August 15, 2015

Toronto Star's "Jew-baiting" objection to Harper's refugee plan is "full of b.s."

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Stephen Harper just announced a plan to accept 10,000 refugees from Syria and Iraq. The PM vows that these will be true victims -- Yazidis and Christians like those being raped and murdered by Muslim terrorists. Who could possibly object to that?

Believe it or not, the liberal Toronto Star!

Usually they are all for open borders.

You won't believe what their objections are.

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commented 2015-09-07 10:53:05 -0400
Rick Nash ·
University of Toronto
Please Canada Take in Minority chritsians of Iraq Syria and from Pakistan and Hindus and kashmir pundits who were chased away by majority muslims in cashmirwho are raped ,tortured by Fanatic Muslims in those countries i am sorry Many of us feel ISIS has planned to get its terror group into canada through the refugee balanket.Already we all know allover the western world whats Happening letting in Fanatic muslim refugees who in short time of arival show their true colour.No new specially the young muslims understand the meaning of coexsistance with non muslims fellow human beings For them its all about islam and their fanatic way to live do not care about the country or the rules or are patriotic
violence against women by the peverted muslims is on the rise pleas Candians lets keep our kids safe from these babarians Sorry no more fanatic Islamic barabarians
And many of us wonder why these so called muslimmonly refugees do not go to rich muslim countries like Dubai saudi arabita and all rich UaEcountries and why these refugees do not go there???
commented 2015-08-23 01:23:03 -0400
Are you implying the star would try to sway the election?
commented 2015-08-21 18:12:33 -0400
I mean this is such a “Harper” feel good story because it is so leftists that you can’t opposes it or you’ll be called racists or something of that nature. I’m surprised at all the so-called Canadian conservative who embrace this ridiculous idea of Harper’s as being a good decision for Canadian security. If the so-called conservatives of Canada could actually remove their blinders and see how potentially dangerous this move is from a security stand-point, I’m sure they would stand up and yell "DON"T DO IT STEVEIE". Not to mention the economic cost associated with the social welfare programs that are needed to save the world and the poor refugee, that are really Christian I’m sure…yeah okay right then! Speaking of Christian, does Canada really need anymore of those Jew loving, Israel supporting, pro-life Christians here anyway? Unless my homeboi Stevie is only doing it to piss of the Christian hating left? But if that’s the case then why Syria? Why not Christians from say Western Europe, who can’t even live in their neighbourhood anymore because of Islamic immigration and political correctness?
commented 2015-08-18 18:23:25 -0400
Rae. To answer your question – what up wit The Star. Honderick is a German Nazi. They lefty’s despise us because we won WW1, WWII, 800 yrs prior we beat back the Muslim imperialists, capitalism didn’t implode (buy Marxism did) , we launched the industrial revolution by mining coal and starting the first patent office, and they HATE us for it!! This why in Lefty media you’ll hear them slam “able-bodied Anglo Saxon White Males”. WWII isn’t over. That’s why you see Russia invading the Ukraine, flying over our North, and China trying to take back the Islands off Japan. Ppl carry their hurt with them for generations!!
commented 2015-08-18 17:12:36 -0400
I am all for allowing these persecuted people into Canada, but we must first make some room by kicking out the extremists who are here. Let’s arrange an an exchange. We can offer sanctuary to all these poor souls but only if all the radicals go back. Let the Shiites and Sunnis fight to the death in the Middle East with no intervention of any kind from the civilized countries. There won’t be enough left to pose a security threat to us.
commented 2015-08-18 12:53:00 -0400
Interesting again, The Star has an article regarding Mr. Trudeau, keeping the Duffy affair alive. Again comments closed, after only 124, not getting the responses they like? I for one can hardly wait for Ms. Porters next fabrication, sorry story!
commented 2015-08-18 12:42:35 -0400
Funny, just looked at the article posted by the Star. Closed after only 24 comments! Also, I noted, The star ran an article regarding Wynne’s Ponzi scheme pensionlan, comments were not favourable to Wynne and company! No surprise, and the The Star seems to have dropped stories on Wynne, wonder why?
commented 2015-08-17 19:39:19 -0400
@ Joan Abernethy

You asked about "BZ – even to middle-eastern Christians minorities? What about the Yazidis? "

Yes – even they will never assimilate and become Canadian in my life time and even they have their baggage. I makes me unpopular – but they will bring little but trouble and they will ride the public tit forever.

