December 04, 2016

Toronto’s new “militaristic” police cruisers “trigger” progressives

David MenziesMission Specialist

The Toronto Police Service recently rolled out a new colour scheme for their cruisers, and as a result, we can add another item to the list of things that “trigger” progressives.

We know about team nicknames, free speech that conflicts with their beliefs, and Halloween costumes that appropriate another’s culture so let's add the paint scheme of a car to the list of things that trigger social justice warriors.

I think the new dark-grey cruisers look superb having never been a fan of the red, white, and blue Toronto cruisers or the bright yellow ones before that.

With the new dark-grey paint job, the cruisers look like they mean business and isn’t that how you want a police cruiser to look?

Yet, the progressives find this colour scheme “offensive”.

According to a graphic designer quoted in a Toronto Star article, these designs convey “oppressive, aggressive, intimidating and combative traits”, and appear to be influenced by films such as Robocop and Batman.

We’re told that the militaristic influence of the paint-scheme is undeniable, and “It’s a disturbing trend to say the least.”

Who knew? A Ford Taurus in dark-grey is “disturbing.”

Toronto’s progressive City Council were upset with Police Chief Mark Saunders for having the audacity to make an independent decision about the colour change and have asked TPSB to keep the red, white and blue colour scheme pending further review.

And so, sensitive Torontonians won’t have to worry about seeing any more dark-grey “militaristic” cruisers prowling around the mean streets of Hogtown with Officer Robocop behind the wheel.

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commented 2016-12-06 02:15:34 -0500
David you are so wrong on this one. There are other locales where the police car color is being changed to black or dark gray. They do not look like police cars, it is, in particular in the dark difficult to read on the car any lettering identifying it as a police car. Anyone with a car of similar color can now impersonate a police car for criminal purposes, and that has been done. The removal of the Red, White and Blue on the police cars are colors that mirror the colors of the Union Jack, and this is a move to cut ties with Britain and the Monarchy. The new black/gray police cars DO have a sinister appearance and they certainly don’t say, “We Are Approachable.” In addition the new color is really being adopted for another reason, when they paint on the the Arabic Lettering, in particular the squiggle found on the ISIS Flag, it is going to show up much better on the proper dark background. Think I’m way off, just wait and see, the new color IS designed not to intimidate but to generate terror. The police departments have learned the effectiveness of such actions from the terrorists and the fact that it works is a motivation, because as with European countries, you’re going to see the police Will be one of the biggest enemies of freedom.
commented 2016-12-05 18:51:08 -0500
Just when you thought the regressives could not get any more ridiculous! Can hardly wait for the “feminist” in Ottawa to weigh in on this jealous because Uncle Fidel never came up with the idea!
commented 2016-12-05 14:09:03 -0500
Leviticus, although I agree with your statements, what the hell dose that have to do with the color of police cars??? Address the issues. not the color schemes some police department chooses for their cars. I repeat, this is a non-issue.
commented 2016-12-05 13:50:45 -0500
NDP is liberal through and through, dirty tricks galore.

I hope there were lots of pictures taken at the rally to identify the NDP paid troublemakers for future reference.
commented 2016-12-05 13:47:07 -0500
Take back our Government from the liberal UN alliance, allow no changes to Canadian voting rights until the stench of corruption from the liberals is banished from our Government, keep fighting my fellow Canadians, we have the upper hand now and do not let up until the garbage is at the curb.
commented 2016-12-05 09:43:53 -0500
About the rally…. There were at least 3,000 there. If Global reported a couple hundred they must have showed up at 3:30 when the last stragglers were still hoping to talk with Ezzra and the other Rebel reporters and guests. ALL msm is in the shitter. Global Edmonton showed their true colors last spring when Ms. Crosby did her mamby pamby interview with Trudope and spent more time licking his ass than quizzing him why unemployed people of Edmonton were not going to receive EI.

As for the colour of the police cruisers, that is of the least concern. The direction our police forces are taking is what is bothersome.
commented 2016-12-05 05:26:15 -0500
MAURICE POTVIN commented 4 hours ago
You’re darn right, Leviticus, I don’t get the point at all. And, if the truth be told, I don’t give a damn what the point is.
The point is Maurice that this is all part of the shift, our society has been hijacked all the way from bringing violent migrants into the country who the people don’t want to here right down to a jackbooted police force that is no longer controllable by or held accountable to the people who pay the wages of these “armed civil servants.”
It’s all part and parcel of the symptomatic rot that exists in the globalist effort to steal our nation and its sovereignty away from the people.!
commented 2016-12-05 05:04:48 -0500
Ron Joseph… Bravo Zulu has been gone for a hell of a lot more time than just three weeks.!!
Please don’t speculate if you don’t know the answer.
commented 2016-12-05 01:47:29 -0500
Bravo Zulu might be working with Trump, trying to explain how Muslims think.
commented 2016-12-05 01:43:37 -0500
Jan G—As I mentioned to your last post asking where Bravo was, He said by by to us 3 weeks ago as he was heading South for the winter.
commented 2016-12-05 00:57:35 -0500
You’re darn right, Leviticus, I don’t get the point at all. And, if the truth be told, I don’t give a damn what the point is. There are far more important issues to be concerned with. It seems to me that there are far too many people with way too much time on their hands, if they’re going to get so concerned about this sort of thing.
commented 2016-12-05 00:51:18 -0500
I am anything but a progressive and I do not want militarized police either. David, you need to do some reading. This is a “conservative” position from 1999. Globalists (which I dont think you are) are pushing militarization of police and the police state. They are bringing in jihadis to justify the police state. NOBODY wants a police state. The solution is Trump’s solution. block immigration from terrorist regions and we get maintain police instead of cops thugged out in black sun glasses, gloves, and cruisers.
commented 2016-12-04 23:32:27 -0500
Bill Elder: didn’t mean to repeat what you said…I just saw that part of your comment.
commented 2016-12-04 23:30:38 -0500
Police cars should be totally visible and not blend in. When you are looking in your rear view mirror you don’t have time to stop and question what kind of car it is, you need to make a split second decision to get out of the way.
Kinda like a Priest wearing a plaid shirt; if you’re dying and he says he’s a Priest, do you have time to question what he’s wearing or look for the collar?

