June 24, 2019

Toronto Danforth Shooting investigation wraps up: No motive, move along

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

(Ezra Levant will be back on Wednesday, and David Menzies guest hosts tonight)

Almost one year after the grotesque act of carnage that would be known as the Danforth Shooting, the Toronto Police investigation into the crimes of Faisal Hussain have been released to the public.

The investigation itself was completed months ago, but this is the first chance for the rest of us to see the results.

Last July, Faisal Hussain walked along Toronto's Danforth Avenue on a Sunday evening. He opened fire selectively, killing two people and injuring 13 more before turning the gun on himself. Not everyone encountered by Hussain that evening was shot, which is why his motivation is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

It took more than 24 hours for the Toronto Police to release the name of the gunman, and then there was the strange press release from Hussain's parents explaining that their son had been struggling with mental illness.

No radicalization to see here, folks, this is simply mental illness.

There are certainly parallels here between this case and that of Ayanle Ali. Back in 2016, Ali was charged with nine counts including attempted murder after bursting into a Canadian Forces recruiting office with a knife. While he was held in a psychiatric facility, he still expressed concern about the Canadian government's interactions with Muslim countries, and he had registered his disappointment that he hadn't been killed when he was subdued.

Ali — he was mentally ill, you see, and must be re-integrated into society — will be attending Mohawk College soon.

Far be it for me to suggest that mental illness and Islamism aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. Isn't it possible to be both unstable and a believer in a radical Islamist agenda?

But the police have no answers for us here, and their investigation has turned into a whole lot of nothing. We're being told that Hussain suffered from mental illness, but that was already made public in the press release handed out 11 months ago.

According to Police Chief Saunders, there's:

“...no evidence Hussain was affiliated with radical ideologies, hate groups or terrorist organizations.”

NEXT: Street preacher Dorre Love joins me to talk about his arrest on Friday evening for taking his message to the gay village in Toronto. Some LGBT folks pleaded with the police to not arrest him, and the incident is similar to one earlier this month where Pastor David Lynn was arrested under similar circumstances.

FINALLY: Your messages to us!

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commented 2019-06-26 23:27:35 -0400
Not to mention those maimed both physically and mentally.
commented 2019-06-26 10:17:35 -0400
My heart aches for the families of all the people traumatized and the two young girls murdered in cold blood by this man. The narritive that there is no motive, or history related to terror groups is heartbreaking for those needing truthful answers. God will find justice for the innocent.
commented 2019-06-25 20:05:59 -0400
Well Dorre, maybe you shouldn’t think of a lawsuit against the fascist state and the homosexual citizen fascists who tried to stifle your right – our right – to free speech, and your freedom – our freedom – of assembly rights, and your freedom – our freedom – of religion rights, as revenge, but rather as justice.
Maybe you were chosen to lead a righteous charge against the minions of Satan and the demons of fascism, right there in Trono, and that state-jackboot on your neck – on our necks – is an opportunity…to strike back against this growing evil and chaos.
Get it on the public record through a court case, force the FNMP (Fake News Media Party) to cover it, challenge and sue them when they lie! Herald the news on the streets, along with the Good News! You know better than most what John the Baptist, Timothy and Paul had to say…let alone Jesus!

Of course I understand (first hand) state-driven intimidation tactics are, well…intimidating!
commented 2019-06-25 11:02:11 -0400
Al Peterson: thanks I will have a look at that vid.
commented 2019-06-25 10:44:36 -0400
And, as a follow-up to my previous comments, the rich Globalists like George Soros, O’Bama, Clinton etc. that are instigating, influencing elections by placing their “puppets like Trudeau” in power, MUST be stopped or the lifestyle we all enjoyed here in North America will be gone forever!
Donald J Trump realized the dangers and being the Patriot he is, decided to do something about it! AND he is doing it for free, as he is donating his President’s Salary to various Government Causes that deserve it.
I wish we had someone like him here in Canada, would step up and do the right thing for this Country also!
commented 2019-06-25 10:27:04 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented 11 hours ago.

[…] The queer community, like political Islam, don’t just want to fit in and be accepted, they want to run the place and expect special treatment to do it……………………..

