February 23, 2016

Toronto: young girls participated in solidarity rally with terrorists

Jonathan D. HaleviRebel Blogger

On Saturday, February 20, 2016, several dozen anti-Israel activists, including board members of the Palestine House and the radical left Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), held a rally at at Yonge and Dundas Square in downtown Toronto.

The protesters, including children of senior activists affiliated with the Palestine House, held pictures of the so-called “martyrs” of Palestinian al-Quds/ Knife Intifada, a relentless wave of terrorist attacks aimed at Israeli Jews since autumn 2015.

According to the Palestinian al-Quds Center for Research, from October 2015 to January 2016 Palestinians murdered 30 Israelis and injured 413 Israelis in 90 stabbing attacks, 24 car ramming attacks, 1,100 firebombing attacks and 3,321 rock throwing attacks. In addition, 50 stabbing attacks were thwarted.

Two young girls are seen holding posters bearing the names and pictures of Sadeq Ziyad Gharbiyya and Husam al-Jabari. To watch the video click here.

Sadeq Ziyad Gharbiyya, 16, was killed while carrying out a stabbing attack in a checkpoint near Jenin on November 10, 2015.

Sadeq’s father said that it was a premeditated attack committed by his son who wanted to die as a shahid, meaning a martyr who according to the Islamic faith fulfils the religious duty of jihad in the path of Allah, becomes a martyr and gains the eternal life in paradise with 72 virgins and the sexual power of 100 men.

The bereaved father said (originally in Arabic): “Apparently my son planned to die as a martyr in the path of Allah in the sake of Palestine, in the sake of al-Quds [Jerusalem] and Al-Aqsa Mosque. He went out saying: O dad, peace be upon you, I’m going, dad. He went to school. But, I heard him repeatedly saying while he was going down the stairs: O martyr, you fascinated my soul. He repeated saying that many times. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.”

Husam al-Jabari, 18, and his cousin Bashar al-Jabari,15, tried to enter through a checkpoint armed with a knife. Both were killed while stabbing an Israeli soldier who suspected them.

Teen terrorist hailed as hero by Toronto children at the Palestine House

The Toronto-based Palestine House has recently celebrated the 14th birthday of the Palestinian child terrorist Ahmed Manasrah and called for his immediate release from the Israeli jail.

The event was held on Friday, January 19, at the Palestine House offices in Mississauga, Ontario with the attendance of Chairman of the Palestine House, Fadlo Mechael, the Vice Chairman, Nazih Khataba, other board members, parents and children.

A birthday cake was baked in honour of Ahmad Manasrah and decorated with the following message written on it: “Happy Birthday. Freedom. Ahmad Manasrah, 13 years old boy, shot and caged by Israel.”

Children are seen holding colourful balloons and posters that read in Arabic: “Palestine House Canada [flags of Palestine and Canada], Free Ahmad Manasrah, Solidarity campaign with the child prisoner.”

A little girl greeted Manasrah on his birthday by reading the following message in French and English:

Hi everyone, I’m Maryam Muhanad. We are Canadians Palestinians children came today to celebrate the 14th birth of Palestinian prisoner hero Ahamd Manasrah. We ask all the nations in the world for freedom to Ahmad Manasrah. Free, Free Ahmad Manasrah. Free, Free Ahmad Manasrah.” To watch the video click here. To see more pictures of the event click here.

(This article originally appeared on CIJ News and is reprinted with permission)

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commented 2016-02-23 20:48:44 -0500
BRAVO ZULU commented 7 hours ago
Time to round them up, microchip them, tattoo them and deport them.
Bring back banishment for those who were born here.
They bring nothing but trouble.”