Leviticus: Yes, where IS Bravo Zulu?? I’ve been wondering also.
commented 2016-12-04 22:52:23 -0500
It is too bad that some people may find these cars intimidating. When I was a kid, they were black and white and when you saw them, there was no doubt. Seems like some people want to live in a little protective bubble to perpetuate some kind of fantasyland. Grow a a backbone! Is their anything that does not offend the snowflakes? My God, what the hell is wrong with these people?
commented 2016-12-04 21:34:42 -0500
Jay Kelly and Maurice Potvin I think you fellas are missing the point..
commented 2016-12-04 21:28:43 -0500
“the cruisers look like they mean business and isn’t that how you want a police cruiser to look”

So true that we want the Toronto Police Cruiser to look distinguished — not flashy but recognizable.

Hopefully they are not intimidating.
commented 2016-12-04 21:17:10 -0500
I can see their point about the “triggering” grey cruisers. I just saw the picture, and that scared the crap out of me. I had to have stiff drink and then go hide in the broom closet till my nerves calmed down. Just imagine if I saw the real thing?
commented 2016-12-04 21:01:15 -0500
I’m torn on this one. I believe that for safety alone these vehicles should be seen clearly. I also believe that our police forces are already too militaristic in their dealings with the public…just another step towards a police state??
commented 2016-12-04 20:03:13 -0500
I do not understand why the regressive socialist cult that controls the TO city council would want red, white and blue. Those are the colours of the American flag, and they are opposed to The States, particularly now. These colours are also those of Britain and France, under which they terrorized the world through colonialism, or at least France did to her colonies, hence should be forbidden through the guilt these councillors believe we should all have. So why do these regressive want the red, white and blue colour scheme.

Oh…right…those are also the colours of Russia, the neo-USSR.
commented 2016-12-04 19:41:16 -0500
Seems pretty obvious to me why the cops would go to a drab common darker color on their cruiser – it’s just another tactic to camouflage themselves in traffic (same motive for the low profiles light bar that looks like a bike or ski rack when you see it in your rearview mirror) Cammo cop cars mean more sweet moving violation summonses and all the filthy lucre that brings in – the down side is cop cars were made highly visible for a reason – when in pursuit it makes them more visible so motorists and pedestrians can get out of the way in time.

It’s obvious the police had a choice between public safety and stealth revenues, it’s also obvious which motive won out.
commented 2016-12-04 19:04:28 -0500
Sorry Peter… I thought that comment was directed to me. I apologize..
commented 2016-12-04 18:09:45 -0500
I see that the CBC did not even report on the rally. There is an article about the rally going to happen by Natasha Riebe, but no update article.

If they do report on it, except them to also report less people than were actually there. And no doubt they will lie about the conduct of those that were there, saying they were violent.

Generally the CBC are liars.
commented 2016-12-04 17:31:06 -0500
Kelvin they love to play down the numbers for what they disagree with and play up the numbers for what they agree with, the march for life had over 20,000 and the MSM made it sound like no one showed up. Same with occupy , they made it sound like millions were there.
commented 2016-12-04 17:30:27 -0500
Kevin asked, “Of topic: global news says there was only a couple of hundred people at the rally in Edmonton on Saturday, was anyone there to dispute or agree?”

No, but the lying main stream media always misrepresents right with protests by minimizing the number of protesters … along with distorting the message, of course.
commented 2016-12-04 17:29:45 -0500
Leviticus i agree to a point, there are certain cases where it may be called for , not for speeding tickets though. They speed all the time, it comes off as hypocritical.
commented 2016-12-04 17:20:18 -0500
Of topic: global news says there was only a couple of hundred people at the rally in Edmonton on Saturday, was anyone there to dispute or agree?
commented 2016-12-04 17:16:38 -0500
Leviticus said, "The only social justice warrior I see on this posting today is you Mr. Netterville.. "

Me, a social justice warrior?

Either you need reading lessons or a brain, because I am the furthest thing from an SJW.

Oh, let me guess, you thought I was referring to the people commenting on the article. No, I was referring to the SJWs David Menzies was referring to.
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