LIZA, I love you, You have the fortitude to stand up and call the kettle black.
Well effin done….Perhaps I was a little forward to say ‘I love You’ but you know what I mean.
commented 2019-06-25 10:25:29 -0400
Tim Shaw-Zak, the Muslim Brotherhood is a Terrorist Organization who’s mission is to spread the Muslim Cause here in North America, through lies, deception and “any means necessary”! The end goal for them is to have a certain percentage of Muslims in the general population of a country, enact “Sharia Law” within that country & then turn that cou try into another “Third-World Hellhole just like the old country back home”!
Muslims have over a thousand yrs. of history of trying to take over countries, that don’t want their lifestyle.
Some countries like Egypt have designated the Muslim Brotherhood to be a Terrorist Organization and IMO President Trump WILL do the same when the time is right to him to be able to get the Executive Order thru the traitorous Democrats that control the Senate down there!
MAYBE Canada will do the same, if the USA sets the example, but with all the Trump Derangement Syndrome present in this Country, I doubt it!
commented 2019-06-25 10:04:33 -0400
Off topic…. I was browsing around on You Tube and came across a Rebel video, the thing that struck me was the fact that it was posted by ‘Rebel Canada’ and not ‘Rebel Media’ as is usual. Is this something new???
commented 2019-06-25 09:38:07 -0400
This ‘investigation’ begs the question: Where are the security professionals who are meeting their duty to know? (A phrase I borrow from Stephen Coughlin.)
I don’t see any. Do you? Nary a glimmer of comprehension! They are apparently getting their talking points from the likes of Ikhwan affiliates**.
The geniuses at CSIS and the RCMP and military intelligence won’t do their job. In fact, they’re going to bite us – hard – when we truly need them. All over Europe and the commonwealth, we see the same story play out again and again: The police protect Islamists and suppress dissent.
The Islamists don’t make a great secret of what Allah/Koran/Mohammed teaches. Their deceptions are calibrated for people who don’t want to know – a category encompassing our entire political and security establishment.
Independent journalists are simply too rare. Ordinary Canadians must trace the teaching, strategic doctrines, organizations, and financiers of our self-declared enemies. We neglect this responsibility at our peril.

**This organization, the Ikhwan, is also known as the Muslim Brotherhood. One of their mottos: “Against them make ready”. I’ll let you surmise who ‘they’ are.
commented 2019-06-25 08:02:44 -0400
Political Correctness is just masked Anti Whiteism.

Where are the “diversity advocates" demanding open borders, mass immigration, or “diversity” into any global place or institution that is Non White?

Racial minority Whites are being tortured – literally, not figuratively tortured – to death in South Africa. Where are the “minority rights advocates”?

Whites like the Slavs and the Irish, among others, faced terrible mass enslavement and colonization, from the Islamic world in particular. Where are the the “social justice advocates”?

As always, Anti Racist is really just Anti White. And Diversity means White G-nocide.
commented 2019-06-25 07:16:43 -0400
The fuel truck hit the plane more than once at Person. Have a look at the Quigin report.
Edmonton and many more being silenced covered -up held from the public.
commented 2019-06-25 02:26:02 -0400
Maybe the REAL AND RESPECTED MEDIA that John Wick talks about will get to the bottom of this LMAO! I mean if they weren’t bought and paid for sheep.
commented 2019-06-25 02:25:06 -0400
Yeah i am really shocked that they covered up for a terrorist. They better hope Karma does not come calling.
commented 2019-06-25 01:52:42 -0400
So good to see the “Stupid Rays” are still emanating from the CN Tower to cast their mind farts on the collective conscience of the crowd below… With now two evident police chiefs in a row playing the “nothing to see here” game, Good Luck TO!!!
commented 2019-06-25 01:08:07 -0400
The gay community aren’t too bright – are they? They’re cheering for Rev Love being arrested, while ignoring this Muslim fellow that wants them dead. Even if Christians like Rev Love disliked gays – which we know isn’t true – they’d never advocate killing them.

