May 01, 2019

SHOCK video: Can Canadians name the first Prime Minister?

Adam/Pathetic MillennialRebel Correspondent

This weekend, I found out that while my friends know George Washington was the first American President, they drew a blank on naming Sir John A. MacDonald as the first Prime Minister of Canada.

Even when I held up and offered a $10 bill with John A. MacDonald’s face on it, my friends still couldn’t answer me.

Before hitting the streets of Toronto, I assumed my friends were just stupid and uncultured. But as you can see in this video, it’s not just my friends who don’t know anything about history, it’s everyone on Yonge and Dundas!

P.S. The new $10 bill totally sucks!

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commented 2019-05-03 10:20:35 -0400
I can name the first Prime Minister because I’m related to him.
There were 6 of my ancestors who fought for the British against the Americans in their Revolutionary War of 1776. Over 10 generations of my family gave blood, sweat and tears to help build this country. So when I hear an accusation of White Privilege my immediate response is to reply " Pound sand " .
Schools today no longer teach Canadian history. Gender Studies and Social Studies have replaced history and geography. My young neighbour is a high school teacher and he is absolutely ignorant of Canadian history and sadly so are my grown kids. Today’s immigrants have no interest in Canada’s history – Hell , five years after being here most can’t name the provinces in order from one coast to the other.
I intend to make sure my four grandsons are well grounded in our history.
commented 2019-05-03 03:11:10 -0400
Dave Sutton… Sorry you mentioned “dogs”… Once a a dog, even a puppy, knows what is “home” they will defend it for the rest of their days; unlike too many people…
commented 2019-05-02 18:58:12 -0400
Al, yes and this is far from over. I’ve been fighting for the rights of Whites (and Men in particular/with families) for 4+ Decades. Recently, a 50 year old White Woman (of Croatian descent) that worked with us White Guys at my last job, stood up at the table in a Restaurant where we had gathered together for old times sake. Out of nowhere, she stood up and pointed at us 6 White Men, and one at a time declared (in a loud voice) “PRIVILEGED”. Bad move for her. I had hoped this was all behind me, but the hatred toward White Males reared it’s ugly head once again. I lost everything at age 50, in Racist and Sexist Nova Scotia. My Business, Home, and then my Harley.. And did not have real opportunity until I was hired at age 55, by a White Man who knew what it was like for Men like me. In 7.5 years, I went from nothing, to retirement. They can’t keep a strong White Man down, and now it’s time for another backlash. It never ends, and I kicked that 50 year old Woman to the curb just a couple of weeks ago. Turns out she was no friend. I should mention that she has 2 Daughters and no Sons. No doubt the kids were messed up by our Education System, and the Mother followed suit. I told her that. This is what we are up against in the West. They come after us by Race and Gender, and Religion, and from all sides. I will not let this continue without a fight, no matter where I retire to. I beat them, and will continue to focus on helping others/my own.. And as always, they will lose, as our numbers are growing exponentially… My rant is a little off the subject of Sir John A. MacDonald, but it still has to be said.. I will now up the ante. I do not know what it is with Women from the Balkans, but I’ve known many that hate their own Men…
commented 2019-05-02 12:09:38 -0400
You got it, Robert,
We old stock are called colonizers. If so then how are the new immigrants lifted above that morally repugnant status?
commented 2019-05-02 11:42:41 -0400
There was a time in our not so long past that if you wanted to immigrate into Canada then you had to prove you had no resentment to Canada. If there was something in you that hated this country you were banned from entering. They would not allow you to leave the airport but instead waited for the next flight to wherever it was that you came from and back you went. Sounds like a good plan to reintroduce. If you don’t want strangers, dogs, cats, mice walking into your home then have the common sense to shut the door. How else will you control who or what comes in?
commented 2019-05-02 11:05:54 -0400
I knew immediately, when I read the question. Not bad for a 63 year old, eh? Of course, that’s because we were taught about OUR Country back in the 60’s. In fact, I can answer close to all of the questions asked of Americans, when it involves US history. Most Americans are oblivious of their own Country’s history. What is going on today, is both sad and sickening. We of European descent are hated, although our People built this Country. Far to many Canadians are continuing to demand we open up our borders to “new” immigrants, while at the same time spouting hate towards White European Immigration of the past.. WE are not allowed/have no right to be here? Yet everyone else does? That is what’s happening.. BS!! Many of our ancestors fought in Wars so that Canada could be free from tyranny. Now, tyranny flourishes in our Liberal Government and our Education System.. I do believe in a higher power, yet am not strong on Religion. But I still have to thank God for being born into the Generation I was. As for Viola Davis? Well, that Bill won a “prestigious” award recently. And you all know why. I just cut off Jazz FM from my listening enjoyment, and will now have to pay SiriusXM for my Jazz fix. It will be worth it. In 1 hour yesterday, they repeatedly talked about Viola Davis/Civil/Human Rights and how tough it was/is for any person other than White. And it’s not even Black History Month!! It never ends, and I’m tired of it. Only Whites can “legally” be discriminated against (section 15-2) in this Country, yet they claim we are “privileged”? Even Whites are saying this. Our own People… And, it’s getting worse by the day. I’m leaving soon, to retire in Central America, but I’m still proud to be Canadian. I’m extremely proud of our White European ancestors for what they did, and the sacrifices they made over Generations. It’s a shame to see what’s going on here. BTW, great comments all…
commented 2019-05-02 01:03:00 -0400
“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” Voltaire
Ron Shea, another great quote.
commented 2019-05-02 01:01:27 -0400
If you can’t answer some simple questions like this you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. This country is so screwed. Bread and circuses for the dumbed down urbo-weenies marching to Armageddon.
commented 2019-05-02 00:49:00 -0400
That’s part of the problem Hyacinth.. the 40 odd percent that are not voting.. they are voting in the tyranny into Canada by not voting.. Looking at the good ole US of A for future investment and a Government that works for the people. Unlike Canada at this present moment.
commented 2019-05-02 00:40:46 -0400
“Now I’m really worried.
These people will be voting in the election. "

