February 10, 2019

These Toronto hotels’ only “guests” are illegal migrants — while homeless citizens camp in the snow

David MenziesMission Specialist

While Toronto’s domestic homeless must go to shelters or even sleep under elevated expressways, Justin Trudeau’s increasing number of illegal migrants are given the royal treatment at Toronto hotels.

On the other hand, The Rebel received rather inhospitable treatment while trying to report at one such hotel, Toronto Radisson Hotel East.

Watch as I show you why this problem is just going to keep getting worse for taxpayers as the city struggles to find ways to accommodate ever more of Justin’s “irregulars.”

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commented 2019-02-09 18:02:59 -0500
commented 2019-02-09 17:56:18 -0500
Charred Remains.. If you’re so much un butt hurt and bigger than I.. post your real name.
commented 2019-02-09 17:50:23 -0500
Charred Remains.. To your rants below… wtf are you trying to say?
commented 2019-02-09 17:30:18 -0500
Charred Remains…is that you Jimmy? Or Trudeau?.. you sound just like the both of them.
commented 2019-02-09 17:22:39 -0500
Charred Remains.. Why did you feel it important to express your view with “just another white guy” words?
commented 2019-02-09 14:35:11 -0500
Sounds like Toronto, Canada has become our California, New York, and Chicago United States. These states seem to care more for illegals than they do Americans.
commented 2019-02-09 12:54:33 -0500
There is only one way to effect some change, and only one party willing to do it. Young Canadians, many of whom will be first time voters are starting to pay attention. This is heartening. take a listen.
commented 2019-02-09 12:36:31 -0500
Keep pushing their buttons Rebels !
Flush out the swine and expose
commented 2019-02-09 00:03:31 -0500
I didn’t type below twice…cyber crap again..
commented 2019-02-09 00:01:59 -0500
Robert Sloane.. you said you’re ditching Canada.. The question is re-directed to you….Are you part of “we the people”?

IMO.. yes Canadian’s have to wake up.. especially the non voters.

IMO.. yes Canadian’s have to wake up.. especially the non voters.
commented 2019-02-08 23:42:38 -0500
Robert… “We the People” had better get their act together… What say you, Robert?
commented 2019-02-08 23:09:30 -0500
We the people didn’t want this to happen…
commented 2019-02-08 23:07:42 -0500
Al Peterson.. That’s why we are not in that line of work.. Everyone has a job to do.. all everyone has to do.. is do what they can do the best.. and push the best of our capabilities to the max…

Winning is fun…. and fun is winning.
commented 2019-02-08 22:54:27 -0500
had it been me, I would have given the SOB an uppercut out of self defence. Let him call the cops if wants to to explain why he is spitting chiclets.
commented 2019-02-08 22:41:58 -0500
They’re in Hamilton as well.. I know, because I live here… Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Peru would not tolerate this… Guess where I’m going to be living, by the end of this year? Maybe even Colombia…

To my fellow Canadians.. Y’all best get this under control, and soon…
commented 2019-02-08 22:12:53 -0500
“Since 2016, the parent company Radisson Hotel Group has been majority owned by China’s HNA Group, but as of 2018 that stake is being resold to a consortium led by Jin Jiang.”

Another good reason to boycott.
commented 2019-02-08 21:40:48 -0500
If there was nothing to hide.. this individual that committed assault in my opinion … would and should have came out with a intro greeting.. such as… how are you Sir? I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have… instead you get a liberalist globalist attack.

