April 23, 2019

Toronto Councillor wants to revoke your liquor license if a thug brings a gun to your bar

David MenziesMission Specialist

Once upon a time, I was an editor with a trade magazine that covered the foodservice business. 

I’m happy for the years I spent with that magazine because I learnt a life-lesson there. Which is this: NEVER go into the restaurant business.

The whole sector is swamped with expenses and high operating costs, and now the red tape is gearing up to make thing even worse in Ontario.

Toronto City Councillor Mike Colle has recently introduced a motion to request that the province's Alcohol and Gaming Commission should revoke the licenses of restaurants that have “been the scene of gun violence.” 

How does that make any sense?

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commented 2019-04-24 20:28:41 -0400
Below is lengthy.. Sorry. But worth the read. There is common sense people still out there. We just have to be more resilient then the Liberalist Globalist crew..
This is a quote..
" I found it interesting to hear the provincial Liberals and NDP complaining about the Ford government’s new budget. First they couldn’t find even one good point which immediately makes me suspicious that they wouldn’t recognize a good idea even if they knew what one was. Second, all they complained about was how Doug was loosening up the laws around drinking alcohol. Doug was trying to let us all be adults and make our own decisions on when and where we can drink – a novel idea that would be foreign to both the Liberals and NDP who apparently think they must be in total control of every aspect of our life. I still long for just the freedoms I had as a child.

Below is my latest letter to the politicians. I also sent it to every senator:

I would like to say, on behalf of the Recreational Shooting Culture, how much we appreciated Senator Boisvenu, Senator Griffin, Senator Oh, Senator Plett, Senator Richards and Senator Wells, in their application of common sense and logic towards bill C-71. Although, this bill is completely misguided and misdirected to accomplish any results towards the misuse of firearms and public safety, the suggested amendments did provide a glimmer of hope.

We, within the Recreational Shooting Culture, are troubled to understand how banning our firearms will remove firearms from the hands of criminals. Criminals are already banned from possessing firearms and have been for a hundred years and still they commit crimes with them. Taking away our firearms will not lessen the number of firearms used by criminals – they will still have what they already have now. You will have accomplished nothing. Instead, you must come down hard on the misuse of firearms with mandatory and stiff jail time.

We have heard in the media how we should follow New Zealand’s recent example of how quickly they have banned certain firearms. I feel that this is the exact example of what NOT to do. A major national decision was made with emotion and a knee-jerk reaction to a tragedy without the application of common sense and logic. Instead of focusing on how a foreigner, with extremist views got into New Zealand, then obtained a firearm and then had the opportunity to carry out a travesty, the decision is to ban firearms from law-abiding citizens. Some politicians are so determined to just ban firearms, that the real assault on public safety is overlooked and not even considered. Focus on the real reason these tragedies happen and you will be doing more for public safety."

“Following is the latest from the CSSA newsletter:

April 12, 2019

Gun Ban Ruled Out – For Now

OSHAWA, ON – Crime Reduction Minister Bill Blair’s long-awaited engagement report – Reducing Violent Crime: A Dialogue on Handguns and Assault-Style Firearms – has been released and the outcome of that discourse is somewhat encouraging for Canada’s two-million-plus lawful firearm owners who feared a possible gun ban.

“Those 134,917 participants in the government’s online questionnaire overwhelmingly believe that a ban on handguns and so-called “assault-style” firearms targets the wrong people. Law-abiding firearm owners are not the problem, violent criminals possessing illicit guns are,” said Tony Bernardo, Executive Director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. “Our organization is not surprised by this conclusion and we said as much during the Minister’s in-person roundtable held in Toronto last fall."

CSSA representatives attended the Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal consultations.

At that roundtable, the CSSA also noted that there is no statistical evidence that the banning of civilian firearms would have an impact on the criminal misuse of guns. The only data that was available came from the Toronto Police Service, and it showed that politicians had been grossly misrepresenting the proportion of firearms that originated from our community.

“We agree that a multi-faceted approach (such as more community-based programs, enhanced law enforcement and border services, and harsher punishments and penalties for gun-related crime) is key if we are to reduce the illicit use of firearms. Imposing a gun ban ‘in isolation’ as the Minister noted, is useless,” said Mr. Bernardo.

“Our organization would welcome the opportunity to confer with Ministers Goodale and Blair and the Firearms Advisory Committee to help develop some real solutions to these serious firearm issues,” said Mr. Bernardo. The CSSA was a long-standing member of the federal government’s Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee, the purpose of which, among other things, is to provide the Public Safety Minister with advice on matters relating to Canada’s firearms policies, laws and regulations.

The Engagement Report will now be used to assist the federal government in developing any future changes it may wish to apply to firearm laws… “while not impeding the lawful use of firearms by Canadians,” as stated in the report.

