspired attacks across the European capital of Vienna.

Leonie, 15, was among the six Muslim youths from Chechnya who allegedly beat up a teenage girl, named as Patricia, in the centre of the Austrian capital city.

Patricia, a Polish schoolgirl, was falsely accused of pulling off a Muslim woman's headscarf.

The attack, which left her with a broken jaw in two places, shocked Austria when footage of the beating went viral.

However, now prosecutors believe they have enough evidence to prove this attack was in fact one of many carried out by the migrant gang.

These events indicate the replacement of centuries of rule of law and Western jurisprudence, with the arbitrary and inequitable mob rule of islamic sharia.

These gangs do not take the unbeliever to court. They attack as they see fit to force conformity to Islamic religious and cultural norms.

This video shows Chechen gangs singing about being born to fight, and chanting "Allah hu ackbar":


6. Generation Identitaire marches through Paris protesting the destruction of French culture and law by Muslim immigrants:


7. Trump says Merkel made "catastrophic mistake" with refugee policy

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said in a newspaper interview published on Sunday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had made a "catastrophic mistake" with a policy that let a wave of more than one million migrants into her country.

In a joint interview with the Times of London and the German newspaper Bild, Trump also said the European Union had become "a vehicle for Germany" and predicted that more EU member states would vote to leave the bloc as Britain did last June.

"I think she made one very catastrophic mistake, and that was taking all of these illegals," Trump said of Merkel, who in August 2015 decided to keep Germany's borders open for refugees, mostly Muslims, fleeing war zones in the Middle East.

8. Palestinian cleric at Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem: “Christopher Columbus stole his maps of the world from Muslim cartographers”

9. Scottish cathedral offers no apology but admits to “distress” over interfaith ceremony in which a Muslima intones a prayer that denies the divinity of Christ.

In a statement posted to his blog site, David Chillingworth, the Primus of the Church appeared to strongly rebuke Kelvin Holdsworth, the Provost of St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow, where the reading took place, arguing that interfaith work, “like all works of reconciliation, must be founded on truth.” He continued: “We approach others with open hearts but we stand in the truth of the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

Here is the subtitled video of the event, which the Cathedral removed from its own Youtube channel after people objected:

A similar thing happened at the Vatican Rose Garden on June 8, 2014, during an interfaith service.

All participants were required to submit their remarks for approval beforehand, but the imam went off script, and read militaristic Koran readings on the conquest of the Christians and the Jews.

The Vatican also deleted that video from their own website, but a copy was recovered: 

Sharia Law expert Stephen Coughlin offers this analysis on the Rose Garden event:

10. Did the airport shooter convert to Islam and wage jihad at the Florida airport?




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commented 2017-01-17 16:17:18 -0500
Is it just me or does anyone else see the irony in these thugs singing about being born to fight yet not a one of them has the balls to stay home and fight for their own countries??? They’re pretty good at attacking and raping women, rioting in the streets, destroying buildings, heritage sites, committing arson and so on but when it comes to fighting for a cause, they don’t have the balls- and in fact leave their women and children behind in the war zones and in many cases, hide behind them during attacks! Yup, Trudeau, keep bringing them in unvetted and none denied- just like all the rest you have brought in (an immigration official was interviewed and he stated none were vetted and none denied because there wasn’t enough staff, time or money!) to rape, riot, pillage and slaughter we who pay your salary!
commented 2017-01-17 01:54:40 -0500
Sharia patrol thuggery, coming to a Toronto near you.
commented 2017-01-16 15:43:26 -0500
Tator Tot is going to miss a great opportunity for a selfie but I don’t think the DONALD is going to miss him at his inauguration.
commented 2017-01-16 14:44:17 -0500
1/ Well said President Elect Trump, You sound like the Messiah returned.
2/ Be honest Justin, You were not invited, Trump has no time for Clowns.
3/ The Pope is a Jew hating, Muslim loving Traitor to Christianity, or perhaps he is just covering his own Rump.
4/ Some people are beginning to wake up.
5/ Tit for tat, Do as the Muslims do, remove one hand and one foot on opposite sides, then for good measure remove the Penis. This last is very good for Birth Control.
6/ These are the people who will vote for Marine Le Penn and Frexit. As for the Police, perhaps a strong Acid and assault rifles would be more effective than Water.
7/ Only a member of The Death Cult would disagree with him.
8/ I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.
9/ Where have all the Christians gone. Stand up and fight, with all thy might; Remember that one?
10/ Look at this Guys eyes. He would have killed, sooner or later, no matter what Gang he worshiped with.
commented 2017-01-16 14:01:10 -0500
“Muslim Canadians are an essential part of our success today and into the future”. Not Christians though because they’re disgusting. So says the loudly shouting feminist. Well I guess we’ll have no choice but to see what the future brings.
Skipping out on Trumps’ inauguration is spineless and stupid.
commented 2017-01-16 13:59:05 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,653 Attacks, 209,185 Killed, 293,000 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-01-16 11:55:43 -0500
All the resources wasted on trying to

A. Aid the migrants in offering, food, shelter, medical aid and so on

B. Attempting to control the uncivilized hordes

C. Cost of policing

D. Cost of legal assistance provided to the migrants

are a tax on the citizens of the various countries looking at aiding these ungrateful fools.

Canada is not far behind . . .

Our taxes will be going up real soon!

How does one carry out a tax revolt?