Those battles and wars that take place in the mid east are simply transferred t Canada – do not think it is not so.

Just because they are part of the media “favoured crew” dos not mean they will be good for the country.

Racist, religion baiter?


I am a realist after my experiences there.
commented 2015-08-17 00:17:18 -0400
I wish we could close the doors. At least temporarily. If we say no just to Muslims you know the backlash that would happen.
We need an Ellis Island, for a temp holding area, and those Muslims who are not able to renounce/denounce(never sure which) Islam, must be sent away when the situation is stabilized, after we put the boots to the problem and hobble ISIS any and all ways.
Islam will never be compatible with our Judeo Christian foundations,( which we kind of want to hold onto, and if you remember go to war to protect). There will be a huge cost, but it will be less than the cost of allowing our country and everything we hold dear to be assimilated by those who have no interest other than dominance over us.

If America can pay for Gitmo, why can’t we pay for an Ellis Island. Christians and Yazidis, could be processed and allowed, Muslims not willing to let go of Islam would have to be detained until they could be returned to their place of origin. We can’t allow our country to be flooded with people who hate us, hate each other, and want to take our country. We can’t make it easy for those who are already here to ignore the ways and wishes, of their host country. We have to stop accommodating, those here, they need to accommodate us, and fit in.

We may accept you after due process, but you must be willing to live in peace, under our laws, respecting our roots and traditions as a country, and hold allegiance to Canada only. Don’t expect to come here to try to push your ideology, spread your hatred and boss us around. Multiculturalism does not mean we are going to be anyone’s bitch.

Alex A.“There are a lot of ways we can benefit from eliminating the creators of these refugees”, and that is the bottom line! Harper has been too accommodating in my opinion. I would like to see him revisit his policies on immigration.
commented 2015-08-16 16:35:17 -0400
Thanks Ezra for giving this this information. Miss you on SunTv….have read all your books.
commented 2015-08-16 15:55:54 -0400
Alex said, “The economical sense of harvesting our own oil is huge.”

Exactly! Which makes me wonder about the NDP both provincially and federally. They are so very much against the oilsands.

Are they daft to our purchasing oil from these OPEC countries that fund terrorists or are they complicit? By destroying our oilsands production they force us to buy OPEC oil and fund the very terrorists that would want to destroy us. That makes me question the NDP’s intelligence and/or loyalty to Canada. Also, by opposing the Line 9 which would bring oilsands oil to the New Brunswick refinery for Canada to use, they force Canada to buy OPEC oil.
commented 2015-08-16 13:51:21 -0400
how about that cbc …during the debate, while barton was commenting (blah Blah)..cbc continually looped a piece with harper talking to men wearing yarmulkes.. i am still waiting for cbc “ombudsman” ester enkin’s reply about this subliminal messaging.. it was without doubt intentional..
commented 2015-08-16 13:42:33 -0400
All the more reason to deal with ISIS firmly. Screening them properly is almost impossible. Igal Hecht once wrote " money is like oxygen to the terrorists" I cannot believe we continue to send money to buy oil to Arab countries. Every Arab country has ISIS members or sympathizers. The economical sense of harvesting our own oil is huge. These environmental scientist are idiots. One can look at the oilsands as cleaning up one major spill. Are scientist sure that manmade carbon emissions are not doing the planet any good? In time scientific opinions will change. They always do.

There are a lot of ways we can benefit from eliminating the creators of these refugees. Now if Mulcair or Trudeau win. WE ARE SCREWED.
commented 2015-08-16 12:09:12 -0400
Alex said, “Do we become racist if we block out all Muslims?”

Yes, there is that possibility. Certainly the left would accuse Harper of that, as the Torstar columnist has done.