I agree wholeheartedly – except for one thing, " microchip them".
This is designed to set a precedent…
When the One Worlders ‘come to the rescue’ of us poor beleaguered Canadians and other Westerners who have been the victims of the aiders and abettors of this Islamic invasion – like Justin, one of their MOs will be that they must implement a program of MANDATORY RFID IMPLANTATION in order to save and protect us from these primitive demons – the Islamists, not the politicians – and everyone will then have to have MANDATORY RFID IMPLANTATION….
Any one comes near me with a MANDATORY RFID IMPLANTATION and they will be receiving a bad case of lead poisoning…
commented 2016-02-23 17:05:16 -0500
Liberals have weird friends and good enemy’s, the latter being us.
commented 2016-02-23 15:16:40 -0500
Our so called ENLIGHTENED people side with these hate filled fanatics making up excuses for their hate of Jews. Sorry bigots , Israel will always wipe the floor with you. Celebrating the death of your brainwashed children is sickening and repulsive.
commented 2016-02-23 14:30:05 -0500
And I am a conspiracy idiot for thinking EXACTLY THIS!!!!!!!!
Fundamental islam is in the midst of a jihad and anything non-muslim will be a target. These people know how to mind control their believers and create a war of politics, geography, ideals, morals and everything else that exists in the free world.
commented 2016-02-23 14:21:55 -0500
Canada’s 5th column grows larger everyday.
commented 2016-02-23 13:53:35 -0500
If any Palestinians are reading this, if you can’t live in peace here with the rest of us get out. Go back to where you came from. You are not welcome here if you can’t stop spewing your hatred. We don’t want you to have your babies here so you can teach them to carry on the hatred when they grow up. You are like a cancerous growth on the body of our country. If you can’t accept and love Canada for the freedom and good life it can give you, you do not deserve to be here or ever ever call yourselves Canadian. Its an insult.
commented 2016-02-23 13:43:48 -0500
Bill Elder,“Why have these neanderthal tribal battles been brought into this country? Why do these people engage in the politics of a nation they left? Why do they believe Canadians have any stake in these tribal blood feuds?”

Good questions Bill. We shouldn’t have to put up with it for a minute. We shouldn’t have to deal with it. You come here, you leave that cloak of hatred at the door, we don’t want it here.
I like BravoZulu’s solution.
commented 2016-02-23 13:32:43 -0500
Time to round them up, microchip them, tattoo them and deport them.

Bring back banishment for those who were born here.

They bring nothing but trouble.
commented 2016-02-23 12:19:36 -0500
@ FRASER MCBURNEY . . . . and YOU Fraser “Believe” that to be true . . . lol
commented 2016-02-23 12:07:03 -0500
Bill Elder – they are raised with a group mentality of hate and envy. They don’t promote individual thought or responsibility. They have been brought here to destroy what we have built in capitalist societies, and to destroy any wealth, so that all of us peasants are dirt poor, and possibly easier to control and manipulate. The new weapon of choice, is to overburden democratic societies with mass invasion of terrorists, for our psychopathic world leaders. Then they will turn a blind eye to the mass rapes and murders. Every world leader has bought into global destruction, so that they can form an evil global entity based on Islam, lead by that terrorist cesspool, the UN. I look forward to when they are all roasting in hell for being traitors to humanity.
commented 2016-02-23 11:55:54 -0500
And John Tory continues to sit in his office with his thumb up his ass.
commented 2016-02-23 11:41:32 -0500
commented 2016-02-23 11:35:15 -0500
Why have these neanderthal tribal battles been brought into this country? Why do these people engage in the politics of a nation they left? Why do they believe Canadians have any stake in these tribal blood feuds?
commented 2016-02-23 11:35:08 -0500
welcome to Canada.
family and childrens services would need a Chicago swat team to help them wrench the children from that community .
yup …teach em’ to hate real young… pretty soon they will be riding around on horses, while wearing white robes and lynching people. it is the next logical step in their evolution … and in about a thousand years, they might make it into space.
and they want to bring in more…
commented 2016-02-23 11:34:34 -0500
February 23, 2016
Dear Diary;
Wow! That was weird yesterday with Gerald, and yet, curiously, not too unpleasant.
But I was right about that BDS thing. When one is as politically astute as I am, one develops a fourth sense for these things. I’m in a pickle (no Gerald it’s just an expression) over the whole BDS for Jews business. I was quietly in support of being against it, but now the Tories want me to say out loud that I’m not for it. Now, I’m supposed to do the opposite of what Stevie would have done, but he’s already said he’s against it, so maybe I’m supposed to be for it.
Awe geez, now Dion’s wading in (I wish he had stuck to singing). I think he’s saying (if I understand him) that it’s good people that are for it, but that we should work at changing their minds so that they’ll be against it, but that they’ll still be good people even when they’re no longer for it.
So, for clarification, I looked to my chums at the CBC to see what they say I should think about it, and their headline says, “Liberals denounce and agree with Tory motion condemning Israel boycotters”.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? Who writes this crap at the CBC? Do I denounce the motion? Or am I supposed to agree with the motion? For an extra $150 million on top of the $1 billion would it be too much to ask for someone who can put one simple friggin’ sentence together for me? Oy vey ist mir.
commented 2016-02-23 11:32:39 -0500
Sickening, bordering on if not actual child abuse.