I disagree that the McCarther story is at the root of the police conduct. That’s a distraction from reality. They’re anti-democracy. It’s been shown through enough other incidents that it’s bigger than that. And frankly, I don’t care. They’re to uphold the law regardless what the public thinks – PERIOD!
commented 2019-06-25 01:01:02 -0400
If Scheer was smart, he could win the election by “listing” all the terror attacks that Trudeau has covered up in his 3.5 years. Run it on the major channels 10 times a day.
commented 2019-06-25 00:58:08 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 37,395 Attacks, 241,299 Killed, 320,507 Injured that we know of
commented 2019-06-25 00:11:29 -0400
Al: I didn’t know about a plane being rammed or was that the one I think Andrew Lawton from True North reported on?
commented 2019-06-24 23:22:50 -0400
SHELDON EISLER commented 1 hour ago
Look what just happened with that Hezbollah operative gathering Intel on Pearson airport in a plot to blow it up,
Sheldon, don’t forget he Pearson fuel truck plane ramming episode which is being kept under wraps as well. No name given. No identity of the driver at all. Standby for another diagnosis of mental illness.
commented 2019-06-24 23:20:41 -0400
MUTA WEEN commented 11 mins ago
“No evidence that Hussein was associated with radical ideologies” according to Chief Saunders.
Well all of Islam is radical and therefore if he was a Muslim, he by definition was radical.
Gotta disagree again on this one. He was not radical. He was orthodox.
commented 2019-06-24 23:11:48 -0400
The First and foremost priority of Canadian politicians and MSM / CBC is to de-islamify the attack ASAP.
Nothing else is even a consideration
commented 2019-06-24 23:08:25 -0400
“No evidence that Hussein was associated with radical ideologies” according to Chief Saunders.
Well all of Islam is radical and therefore if he was a Muslim, he by definition was radical.
commented 2019-06-24 23:00:35 -0400
Would these people yell and harass Muslims preaching on the street or doing the Muslim call to prayer? And if they did, who do you think the police would haul away? That cop was mad. you could see it on his face and in his actions. He did not control his anger and he absolutely wrenched Dorre Love’s arm in a very aggressive manner, twice. Completely unnecessary.

With all due respect to Dorre Love, Toronto is not a ‘melting pot’, not any more anyway. The majority who subscribe to the Islam being promoted in Canada right now by our stupid and or evil politicians, do not have any intention of integrating. The queer community, like political Islam, don’t just want to fit in and be accepted, they want to run the place and expect special treatment to do it. That is not a melting pot, that’s two ideologies vying for attention and status. The rest of us be damned.

This show should be outside the paywall for sure.
commented 2019-06-24 22:56:14 -0400
David….you poor,delusional,archaic man.Please stop attacking people with mental issues….or Justine will have to give him Mega Bucks to compensate for the trauma this unfortunate waif has suffered at the hands of the insensitive mob that has been unleashed upon him.I mean….seriously….he was just a poor misguided prick that meant no harm.
Put yourself in his place….yes…that’s right….he is a victim.Just another misunderstood kid who could “have been a contender”….if only given a chance and some compassion.
Excuse me…I have to go and puke now…..
commented 2019-06-24 22:44:57 -0400
That’s the usual tolerance, acceptance and diversity of the left.
commented 2019-06-24 22:33:03 -0400
Look what just happened with that Hezbollah operative gathering Intel on Pearson airport in a plot to blow it up,once again it was the Americans who notified Canadian officials and they barely flinched. Where was Goodale-he doesn’t even comment anymore,this liberal govt is endangering Canadians on a daily basis.
commented 2019-06-24 22:20:23 -0400
Terrorist attacks, what terrorist attacks?
There are no terrorist attacks while trudeau is PM. And he will keep lying about it until people believe him,
commented 2019-06-24 21:56:49 -0400
Faisal Hussain was just a troubled kid who struggled with mental illness, was a trained sharp shooter, and the poor misguided boy just had a really bad day. Sorry kids, you just got in the way. In the wrong place at the wrong time.
Thanks to the virus that is political correctness, and the virus that is political Islam and the virus that is our pathetic government, the police will never reveal what they know and we suspect. Canadians no longer have any right to any expectation of peace and safety, because the government thinks protecting Islamists to protect votes is more important than young girls being murdered on the sidewalk on a warm Summer afternoon in Toronto.

The truth is being sanitized alright. But its not for our protection.
commented 2019-06-24 21:51:10 -0400
George Orwell certainly knew what he was writing about in his book 1984.