My only point was not in not allowing in Muslims, but how do we screen them properly. Just how do you differentiate a between a peaceful Muslim and a radical Muslim pretending to be peaceful?
commented 2015-08-16 10:49:33 -0400
You make a good point. Christians and Yazidis may be a safer bet but there are Muslims that are peaceful and not radical. I personally know of some very nice Muslim families even though I am Christian. Do we become racist if we block out all Muslims? My fight is with Jihadi terrorist countries organizations like ISIS. They have declared war on us. So let’s declare war on them.
We must also acknowledge the financial burdens to our government coffers with the increase of refugees we let in. I think there is enough justification here to put boots on the ground and hit ISIS hard.
commented 2015-08-16 10:25:03 -0400
I agree Yvette – No matter what happens in the world, it’s Harper’s fault. A lefty wakes up and spills his coffee, its either God or Harper’s fault. If their dog craps on their new carpet, it is either God or Harper’s fault. If Trudeau has a bad hair day, its either God or Harper’s fault. In fact I think every human genocide and natural disaster since the beginning of time is Harper’s fault.
commented 2015-08-16 10:17:56 -0400
I would like to remind the media that there are 29 LIBERAL Senators as well. Why is the Senate a big deal now? Before the Conservatives took power the Senate was practically ALL LIBERAL. Amazingly, the issue comes up just as the Conservatives have a majority? Coincidence – I would say not. If you go to the Library and Archives Canada you will note that the majority of Access to Information requests are relating to the Governing Conservatives. This blocks all other forms of research. The media party is constantly digging their finger nails off trying to dig something up on the Conservatives. Yet, they were NOT doing this when the Liberals controlled things. In that case, they were still trying to dig up anything on the Conservatives or the Canadian military. At one point you could not do proper historical research because of the backlog of ATIP requests from the media. A good question to ask the media is when are they going to get around to investigating the 29 LIBERALS or the previous senate FULL of past LIBERAL senators? I mean the ones that have not already been exposed by other means. The blatant bias in this country is beyond scary. If they get rid of the Senate it should be because ALL Senators are under suspicion not just Mike Duffy.
commented 2015-08-16 09:58:52 -0400
It dawned on me last night what is going on here at this Mike Duffy Trial, while it does have some issues as most every political party I know has or has had some bad apples in it at one time or another who have done some questionable things however, the NDP and Liberal Party are milking this one to death to take away any credibility PM Harper and the Conservatives may have, as it is not like they didn’t bring us through some tough times!
I know the Leftist Democrats in the States are big on Amnesty of illegals right now to the point that a Judge has ordered President Obama to stop bringing them in through his system…. There have been some repeat murderers’ found to be amongst these undocumented people being brought in and many viruses and diseases have been spread in this way!
It dawned on me that this is what the NDP and Liberals are really upset with PM Harper about… as he has been protecting Canadians to a degree through our immigration policies, in that Harper seeks to bring in only those that are compatible with Canada like Yazidis and Christians – for example – the Leftists these days have a gain to bring in lots of refugees as most of these refugees are already leftist and if they could bring in enough of them – would never have to worry about the Leftist movement being voted in again! It seems todays’ Leftists are not so much Democratic as they are Totalitarians’ and Authoritarians’!
It is a scary thought for a Canadian who loves the Canadian way of life to realize that it is easier to bring down a Democracy than a Republic – because all they need to do is outnumber the Original citizens’!
I am very concerned because it has been said in the USA some of the Muslim people there were saying they wanted no Democracy only Sharia – do we want this to happen in Canada?
I am concerned that should we not vote in the Conservative Government we may end up with thousands of unveted and carelessly documented incompatible refugees and we become outsiders’ in our own country!
Yes, Prime Minister Harper has been protecting Canadians’ and I am able to see much clearer into his reasoning now!
commented 2015-08-16 08:31:30 -0400
Alex said, “We will need to bring in millions if we don’t stop ISIS soon.”

Problem is, will we be bringing in those who have their own violent radical agenda? Just because they are victims now does not preclude the possibility that they could be a radical of another type.

I am not against the compassionate immigration of true refugees, but the challenge is and always has been determining who is and who is not a true refugee. So when it comes to determining this, accepting only Yazidis and Christians is a safer bet that they themselves will not be radicalized.

It is a good thing to “cherry pick”, or to be less confrontational in wording, “discriminating” in who we let into the country. And why shouldn’t we be? It is, after all, our country.

