April 28, 2016

Toronto Star and Trudeau: “Concern” for murdered Canadian comes too little, too late

Thomas PrattRebel Blogger

For once I find myself in agreement with the Toronto Star, after they condemned the kidnapping and murder of John Ridsdel. Although, I might add, their righteous indignation comes a little late.

After all, was it not one of their writers who claimed convicted terrorist Omar Khadr should get the Order of Canada? Is it not politicians like Justin Trudeau who say things like, “Once a Canadian always a Canadian?” Is it not our legal system that has lets Khadr live free in our county because he is “Canadian”?

Was it not Justin who faced the camera just the other day to condemn these terrorists for the murder of Ridsdel? This is the same man who wants to bring unscreened refugees into our country, because they would never harm us and be fine upstanding Canadians?  Oh, I guess that is why just a short time ago a women was sexually molested in a Canadian hotel pool, in Lethbridge, by one of these fine upstanding immigrants.

Is it not these very same people who are threatening our children on a school yard playground? I guess these are just the exceptions and we should continue to whitewash this problem, hoping maybe it will go away.

Now to the question of should we pay ransoms to terrorists. Official policy should remain a resounding no. According to the Toronto Star article, approximately $11 million was paid out to free Fowler and Guay in 2013.

Instead of paying this $11 million to the terrorists, would it not make sense to pay that amount to specially trained forces like the SAS to find kidnapped victims, then kill the terrorists?

I know, Justin, you would rather make nursemaids of our troops, because Canadians are such compassionate, loving and forgiving people. Then the harsh reality sets in and innocent people are killed and so our blessed Prime Minister feigns concern. Are we supposed to be impressed because Ms. Purheart Trudeau makes us all feel very warm and fuzzy?

What do you and your cabinet propose we do about the next hostage taking, Justin? How do you explain your ideas to the Canadian people? How do you expect them to trust you?

Justin, make no mistake, the Canadian people that pay your salary are not the stupid sheep you think we are. Come the next election, we shall make our voices heard.


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commented 2016-04-29 09:05:02 -0400
Islamic terrorism can be easily defined by the mere fact that they are now present in our society and silently making efforts to change our culture while benefitting from all our resources.
The refugees have contributed nothing to the country as yet and who will be eligible to collect government benefits the moment they arrive.
Most are probably very poorly educated (except in all things Koranic) and will require some educataion.
More than likely, a vast majority have not seen a doctor in the past and are sorely in need of medical, dental and eye care.
Before you know it, they will be eligible for a government pension that the rest of Canadians have paid for for years.
The leftist Luddites should understand these things . . . Those who are middle aged or less may well find their CPP will be unavailable to support them in their old age. They will reap what they have sown and will live under shariah law.

commented 2016-04-29 02:33:18 -0400




commented 2016-04-29 02:31:15 -0400
commented 2016-04-28 21:37:46 -0400
PM selfie’s first test as a Canada’s leader and a patriot, – epic fail on both counts. What a washout.
commented 2016-04-28 21:29:23 -0400
There isn’t one thing you said Brian, that I didn’t agree with.
commented 2016-04-28 21:00:50 -0400
Who pays attention to the drivel written in the Star? I rank that rag in the same category as The National Enquirer.
commented 2016-04-28 18:42:40 -0400
The Red Star may be feeling the pressure of all the subscription cancellations……!