March 18, 2015

North Africa: Tourists killed in terror attack on Tunisia's largest museum

Rebel Staff

Gunmen reported to be Islamic terrorists opened fire at the National Bardo Museum in Tunisia today, killing 17 tourists, along with a security officer and a museum employee.

Two of the terrorists are also reported dead, but one may still be at large, say local authorities.

Raw video from the scene (see above) shows tourists scrambling to safety as government troops and security officers storm the museum.

Tourism plays a major role in the nation's fragile economy, with visitors coming from around the globe to explore ancient sites and artifacts. The National Bardo Museum houses the world's largest collection of priceless Roman mosaics.

Tunisia is a burgeoning democracy that's been plagued in recent years by violence carried out by groups linked to ISIS and al-Qaida's North African arm.

According to, "a disproportionally large number of Tunisian recruits -- some 3000, according to government estimates -- have joined Islamic State fighters in Syria and Iraq."


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commented 2015-03-19 17:08:18 -0400
Of course everyone is a a complete sitting duck to any gun wielding terrorist in one of this countries, Canada, Mexico, Australia, etc etc. If your country only paves the way for just the terrorists and other criminals to be armed and the law abiding citizens to be disarmed, then this is what will always result. Take a reality check all you gun-phobic sheeple. Do your own research, stop listening to the main stream media’s narrative and continual brainwashing that guns are evil and scary. Check out the statistics in the USA and discover that violent gun crime is dropping in the states that permit law abiding citizens to carry firearms. Its only common sense. Oh yes , I forgot, Main Stream media and its sheeple don’t know what that is.
commented 2015-03-19 00:02:54 -0400
Les Fowler, no kidding, eh? I guess a lot are from neighbouring countires and Tunisia just elected a pro-democracy government but the mountains surrounding Tunisia are reported to be filled with IS and al-Qaida terrorist gunmen. Not a place you’d be able to convince me to vacation at.
commented 2015-03-18 19:07:14 -0400
Lives taken, families shaken, seeds of hate grows, for what? A belief. Worse a belief written by men, oh yeah and their racist, hate-filled deity.
commented 2015-03-18 18:05:47 -0400
Well dam it I guess I should cancel my vacation plans. WTF would anyone be a tourist in a shit hole 3rd world dump like that anyway ??
commented 2015-03-18 15:45:24 -0400
Radical terrorist Muslims attack a museum. What a shocker. I would never have expected them to do such a dastardly thing.