I am fairly certain that a Liberal or NDP government would maintain the same level of immigration screening as do the Conservatives, except they are just using this issue now as a means of bashing the Conservatives to garner support in the upcoming election.
commented 2015-08-16 08:26:06 -0400
The Toronto Red Star is like the CBC, obsolete and out of touch with reality. Again, typical left, they separate society by dividing wedges in between different cultures and especially religions. I am also shocked at the amount of readers the Red Star has in order for them to stay in business, obviously their are a lot of socialists out there and that scares the hell out of me.
commented 2015-08-16 02:38:54 -0400
I don’t think we should be questioning which refugees we should let in to Canada. I am sure there are good and bad in all types. We will need to bring in millions if we don’t stop ISIS soon. The better solution is to get boots on the ground and eliminate ISIS. Eliminating the creation of refugees is a better solution.
commented 2015-08-16 01:55:06 -0400
PM Harper is always in a “catch 22” & no matter what he does, the left never will never give him credit for anything. Indeed, this is a very humanitarian deed & like you Ezra, hope they are well screened. I am not in favour of more Muslims coming to this country, but the Christians & Yazidis definitely need rescue.
commented 2015-08-16 01:37:33 -0400
You are so blue that they should call you a smurf!
commented 2015-08-16 01:20:18 -0400
Toronto Star has moral idiots working for it and some said CBC has an Iranian lobby, so yeah, they are all anti-conservative and anti-Israel. On the substance of the Toronto Star shameless editorial, there are no Jews in the Middle East except Israel. They flocked to Israel decades and decades ago. Furthermore, this may be a bit off-topic, but I just hope Stephen Harper is getting ready for some big speech or event or else, something that would knock all the leftist media off their feet and shut their mouth, and open the eyes of more people. He has got to do or say something to dispel all the clouds created by the CBC etc, and he does not say anything at all. He does not attack back, the media grills him and the number of stupid people grows faster than the number of the smart people. Polls are not looking good though I know they may not mean much. I just hope Ezra, Brian and 15 million conservative Canadians know something I don’t.
commented 2015-08-15 22:31:24 -0400
Thanks for that Ezra. Having once been a Star reader, I know from whence you speak. Is it still the most circulated Paper in that Have-Not province?
Joan, I’d like to Second your comments on Harper, and add , Harper’s successful trip to Jerusalem, and I thought, very good speech at the Knesset. And, Harper has spoken out in support of Israel at the UN.
The Star has a draconian agenda.
commented 2015-08-15 20:55:04 -0400
What the Hell is wrong with the Toronto Star? Has your HATE for Harper blinded you to the fact that sometimes Christians and Jews also deserve a wee bit of Sympathy ?
We don’t don’t demand anything Special.
We don’t fill the jails because we commit crimes that only a sub-human could enact.
We don’t make demands for special food , served at special times , as we pray on special mats ,faced in a special direction . We just atone for our stupidity and do our TIME. Time is tic tocking away——- And we are not ALL enraptured with your silly propaganda.
commented 2015-08-15 20:33:01 -0400
In is my opinion, PM Harper is making a big mistake. Allowing more Muslims to enter Canada will lead to the end of our western civilization. Just the Muslim fertility rate alone, compared to Canada’s, will mean that Canada will be a Muslim Country within seventy to eighty years. Good, bad or whatever, they all believe in Islam and follow Shariah Law, both of witch are ‘Platforms of Death’. Canada should pull out of the UN and deport all Muslims. This is the only way we will survive, as a civilized Country.
I will still Vote PC, though.
commented 2015-08-15 19:17:56 -0400
BZ – even to middle-eastern Christians minorities? What about the Yazidis?
commented 2015-08-15 19:12:54 -0400
The only reasonable plan to defeat Islamic jihadi crime organizations in the middle east is the one put forth by Donald Trump. Take their wealth.

Call it theft, if you will, even piracy, but remember that in war, all is fair and because we in the west value humanitarianism, because we favour humane solutions to genocide, gaining control over our enemies by taking, controlling and administering their wealth to enforce peaceful democracies in the middle east is the best way to save lives, protect western interests, and avoid a global caliphate.
commented 2015-08-15 19:08:49 -0400
Quite frankly importing these refugees is a huge mistake – I have lived and worked in the middle east for years.

Close the doors completely – and I mean completely

Those lambs are prepared to be wolves some day – and all of those minorities will indeed bring all their baggage here and they will bring their prejudices and their battles here – do not ever believe otherwise.

They will never integrate into our society before all reading these words are dead and buried.

There is no such thing as a moderate ’slamic – even that quiet slammer in the cubicle next to you will be happy to show you what the ’slamic religion is once their population numbers are large enough.

Talk to anyone behind the scenes at immigration and they will tell you screening is a joke.

Ezra – I do not often disagree – but in this case you are dead wrong. Use any excuse – but close the damned doors.