May 16, 2019

Toronto Mayor Tory defends lapdance at “Drag Kids Brunch,” accuses The Rebel of “trying to divide people”

Keean BexteRebel Contributor

Toronto Mayor John Tory couldn’t be more different from his predecessor, Rob Ford. Tory’s slick, patrician manner is the opposite of the folksy "man of the people" vibe that is the trademark of the Ford family.

That’s why many were surprised and disgusted when video started making the rounds, of Tory submitting to lap dances from young men at the Glad Day Bookshop, which calls itself the world’s oldest LGBT bookstore, one with a storied legal past.

To cap the dances off, Tory stuffed the five dollar portrait of Sir Wilfrid Laurier into the cross dresser's thong. This happened on Mother’s Day, at something called a "Drag Kids Brunch." How wholesome. The Rebel was unable to confirm if Mayor Tory's wife, Barbara, was present.

In response to questions from The Rebel outside Toronto City Hall, Tory explained that he was "supporting the LGBTQ community" by folding up a fiver and slipping it in the undergarments of a young man, in a venue where underage children were also performing in drag.

Videos taken at the event, which was overtly sexual in nature, outraged many local Torontonians and Canadians at large, many calling the act "disturbing" and "disgusting", with others saying "he just threw his political career in the dumpster.

Not everyone thought so, of course, but I think it’s fair to ask whether or not those who found the whole thing harmless and even wholesome would feel the same way if the dancer had been female.

I asked Tory about this too but he deflected my question, and accused The Rebel of “being the kinds of people who are dividing” society.

You can see more of my original reporting at!

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commented 2019-05-19 21:08:55 -0400
I know the meaning of the ‘word’ the queer community has given heterosexuals. I reject it as a word. I don’t recognise newspeak.
commented 2019-05-19 21:05:35 -0400
…and puts them at risk by adults who would exploit them under the guise of teaching them? protecting them? At best it is misguided, at worst it is predatory and calculated pedophilia.
commented 2019-05-19 21:01:19 -0400
Not offended when somebody is queer , just when it involves kids, We have established that you feel the same way.

Common decency is not a relative thing. Public displays of indecent behavior are at the very least unbecoming to a politician. If I think it is ignorant I can not vote for the cretin. It is however a direct attempt to normalize something which used to be ‘enjoyed’ in clubs away from minors. Regarding pageants where prepubescent girls are made up to look sexy. I couldn’t agree more. Sexualizing children harms them.
commented 2019-05-19 15:37:18 -0400
Your opposition to “debauchery” is firmly in the realm of "no right to not be offended. I do agree that if kids shouldnt he forced into something they don’t want to do, but that’s also true of those child pageants. And, yeah, I don’t care about drag queens. They’re the same as cosplayers and furries. Not my cup of tea, but if it’s yours, have fun.

“cis’ is a latin prefix, it means “on the same side of”, the the opposite of “trans’ which is a latin prefix meaning on the opposite side of. The chemists use it to describe molecules (”C" shaped molecules vs ‘Z" shaped ones, across double bonds) and it’s common in certain genetics experiments as well.

There are plenty of straight, cis people, but they should not be offended when someone else isn’t.
commented 2019-05-18 12:19:53 -0400
Andrew Stephenson, sometimes you are pure comedy. What is ‘cis- clothing’?
You said, “You’re entitled to disagree, and perhaps even demonstrate it by walking around in stodgy cis-clothing.”

This coming from someone who defends clown face drag queens.

By the way I do not recognize ‘gender speak’. Cis is not a word except in gender brainwashed clown world, as far as I’m concerned. All of this non sense does a injustice to those just quietly wanting to live their lives and be accepted. Yes I accept that there are some.
commented 2019-05-17 20:11:05 -0400
Liza R. 100% agree with all your comments below.. Tory and who ever defends him is a low life as far as I’m concerned.. Exploiting minors is a no.. no.. on the streets where I come from.

“This isn’t about not liking seeing unpleasant things.”
commented 2019-05-17 16:31:40 -0400
‘Dignity is the first thing to go’
Good comment,

JAMIE MACMASTER commented 9 hours ago
Every time I see something like this, I think about the depths of degradation to which people will subject themselves to acquire and retain power. Politics is the twin of prostitution: dignity is the first thing to go.
commented 2019-05-17 16:30:04 -0400
This isn’t about not liking seeing unpleasant things. No one has a right to not be offended. So glad you realize that Andrew. My disagreement is with normalizing debauchery and exploiting minors. My problem is with adults especially politicians who have no regard for the protection of children, those who advocate for sexualizing children. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be supporting drag queen/kids mothers day brunches with drag queens rubbing their bums in their faces in public – paying them for it – and they wouldn’t be clapping and laughing at little boys dressed as girls wiggling their bodies provocatively for their pleasure.

I get to say that this is child abuse, and last time I checked it was illegal to sexually exploit children. I also get to express my disgust at a public figure such as Tory showing just how much he enjoys degrading others for his entertainment. Had children not been involved I would have just commented on how bad it makes him look. If kids are participating in the ‘entertainment’ or as audience members, whether in a book store, library or classroom, then the gloves are off. Stopping the exploitation of minors is my point. Tory may think showing support for this sort of event by attending openly is a good look for him. He must know that this serves to normalize and promote confusion in the minds of minors, and weak minded parents. Involving minors is something I want to see stopped.
Leave kids out of adults fetishes.
commented 2019-05-17 13:03:02 -0400
ALBERTA MAGA commented 19 hours ago
Andrew Stephenson
I would argue that if you’re upset about people like gun owners and Christians doing something that doesn’t affect you in any way, among a group of people you have nothing to do with and which has nothing to do with you, upsets you, the problem does not lie with them.

Stop being a snowflake."