Thanks David and Tech Crew for tolerating that crap.
commented 2019-02-08 21:27:02 -0500
I will never stay at a RADISSON hotel after this. The rebel needs to slap back with a law suit that funds them for many years. This is assault, and illegal, on camera. David Menzies, you are a controlled individual because if that was me that prick would be lying on his back with a broken nose.
commented 2019-02-08 20:09:42 -0500
Exactly, Keith.. But not with a .357 Magnum.. That would definitely work, but that is the wrong way.. In Canada, we cannot just shoot people… At least, not yet..:) Canadians have to vote him and his Ilk out.. Plain and simple.. Reach out to your friends and family.. Inform them of the “Truth”…. Should Justin take control again, then everything is on the table.. Final solution…
commented 2019-02-08 19:40:58 -0500
People said JT was a lazy Prime Minister? Who the hell did he really meet on those days off?
Fucker partied at work and went to business on Sunday I’m willing to bet.
commented 2019-02-08 19:37:39 -0500
Keith Barnes,
Just say, “Bring it on, Trudeau”.
That’s all I’ll say to his face.
That little fecking peckerwood does not scare me no matter the threat.
Any challenge I’m willing to meet to keep my freedom & others that he imposes.
No sleep lost at the toils.
I’ve never been so disgusted in a person or myself by giving someone the benefit of the doubt no matter the warning signs.
That shit eating grin infuriates me to talk shit about him until He. Is. Gone.
That little “bleep” Sophie is just as crooked as him but stupider. That’s how dumb she is.
He turned Toronto into a shit hole?
Nay nay. Canada is a shit hole in under 4 years.
John Tory & Ford couldn’t clean up the crap if they tried.
What ever Harper did, he undid exponentially just to get his kicks.
List the platform, he did what he said he would but with the most evil of intentions.
Time for those yuppies to go.
commented 2019-02-08 18:54:57 -0500
Only one way Trudeau will be voted out of power is, if somebody votes with a 350 Magnum. The next election will be dirty and with lots of off shore money involved. You think Stalin was bad? Just wait until Trudeau wins another term….You ain’t seen nothing, yet.
commented 2019-02-08 17:47:54 -0500
Toronto the shithole. Coming to your town soon. Its not like its contained. Its coming to your neighbourhood sooner than you think. They are going to start bussing them around. The infected east will soon infect the rest of the country. Already is.
commented 2019-02-08 17:13:09 -0500
With our nut bar PM from QUE.in charge CANADA will be islamized,before Sweden or Belgium.
commented 2019-02-08 16:55:14 -0500
He’s building up his “Voter Base”… I do not think it will work.. But if it does, then Canada is truly done for. You had better vote him (and all of his) out in the next Election.. I won’t have to deal with it, but every Canadian that wishes to stay in Canada, and has an interest in their Children and Grandchildren, had better vote him out. You’re all running out of time…
commented 2019-02-08 16:20:44 -0500
Trudeau on the homeless situation in Canada—Let them eat cake and have you hugged a muslim today?
commented 2019-02-08 16:10:13 -0500
Toronto deserves to become a shit hole. The brainwashed Toronto populace votes for liberals no matter what. They moved a substitute drama teacher to power, so we all could experience a real drama. Hence Toronto and shit hole are now synonyms.
commented 2019-02-08 15:39:02 -0500
The Date at the top of this article says “February 11, 2019”. That should be changed…
commented 2019-02-08 12:12:11 -0500
For those of you not already familiar, go to youtube and type “muslims in Europe”. Sit back and prepare to stain your shorts. If you want to know exactly what we here in Canada can expect from these “refugees” then have a look at what these animals are bringing with them and are more than willing to share with us.
Islams objective is simple. Destroy and conquer. Please don’t lay all of your blame on Trudeau. We must also thank every liberal degenerate for helping to elect him.
commented 2019-02-08 11:54:24 -0500
Alberta Maga commented 8 hours ago
Hey maybe Toronto can be as progressive as LA
Alberta Maga—-With the above photo of the Typhus Bug contaminating Los Angeles City Hall, you have brought up an extremely serious problem that our leaders have not thought of.
Most of us are concerned about lack of vetting, but more important is HEALTH VETTING. All types of Immigrants used to get a medical before they were let in among the Canadian public. With a large population compacted into a small area like Toronto, it wouldn’t take much for some sort of unknown plague to take down thousands of people. Don’t forget many of these Border Jumpers come from Nigeria and the Congo where these serious outbreaks happen.

Now they want to spread these people around to the Rural areas!
Now I know where the following saying came from. “NEVER ASSUME THAT THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.”