October 28, 2016

Toronto Public Health uses your tax dollars to pay for Facebook ads so people will vote on its new condom wrapper

StaffRebel Columnist

Coming to a Facebook feed near you... ads for condoms, paid for with your tax dollars.

Indeed, Toronto Public Health is having a contest where people submitted condom wrapper designs and now people are voting for what they like the most. The official website states: “Design a condom wrapper for Toronto and your art could stimulate millions. In their pants. Enter your best design now.”

The submission period ended October 10 and now official voting is going on until November 1st.

If you've seen this contest in your Facebook feed as part of a sponsored ad, it's your tax dollars at work.


SOUND OFF in the comments: is this a complete waste of money?

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commented 2016-10-29 22:10:46 -0400
Wait a second. According to the Toronto Star, everyone in Toronto is either gay or Liberal, so why would anyone there need a condom? Or is the Star a liar?

Confusion reigns supreme!
commented 2016-10-29 09:11:49 -0400
A new form of birth control!

Hey, where is BZ?
commented 2016-10-29 02:33:58 -0400
Robert if they put a picture of Wynne on the wrapper they would cause flaccidity and not be needed anyways.
commented 2016-10-28 21:34:42 -0400
Safety first
commented 2016-10-28 21:33:36 -0400
We’re getting screwed with our seat belts on
commented 2016-10-28 17:25:37 -0400
My idea for the condom art would be a picture of WYNNIE the shit with a condom over her head.
Alternately, Just Tin’s body covered with one.

commented 2016-10-28 13:08:48 -0400
A Condom wrapper art in TO should feature a rainbow with a toilet bowl at both ends
commented 2016-10-28 13:06:07 -0400
Obviously they also made a cringe-worthy expensive professional youtube video with comments and dislikes disabled. And afterwards they will claim to have a revenue problem and that’s why the healthcare system is the worst in the developed world.