July 23, 2015

Toronto: Multi-faith protest against Obama's nuclear deal with Iran

Rebel Staff

"We stand with Israel and we believe this deal is a huge mistake."

Christians United for Israel held a protest outside the U.S. Consulate in Toronto on July 22, 2015, to voice their opposition to Obama's nuclear deal with Iran.

People from many faiths and backgrounds attended, and some talked to The Rebel about why they were there.

"If you're going to return $150 billion to Iran, what you should do is return it in stages as Iran shows it's complying with the nuclear deal," one man pointed out. Instead, Obama's agreement frees up this money to Iran all at once. "It makes no sense whatsoever," he added.

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commented 2015-07-25 21:27:24 -0400
To Ian: If you really watch some of the other people in that video, there were a few Muslim men in the crowd. The MAJORITY may have been Christian and Jewish, but not all. Get your facts before you present an opposition.
commented 2015-07-25 02:01:10 -0400
In a country of approximately 78 million people, 50 % of Iranians are under 35 years of age. That’s a lot of young people. My take is that the “deal” has now put these young people in jeopardy. The nut case leadership of Iran, it would seem, cares little for its own people. I do not see Israel restraining itself in terms of holding back on a first strike against Iran. They won’t roll over and do the Auschwitz scenario again and who would blame them. If it comes to war, the U. S. will no doubt get involved and things could get real ugly. Watch out, here comes Putin, a short guy with a big ego. In addition, the rest of the region is not stupid enough to believe that they can refrain from going nuclear themselves if Iran does. Obama has made a huge mistake. Iran does not need nuclear power. They just want the by – product of these power plants to make bombs with. Do people of Iranian descent who have got themselves out of Iran think that this is all a good idea? Hardly.
It truly is one sorry mess.
commented 2015-07-24 19:45:51 -0400
Maurice stop fighting with him, this eyewitness says there were many. 3 apostate friends were there one now Christian, one an atheist, and UFO Ali believes only in guess what? A fourth of this group of Persians from Iran all of whom I met six years ago but not there was a Royal Guard for the Shah in 79 and was captured, tortured and escaped first to Spain. The atheist was a journalism student at University in Tehran and supported the regime, but 13 years later they came for him and his family, tortured and escaped here. I also met a Hindu I know there. The lead of the demonstration was Hasbara Fellowships, although CUFI had the big sign. Guess that’s why mostly Christians and Jews :) My bike can be seen in the first interview at the bottom right. In the second segment with that same lady I’d like to know what new T shirts the ladies in the background put over their yellow ones. If the interviewer took more footage after the cut and caught any slogans on the new black T’s I would like to know.
commented 2015-07-24 17:27:35 -0400
Then I assume there were people of many faiths and backgrounds. What evidence do you have that they were lying? It’s a good thing you’re not a professional journalist. You’d be guilty of the very thing you accuse the Rebel Staff of.
commented 2015-07-24 16:17:12 -0400
Read the article Maurice: “People from many faiths and backgrounds attended.”
commented 2015-07-24 15:58:25 -0400
Ian, nobody said “many” except you just now. More than one is by definition “multi”. Everybody could do better, including me and you. I find your focus of criticism unimportant and irrelevant when compared with the news of the rally itself. Out of everything that was said, this is what you picked up on. Very curious!
commented 2015-07-24 14:58:18 -0400
Maurice, is two of something “many”? Sure, it may be semantics but left-leaning media outlets would be chided for using the same words. Do you not agree that The Rebel needs to be better than them at conveying the truth and providing an accurate account?
commented 2015-07-24 14:38:01 -0400
Even if there were only Jews and Christians there as you claim (without evidence), then, since there were BOTH Jews and Christians there, it was multi-faith. So are you going to start arguing semantics now? If you don’t like the way they report their stories, start your own news website and show them how it’s done.