“While it appears there will be no gun ban in our immediate future, the CSSA will continue its efforts to ensure the government of Canada understands and respects our Canadian firearm traditions and the rights of responsible Canadians to have lawful access to their firearms.
– 30 –
And now for your reading enjoyment, some links:
Some stats on concealed carry and active shooters in the US.
”http://concealednation.org/2019/04/fbi-report-armed-citizens-see-94-success-rate-during-active-shooter-incidents/?fbclid=IwAR0KOj_uWu12YKQCl6KPgK_BgK2TDEJFJfxY2gqVVrrOcBX6FLD-78Vv994" rel="nofollow">http://concealednation.org/2019/04/fbi-report-armed-citizens-see-94-success-rate-during-active-shooter-incidents/?fbclid=IwAR0KOj_uWu12YKQCl6KPgK_BgK2TDEJFJfxY2gqVVrrOcBX6FLD-78Vv994

And more – The first is the doctor article and the second is the National Post article.

Keith Cunningham CD, C3GC6, CSR4, CSP8, COP1
“When Success is the Only Option”
MilCun Training Center www.milcun.com
“Focusing On Performance”
Home of the Operational Shooting Association (OSA) www.osacanada.ca
Prius Faciat
Satis Ver".
commented 2019-04-24 03:13:46 -0400
Duh, yeah Mike Colle!… And also revoke the “license” of landlords who rent to drug gangs in certain parts of the city???… I need these type of stories from time to time to remind myself that obviously the CN Tower is still emanating “dem dere” magic STUPID RAYS around the clock, and year in, year out…
commented 2019-04-24 00:36:50 -0400
Can we take away Parliaments liquor licence seeing as a crazed Muslim Thug shot the place up? Maybe making it a dry workplace will get something done?

Look up the definition of “Liberal” and compare it to the Party’s actions. Their campaign commercials should be reported to the Advertising Standards Canada.
commented 2019-04-24 00:20:12 -0400
I was going to comment that:
‘Feckless noisemakers like this Councillor-Colle, really know how to ’gum’ up the works with their retard-brand authoritarianism!’
But seeing that the vote was 19-4 in favour of…
I have to ask…seriously:
Why do all these lefty politicians and bureaucrats today act-out like they’re already little cogs in some nasty totalitarian globalist regime…taking liberties with our basic, unalienable rights and protections, taking all our money and property, blaming us for everything?
The very act of saying they’re thinking about taking our firearms – like Jihadi-Justin-Groper’s Liberals are – is as much the totalitarian action of a fascist regime, as a herd of four-toed-nebish apparatchiks ‘voting’ to suspend a man’s business’ licence for BS reasons!

And why are they doing so well, personally?
commented 2019-04-23 21:03:44 -0400
Revoke Toronto City Council! Vote the bums out.
commented 2019-04-23 18:46:25 -0400
I see this councillors point clearly. He is saying that some bars and restaurants are just money laundries for mobsters and are frequented by mobsters….sort of like Umberto’s Clam House where “Crazy Joe” Gallo got offed….or like Steven van Zant’s character in Lillyhammer.

So what he is saying is that if your establishment becomes known as a refuge and “safe space” for gangsters and that ends up attracting gun violence ….you loose your liquor licence….

It seems on the surface to be not such a bad idea …except….it’s going to happen somewhere…liquor licences are not going to prevent it.
commented 2019-04-23 16:05:15 -0400
Good for Toronto i hope he gets his way.
commented 2019-04-23 15:11:49 -0400
David, don’t you know that this is a disguised means of cutting down on terrorism? Surely, a terrorist wouldn’t want to make trouble for his local shwarma supplier and so would leave his weapon of choice at home; that or starve. There he would be, staring into the festive little greasy spoon of choice nose pressed up against the window. Maybe show up with a machete next time?

I wonder, does this suggestion extend to casinos? What about Loblaws outlets that sell wine in those fancy new government paid for refrigerators?

What if the restaurant or bar is robbed; after all, a gun was present. Should the restaurant or bar then lose its liquor permit? What if police or an armed security agent pop in for lunch or a quick coffee to go? They have guns!

Should patrons now be frisked upon entry or pass through an airport type scanner that sees beneath your clothes just to make certain you aren’t packing heat?
commented 2019-04-23 13:10:24 -0400
Of course you don’t blame the perpetrators of gun crimes , you blame the innocent bystanders just for being there.
commented 2019-04-23 11:14:06 -0400
Another stupid leftist with another stupid idea-man are these people soooo stupid!!!
commented 2019-04-23 11:13:33 -0400
It’s government David, it doesn’t have to make sense.
It need only send the correct signal, hard working folk be dumbed. Just collateral damage in the war on guns.