I wouldn’t worry too much Jan, this is probably a small representative portion of the percentage that never bothers to vote anyway. Only 68.49 per cent of eligible Canadians voted in 2015 and sadly it was the claim that it was the highest turnout since 1993 which turnout was 69.6. Now that marijuana has been legalized the incentive for many on the left to vote has been removed, which could explain why Liberals are reaching in desperation to legalize all drugs. Amazing the spin by the biased leftwing media on this topic (see links).
“Legalizing all drugs would be good for Canada…”
commented 2019-05-01 20:03:30 -0400
Now I’m really worried.
These people will be voting in the election.
commented 2019-05-01 20:01:55 -0400
Nothing against Viola Desmond. She did the right thing.
But if we are going to erase the images of our founders and replace them with oppressed women, I have a suggestion for the next new $20 bill.
How about a group portrait of four women named Rona, Zainab, Sahar and Geeti? Murdered because they wanted to be … Canadians?

Yeah, I know. This idea is probably not gonna fly very far in Littlepotato’s office…
commented 2019-05-01 20:00:49 -0400
You’re right Ron Shea & Liza Rosie… a major overhaul has to be done. Has to be fast tracked also, starting next September.. un.. ffen.. believable.
commented 2019-05-01 19:29:56 -0400
Not only do they not know, they don’t care either. It’s a big joke to them.
commented 2019-05-01 16:19:44 -0400
English and French history are supposed to be prerequisites in Canadian schools since our country was founded by those two nations. Canadian political history is supposed to be taught as well, which includes First Nations history even though the First Nations only had an oral and did not have a written history. The fact that so many so-called Canadians do not know who Sir John A. MacDonald is appalling. I am sure they would not know who Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain are either. Let me guess, they replaced teaching Canadian history because it is too “white” with LGBTQ history, global warming history and identity politics? The education system (i.e. indoctrination system), in our country needs a complete overhaul.

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” Voltaire
commented 2019-05-01 16:06:03 -0400
BUT, ask them the color of Trudeau’s socks or the price of a gram of dope, or on a scale of 1 to 10 how much they hate Trump………………………
commented 2019-05-01 14:06:23 -0400
Instead of pedo trannies spreading nonsense in Libraries, how about responsible adults reading about how this country was built and by who, so that when they grow up, they care to be a part of it. Maybe, just maybe, we could then have a chance of working together on some things.

Instead, we settle for this apathy and have to put up with accusations of ‘colonizers and first nation genociders’ (which wasn’t displayed in this particular vid, but we have all heard the refrain from ‘some’ aggressive angry, weaponized immigrants and economic migrants, that Canada was ‘welcoming’ enough to allow entry to.

‘Some’ Immigrants/economic migrants are coming to our country (often for free stuff) and scolding us with a version of OUR OWN history (not theirs), which does not reflect the truth. How am I not going to resent that?

Time to make civics mandatory. Civics up the wazo. Want to be a Canadian learn to love Canada!

Damn it.
commented 2019-05-01 13:50:53 -0400
Of course not. What a disgrace. I guess its more important to teach gender theory. We will never right this country if we don’t educate people about where this country came from. We have a PROUD heritage and I think it has been thrown into the dustbin for a reason.
I forgive the kids, they are not being taught.
I expect it from most of the newer Canadians – they have been told that they don’t have to give a shit.
There is no excuse for the older white guys, absolutely shameful.

So many of the problems we face have logical, concrete solutions, and so when are we going to start demanding they be implemented? Are we going to let those who have sold us down the river for a vote, win and take our country from under our feet then? We have to start electing good men to lead us out of this mess.
Demand proper civics be taught in your kids school. It starts at home.

Good job Pathetic Millennial, you are a very approachable guy and I look forward to what you can shine a light on for Canadians, especially in regard to the next generation of leaders we will be stuck with.