commented 2015-07-24 14:02:09 -0400
Maurice, if the multi-faith claim wasn’t the point of the piece, why include it as the second word in the headline? Why include it at all? The Rebel staff needs to back the claim up as they made it, not the other way around—which is exactly why it shouldn’t have been included. Again, The Rebel needs to be better.
commented 2015-07-24 13:46:54 -0400
Ian Stephens, that’s an absolute pile of bull crap! You have absolutely no evidence to back up your accusation. They didn’t provide evidence to confirm that the rally was multi-faith because it wasn’t the point of the piece. Stating that it was multi-faith neither adds to, nor distracts from the point of the rally. Show your evidence that it wasn’t multi-faith!
commented 2015-07-24 12:14:58 -0400
Maurice: The multi-faith claim is the second word in the headline of the article. Point being: The Rebel, in making this claim, citing it twice (“multi-faith”, “people from many faiths”), and not adequately backing it up, cheapens the story. If a left-leaning media outlet made the same claim—diversity!—about some protest it supported, The Rebel would be dragging them through the mud, and rightly so. Why would The Rebel staff open themselves up to a loss of credibility with this kind of exaggeration? If it’s Christian and Jewish peoples at the protest, that’s great, stick with that as it is readily verifiable and above reproach.
commented 2015-07-23 22:16:34 -0400
Glad to see there was some protest in Canada. It does effect the entire free world after all!!
commented 2015-07-23 21:52:19 -0400
Israel has clearly stated, “Iran will never have a Nuclear Bomb”, I believe them. Thank God for Israel! Whacobama is keen to start WW3, right, Barry. God,the real one, help us all. According to the Israel Post, the real worth of Iran’s deal with Whaco, is worth 700 Billion, this with all the extras Whaco is throwing in. A good percentage of this will be used for funding Muslim Terrorists.
commented 2015-07-23 21:49:12 -0400
Jonathan Halevi speaks for common sense of all human beings. Outrageous! Politics preclude common sense. Sanctions must be secured( like Canada has) and granted gradually
commented 2015-07-23 21:23:45 -0400
I support Israel 100%. I still can’t believe the US president would have ever signed this deal, plus I really can’t believe the chief of staff to the president would have not talked him out of it.
commented 2015-07-23 19:39:59 -0400
I support and stand by Israel.
commented 2015-07-23 19:02:20 -0400
Ian Stephens, how do you know “only Jews and Christians are in evidence”? The only person on tape who stated his religion was last person. Were you there? If so, did you ask everyone there what their religious affiliation was? I wasn’t there, so I don’t know. Anyway that’s an irrelevant sidebar to the point of the story.
commented 2015-07-23 14:53:45 -0400
Yep – the socialists are losing their grip / control on the masses. barry is just pumping Iran up to take a cut of Iran’s oil exports – politicians like their kickbacks. barry, along with George Soros failed to import Petrobras deep sea oil (while shutting down shallow drilling in the Gulf and blocking the last leg of keystone). So now barry is onto the next oil money source – from Iran – to finance endless socialists activism in the US for decades.

barry will fail at this too – the deal is a lousy deal, but it’s a great deal for barry. If the deal were to happen, it would be a HUGE political headache for the US for decades. Congress will stomp on barry and restart the process after barry leaves in 2015. No oil money for the socialist radical bipolar nuts like barry and his followers – they can’t be trusted with it.
commented 2015-07-23 14:52:53 -0400
There are some well-intentioned points here, but can it really be called a “multi-faith protest” with “people from many faiths” when only Jews and Christians are in evidence? Why confuse the issue with exaggeration?
commented 2015-07-23 14:36:41 -0400
These protesters remind me a lot of the protesters that march against the Ontario Government Sex Ed Curriculum: EACH AND EVERY person had an intelligent, thoughtful reason why they are protesting. They are REAL people that believe in what they are protesting about. What a refreshing change to see compared to the paid professionals that protest pipelines and Saskatchewan and Alberta oil….they can’t answer a simple question: WHY ARE YOU HERE?

I stand with Israel too!