I have no problem with Christians, as long as they accept I’m not one. The guy by the onramp with the big REPENT-sign on his shopping cart looks dodgy as hell, but doesn’t really hurt anyone. Similarly, as long as gun owners aren’t being a public threat (poorly trained owners and poorly secured weapons often are, though), whatever.

LIZA ROSIE commented 22 hours ago
Normalizing children and drag queen clown shows in the same space affects society and effects me. It sends the wrong message to kids to have the adults say this is okay.”

That’s basically exactly the same argument used against “free speech” on university campuses. You don’t get free speech because you might do something that makes me uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, Liza, your disagreement with the “message” does not make it invalid for others to publicly exhibit it. You’re entitled to disagree, and perhaps even demonstrate it by walking around in stodgy cis-clothing. You’re not entitled to be sheltered from those you disagree with.
commented 2019-05-17 07:42:45 -0400
Every time I see something like this, I think about the depths of degradation to which people will subject themselves to acquire and retain power. Politics is the twin of prostitution: dignity is the first thing to go.
commented 2019-05-17 03:48:20 -0400
So good to see that the “Toronto be stupid rays” are still emanating loud and strong from the CN Tower…
commented 2019-05-17 01:56:30 -0400
Liza Rosie i agree they are manufactured , until they get the surgery they are just posing.
commented 2019-05-17 00:21:03 -0400
Tory publicly supporting this fetish, is promoting it. I would like to ask him if he really thinks that its a good idea? Doesn’t this promotion put young boys at risk of sexual abuse? I also want to ask, if Tory and others who think this is so cool, entertaining and harmless, if they would consider expressing concern about the wisdom of promoting such events as homophobic? Have we really gone so far sideways that sexualizing children for the entertainment of adults is now government sanctioned and those who want to protect children are accused of being divisive??
commented 2019-05-16 23:38:06 -0400
This sex reassignment survivor ( in my link below) who now identifies as his birth sex says, “We are manufacturing transgender kids”.

Our government and John Tory are pushers of gender reassignment, they are working hard to normalize this. Whose idea was a mothers day brunch with drag kid performers. How twisted is that? The Rebel vid shows the adult looking drag queens but the vids of the same brunch in the article shows the drag kids performing. It is not cool or funny or entertaining, it is sexualizing young boys for the pleasure of grown ups, mostly men. How is this legal?
commented 2019-05-16 22:16:56 -0400
Typical liberal hypocrites.
commented 2019-05-16 20:58:43 -0400
I feel sorry for all of us. We can never unsee John Tory’s behaviour on that video.
commented 2019-05-16 20:03:41 -0400
Just imagine if any real Conservative Mayor.. was at a Female exotic dancer library doing this on Mothers Day with minors present.. The CBC whores would be screeching, screaming and yelping like a pack of hyenas in heat..
commented 2019-05-16 19:32:28 -0400
Lefty uses the old “yes I was at an adult entertainment event where there were children, but it was all right because it was the parents who exercised bad judgment” defence.
I’m convinced. Nuff said.
commented 2019-05-16 18:24:01 -0400
Funny how Andrew forgets that it is the progressives removing statues and trying to rewrite history, that is a prime example of people minding their own business LMAO!
commented 2019-05-16 18:11:04 -0400
I wonder how many left wingers would have a cow if this were underage girls? Or if it were Rob Ford it would have been a huge crime against humanity.
commented 2019-05-16 18:09:15 -0400
I guess according to Andrew we cannot be wary of harm to others as long as it does not affect us and we are not there. But of course when her progressive peers physically block speakers and events it is fine.
commented 2019-05-16 18:04:39 -0400
Andrew Stephenson
I would argue that if you’re upset about people like gun owners and Christians doing something that doesn’t affect you in any way, among a group of people you have nothing to do with and which has nothing to do with you, upsets you, the problem does not lie with them.

Stop being a snowflake.
commented 2019-05-16 18:02:46 -0400
Harley Mcartney NICE!!
commented 2019-05-16 17:29:43 -0400
Right on Alex Jones… Thanks for that Robert. I would have seen it eventually, and now many more will continue to ensure this goes Global.. Crowder, Watson, Shapiro, Tomi, Faith, Lauren, etc…etc… This will not end… Times are changing….:)
commented 2019-05-16 17:19:27 -0400
Why did the people of Toronto elect this lying, degenerate, gun-grabbin’ fascist hypocrite, let alone re-elect him?!
It must be for the same ‘reasons’ the self-avowed homosexual, radical feminist, child-abusing fraudster and big-league debtor Kathleen Wynne got a 2nd term…
And probably the same reasons they will ‘re-elect’ Jihadi-Justin-Groper in the fall…
commented 2019-05-16 17:11:41 -0400
Good thing this Video is now mainstream… Pass it on, and never let it go. There is no running from this one…
commented 2019-05-16 16:41:44 -0400
I don’t know what support means anymore. If a wife lost her husband to cancer or in a war zone, her community of family and friends, and the community at large, would SUPPORT her and her kids, I pray. If a man lost his wife to cancer or in a war zone, we would also hope he was SUPPORTED as well.
If an indigenous family member commits suicide we would SUPPORT the family with prayers and appropriate aid. If a white family…etc.

I suffer from depression and thoughts of violence or suicide what support should I get or deserve? I assume counselling, and maybe said counselling paid for by the people who care for and possibly love me?

If a LBGT+++ suffers from depression or thoughts of violence or suicide what does SUPPORT look like? THERE’S THE PROBLEM. You cannot say that there behavior is abnormal or there longing to have sex with each other is problematic. That perhaps there behavior is self destructive and unhealthy. No, you have to dance with them and put money in there thongs.

It’s all so sad. I see the messed up men? Dancing around looking so silly, and sad, to me.